State of the Winter Anime Season So Far and Space Dandy Numbers. Ep. 20a

State of the Winter Anime Season So Far

So far this 2014 Winter Season my big hits are Nobunaga the Fool, Nobunagun, Engaged to the Unidentified, Tonari no Seki-kun and still Kill la Kill. To a lesser degree Golden Time. I really look forward to these each week. The others I am following, I am only doing so to see if they can get better. There are two that I really don’t like – Sakura Trick and Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. Each for different reason, Sakura Trick because Yuu can’t make up her mind what she wants, though Haruka does! And Super Sonico, do I have to explain why? If someone out there likes this series, please let me know why.

Space Dandy by the numbers.

The ratings numbers seem to be around a bit. Last week (Feb. 1st) the ratings were up 7.8%, the previous week (Jan. 25th) 11%. So do we love it, like it or hate it. Or is it just another anime series to fell the time? I do know that merchandise to going to be produced for it. So somebody out there likes it and thinks they can make some money with it.

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