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Golden Time. Episode 15 Review: “Accident Beach”

They finally go on their trip to the beach. But remember Banri has that curse hanging over him. And we get to see it in full force. The group gets stuck in traffic, it rains when they get to the beach. But Banri decides to not let it get him or the group down. As they sit in the beach parking lot, Banri decides to jump out of the car in his speedo! Koko follows. The rest of the group has fun in the rain too! Later the rain stops and a fun time is had by all. But when they decide to leave everyone is tired. Koko offers to drive. And then she falls asleep at the wheel. The spirit Banri panics saying that he did mean for the curse to be deadly. Can Banri move forward, leaving his feelings for Linda behind? Still loving the series.

This video is an excerpt from: Wids Anime Season Update for the week of 2-3-14 (Complete).

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