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Recently My Sister is Unusual. Episode 3 Review: “Heavy-Hanging Fruit”

It wasn’t until I typed the title did I really understand the title. A female friend from Yuya past, Yukina Kiritani shows up. She was an older brother figure for Yuya when they were younger. Well she’s all grown up and top heavy, thus the heavy-hanging fruit from the title. Did I mention that she has a crush on Yuya. Mitsuki/Hiyori is small in the breast department. Hiyori is very jealous, concerned about Yukina. So it put to Yuya. Which does he prefer? He likes both! Two thumbs up for this series. On a broadcasting note, this series has been pushed back on schedule. This means that it is going to be on later. I read that some people in Japan expressed concern on the sexual nature of the series.
According to Crunchyroll: The TV broadcast schedule of Recently, My Sister is Unusual on TOKYO MX and Sun TV was changed from the current 10:30pm slot on Saturdays to later at night, most likely in response to the initiation of debate by the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) in Japan due to concerns submitted by viewers in Japan regarding the heavy sexual content present in the show.

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