Wids Anime Season Update for the week of 2-3-14 (Complete)

Anime Season Update for the week of 2-3-14.

Wid gives us this weeks review of episodes she is watching from the 2014 anime winter season including:

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. Ep. 3 and 4
Hamatora. Ep. 3
Nobunaga the Fool. Ep. 3
Nobunagun. Ep. 3
The Pilot’s Love Song. Ep. 3
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Ep. 3
Witch Craft Works. Ep. 1
Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. Ep. 3
Recently My Sister is Unusual. Ep. 3
Hozuki no Reitetsu. Ep.2
Kill la Kill. Ep. 15
Samurai Flamenco. Ep. 14
Pupa. Ep. 3
Strange+. Ep. 3
Seitokai Yakuindomo. Ep. 4
Engaged to the Unidentified. Ep. 3
Golden Time. Ep. 15
Wake Up, Girls! Ep. 3
Sakura Trick. Ep. 3
Space Dandy. Ep. 5

And now the details…

Tonari no Seki-kun. Episodes 3 and 4: “Desk Polishing” / “Go”

Ep 3 is Desk Polishing. The episode seemed pretty tame with Seki just polishing his desk. Now I will admit that he did it with great devotion and energy. But the episode didn’t look particularly funny. Then Rumi gives him a plastic pencilboard to polish. He returns it gleaming! Rumi can see her reflection! And then we see the comedy with the static electricity Seki has built up with his polishing. Rumi and Seki hair are greatly affected. Very funny! The next episode (4) was Go. Just like when he played Shogi, Seki’s playing of Go has the same plot line. Okay episode, not as funny as Desk Polishing or Shogi. This episode kind of let me down.

Hamatora. Episode 3: “Those With and Those Without”

What would happen if you don’t have the Minimum ability but you wanted it. The person we saw last week gets a full introduction. He is Professor Moral. He may have found a way to enhance the ordinary. Remember magic – as with wishes – comes with a price. We get back story on Inspector Art, Nice (well just a little bit) and the Facultas Academy. I am really warming up to this series. I’m thinking that Inspector Art is my favorite. This seems to be an intelligently written series. And at 12 episodes, it should wrap up nicely!

Nobunaga the Fool. Episode 3: “The Chariot”

The art for this series is over the top good. There are great battles between the Giants (the Mechas). This series has everything I love in an anime; larger than life characters, great battles and great art. I know a lot of people might thing this series is average in certain ways. For me this series is like a guilty pleasure. As for this episode, the characters are moved along. And at the end Nobunaga contracts a marriage for Regalia for his Mecha. Regalia is a power-up for his Mecha. Onward and upward for this series, I can’t wait for the next episode!

Nobunagun. Episode 3: “Capa’s Island”

Shio is off to train so that she can take her place in the Dogoo organization. She is under to tutelage of Capa. Capa is a wheelchair bound photographer. And he is also an E-Gene Holder. It was a fun episode. Shio builds a relationship with UN Military Guards that are there to protect her while she trains. Sadly at the end of episode they are killed, while investigating a hurricane, by as Evolutionary Invasion Object. Shio has a lot to learn about her abilities. To keep her awake during classroom time, St. Germain uses chalk. You have to see it to appreciate how he uses it!

The Pilot’s Love Song. Episode 3: “The Revolution”

This series is up there with Nobunaga the Fool. This episode is background on Kal-el Albus (that not being his real name). He is royalty. His empire Balsteros was felled with the help of Nina Viento, who appears to have magical powers. His parents after the fall were sentenced to death by guillotine. Kal-el vows vengeance on the Wind Revolution and Nina Viento. Still don’t know much about Ignacio Axis Ariel’s co-pilot. The cadets are learning to fly and shot from planes. The pilots change positions so that each can fly the plane and handle the weapons on the plane. At the end of the episode Kal-el and Claire get lost in a cloud and have to land at sea. Claire sends out a SOS and a storm is seen on the horizon. Loving this series!

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Episode 3: “Magical Devil Girl In Pursuit”

I’m coming to understand the title of this series. This title is listing three things (love, chunibyo and delusions). And it is about all these things. I think chunibyo is a kind of delusion. A new character is introduced, Satone Shichimiya. She is an old friend of Yuta. Also Yuta has to dress up as a Magical Girl with blonde wig. Very, very funny! At the end of episode, Yuta tells Shichimiya that when he left, he never said goodbye and that wasn’t right. I am really getting into this series.

Witch Craft Works. Episode 1: “Takamiya-kun and the Fire Witch”

Brand new series for me! I am adding it to the mix! The plot is fine; I just have a problem with female lead character, Ayaka Kagari. She sure is top heavy! She is a Workshop Witch. She is to protect her princess Honoka Takamiya. He is being attacked by the Tower Witches. Ayaka is very stoic. There is a good bit of action, some comedy. I think I will enjoy this series.

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation. Episode 3: “Sonico Goes to Okinawa”

How many different ways can we get Sonico in a bikini? That’s about it for the episode. She is, I’ll say it again, so moe! She’s a real doormat. This time she goes to Okinawa. She’s never been to Okinawa. Now put her in a bikini. Plus would she please be in a local movie being shot? Of course she would and she did.

Recently My Sister is Unusual. Episode 3: “Heavy-Hanging Fruit”

It wasn’t until I typed the title did I really understand the title. A female friend from Yuya past, Yukina Kiritani shows up. She was an older brother figure for Yuya when they were younger. Well she’s all grown up and top heavy, thus the heavy-hanging fruit from the title. Did I mention that she has a crush on Yuya. Mitsuki/Hiyori is small in the breast department. Hiyori is very jealous, concerned about Yukina. So it put to Yuya. Which does he prefer? He likes both! Two thumbs up for this series. On a broadcasting note, this series has been pushed back on schedule. This means that it is going to be on later. I read that some people in Japan expressed concern on the sexual nature of the series.
According to Crunchyroll: The TV broadcast schedule of Recently, My Sister is Unusual on TOKYO MX and Sun TV was changed from the current 10:30pm slot on Saturdays to later at night, most likely in response to the initiation of debate by the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) in Japan due to concerns submitted by viewers in Japan regarding the heavy sexual content present in the show.

Hozuki no Reitetsu. Episode 3

This time around we get some back story on Hozuki and his temper. I have to say that I didn’t know hell was so well organized. The episode was not as funny as episode 2. We also see that you can be in Shangri la that special place in heaven and be a reprobate. I love the style and pacing of the series.

Kill la Kill. Episode 15: “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Satsuki confronts the Osaka boss. The Elite Four now have their special Three-Star Goku Uniforms again. The blind Uzu takes on the Osaka boss and defeats him. You have to see the episode to see how. I’m just saying that I saw it coming. I didn’t believe that the writers would do it. It was funny when they did! Then Ryuko takes on Satsuki. Ryuko is at a disadvantage. Satsuki has the glove that Ryuko needs to activate Senketsu. So Ryuko activates Senketsu without it. And she gets the glove back on her hand. The battle is on. They fight to a stalemate. In the middle of all this is the Nudist Beach. We learn that they are fighting near the Nudist Beach base. As Ryuko and Satsuki fight to a stalemate, Ryuko convinces Satsuki to withdraw her army. A very fast paced episode, I think we are getting set up for a big finale.

Samurai Flamenco. Episode 14: “The Destruction of Japan”

The attack is on from From Beyond. Doesn’t look good for Japan and the Flamengers. Joji returns bringing with him various takutatsu heroes to help in the fight, encouraging the citizens to fight against the monster too. By the end of the episode we find out what the Destruction of Japan Device is. Think drill and Mt. Fuji. At the end of the episode we see the Samurai Flamenco from the future. Looks like we taking another twist in this series.

Pupa. Episode 3: “Tiger Beetle”

We get more time with the younger sister who is now a bug. For this episode we get to see the world from Yume, Utsutsu younger sister, point of view. And she eats on her brother at the end of episode. Funny (not funny ha, ha) I thought she kills him in Episode 2? As we see more of Utsutsu and Yuma world, the more interesting this series gets.

Strange+. Episode 3: “Hospital”

This little 3-4 minutes series is finally looks like it’s going to have a continuing story line. Unlike with the first two episodes which have no connection to each other, this one is first in a story line about a kidnapped kid nurse and the hospital where she works. At only 3-4 minutes watching this one doesn’t take too much out of my day. A long way of saying, I will continue to watch.

Seitokai Yakuindomo. Episode 4: “Emphasis point point point” / “Moe-tail”/ “Always peeled back to groundbreaking level”

These chapters had neither comedy or any advancement of story line. I have to say that these chapters were pretty forgettable. This episode may be one of those throw-away. I can not remember anything funny about the episode and I just watched it! There is the underboob. But is that funny? On to the next one!

Engaged to the Unidentified. Episode 3: “I Can Feel the Romantic Comedy Waves”

Kobeni finally finds out what happened so long along with Hakuya when they were small. Kobeni fell down a mountain side while playing with Hakuya. He fell also. They were both badly hurt. Kobeni is told the story by her sister Benio. Mashiro has her first scone with jam. Hakuya is talking more. Mashiro is coming to really appreciate Kobeni. Mashiro warns Hakuya that he may lose her, Kobeni, to someone else. Over all I really love this series. I look forward to it each week!

Golden Time. Episode 15: “Accident Beach”

They finally go on their trip to the beach. But remember Banri has that curse hanging over him. And we get to see it in full force. The group gets stuck in traffic, it rains when they get to the beach. But Banri decides to not let it get him or the group down. As they sit in the beach parking lot, Banri decides to jump out of the car in his speedo! Koko follows. The rest of the group has fun in the rain too! Later the rain stops and a fun time is had by all. But when they decide to leave everyone is tired. Koko offers to drive. And then she falls asleep at the wheel. The spirit Banri panics saying that he did mean for the curse to be deadly. Can Banri move forward, leaving his feelings for Linda behind? Still loving the series.

Wake Up, Girls! Episode 3: “Kindest”

The girls get spots on a local variety show. For three of the girls, a three minute weather report and for the other four girls a gourmet report mini-corner. Both are received well with the gourmet mini-corner report very well received. This episode centers on Minami. I guess each episode will center feature one of the girls. And even with that I will never learn all the girls names! Okay series. I hope it gets better though.

Sakura Trick. Episode 3: “The President is My Sister” / “A Pool Cleaning Promise”

Yuu’s older sister, Mitsuki, is Student Council President! Mitsuki has never seen Yuu BFF. And when she finally does, they are in an embrace! Mitsuki is scandalized! At least some one is in this series! During the A Pool Cleaning Promise chapter Yuu and Haruka find an opportunity to get some kissing done. So when is this couple going to commit and go all the way. Yuu in fact looks forward to the kissing now. Then again she doesn’t. Would she just make up her mind. Just have the girls f**k and get it over with. I am losing patience with this series.

Space Dandy. Episode 5: “A Merry Companion is a Wagon in Space, Baby”

Dandy vs a young orphan Gentooan girl, Adelie. Gentooans have the ability to transfer others minds into puppets. But by sing a song of boobies, Dandy gets his mind back in his body. It is a sweet, sentimental story. He finds her grandfather for a reunion between Adelie and her grandfather. Like I said it is a sweet story. Dandy has a soft spot for little girls. Plus the Aloha Oe gets towed which set-ups the story.

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