Samurai Flamenco. Episode 16 Review. Wids Anime Cast

Samurai Flamenco. Episode 16: “Wandering Hero”

At only 22 episode, we are coming to the soon with Flamenco. We have only 6 episodes left. Mazayoshi is a man on the run. Everyone is looking for him as the government has put a price on his head. He ends up being helped by a homeless man who tells him of the time he was saved by Samurai Flamenco. This was back in the early day of Flamenco. It gives Mazayoshi his heart back and he goes to see his friend Goto. He has been reluctant to see any of his friends as the government to watching all of them. But by the end of the episode Mazayoshi realizes that he has to trust his friends. It was a heart warming episode. But I’m also glad it’s almost over.
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