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Recently My Sister is Unusual. Episode 4: “Heartcatch Hiyori-san”

For this series this was a very tender episode. Hiyori decides to show Mitsuki how to be a good younger sister. This confuses Yuya no end. His step-sister seems to have a dual personality. He is starting to think that she is bipolar. And Mitsuki has to watch from the outside as she (Hiyori) and her step-brother have an enjoyable afternoon kind of being normal to each other. And another disturbing thing happens, Mitsuki cannot return to her body at will. Hiyori is blocking her. With the evening thunder storm and the knowledge that Mitsuki cannot return to her body, Hiyori decides to try and have sex with Yuya. It doesn’t happen. Yuya may be starting to have feeling for his step-sister. But he doesn’t want to happen this way. Hiyori leaves Mitsuki’s body with Yuya there. It appears that Mitsuki has died. Then Mitsuki returns to her body. Everyone has a lot to think about. Interesting turn of events.

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