Golden Time. Episode 16 Review. Wids Anime Cast

Golden Time. Episode 16: “Wake-up Call”

Episode starts out with post-accident action. The police are called to report the accident. The only one hurt is Chinami with a cut lip. Koko is beside herself with blame and humiliation. And to add to fun, when her father arrives at the police station he gives her one hard slap across the face. The others are shocked by this. Long story short, when Banri visits Koko at her house there is a lot of truth telling (and dad gets to hear most of it, and all he wanted was some ramen!). Koko explains to Banri that while he ran away from painful memories from his past how does she know if he won’t one day leave her and forget her. It was a pretty powerful episode as soap operas go. With it being a 26 episode series, we have ten to go to wrap this soaper up!

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