The Pilot’s Love Song. Episode 4. Wids Anime Cast

The Pilot’s Love Song. Episode 4: “Sea of Stars”

Kal-el and Claire are rescued! We get some background on Claire. And if you have seen the previous episode “The Wind Revolution” you know how Kal-el feels about Nina Viento. We also know how he feels about Claire. Here comes the big reveal: Claire and Nina Viento are the same person. What will Kal-el do when he finds out? And what will Claire/Nina do when she finds out who Kal-el really is? Next I think we well find out who Ignacio Axis is. He is Ariel’s co-pilot. When Kal-el and Claire are feared lost at sea, Ignacio tries to take a plane to find them. He is told NO! The Knights (whoever they are) are on a search mission to find the two. The romance between the two stuck on the plane in the water is very sweet. Again this story is very big and very intimate in its nature.

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