Anime Season Update for the week of 2-10-14 (Complete)

Anime Season Update for the week of 2-10-14.

Wid gives us this weeks review of episodes she is watching from the 2014 anime winter season including:

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. Ep. 5
Hamatora. Ep. 4
Nobunaga the Fool. Ep. 4
Nobunagun. Ep. 4
The Pilot’s Love Song. Ep. 4
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Ep. 4
Witch Craft Works. Episodes 2, 3, and 4
Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. Ep. 4
Recently My Sister is Unusual. Ep. 4
Hozuki no Reitetsu. Ep.4
Kill la Kill. Ep. 16
Samurai Flamenco. Ep. 15
Pupa. Ep. 4
Strange+. Ep. 4
Engaged to the Unidentified. Ep. 4
Golden Time. Ep. 16
Wake Up, Girls! Ep. 4
Sakura Trick. Ep. 4
Space Dandy. Ep. 6

And now the details…

Tonari no Seki-kun. Episode 5: “Eraser Stamp”

Seki makes a stamp out of his eraser by carving his kanji name at the end of one of his erasers. The comedy of this episode comes from the interaction with another student in the class (Chemistry this time). Seki uses another of his erasers to make a case for the round stamp he made. Unfortunately, that student takes it to erase a mistake on his notes. As a side note, Rumi doesn’t pay attention and misses all the chemistry notes that are going to be on the upcoming test. Seki doesn’t get the notes
either. But does he need them?

Hamatora. Episode 4: ” The Wandering Totem Pole”

I still like this series though this episode is pretty forgettable. I like the mystery/crime solving aspects of the series. The last two episodes had so much information and action. And this one just was. It’s not a filler. But I don’t think it advanced the plot very much.

Nobunaga the Fool. Episode 4: ” The Magician”

The marriage between Nobunaga and Himiko is discussed. Himiko who has had a big crush on Nobunaga forever wants the wedding now! Nobunaga just said he would do it for her regalia. Does he have feelings for Jeanne d’Arc? He does try to lay some lip on her. And we have the special effects from da Vinci to announce the engagement of Himiko and Nobunaga. It is spectacular, but unnecessary. This series is trying to blend the east and west. But the Japanese had fireworks at this time. So why are the locals impressed? And with all that I still love the series. Can’t wait for the next one!

Nobunagun. Episode 4: ” Hurricane”

Shio and Jack the Ripper go after the alien in the hurricane. The leaders of Dogoo don’t believe she can do it. But with the help of the spirit of Nobunaga, she finds her focus and takes the alien out. But wait, this alien is a female with EGGS! Shio, working with Jack, manage to take out the alien and kill all the eggs before they can fall into the ocean off of Florida. But back at the headquarters of Dogoo, discussion is about the fact that the aliens are learning and adapting! I am enjoying this series. There is a certain lightness to it. It is not taking itself too serious. With 13 episodes, we are coming up on the halfway point.

The Pilot’s Love Song. Episode 4: ” Sea of Stars”

Kal-el and Claire are rescued! We get some background on Claire. And if you have seen the previous episode “The Wind Revolution” you know how Kal-el feels about Nina Viento. We also know how he feels about Claire. Here comes the big reveal: Claire and Nina Viento are the same person. What will Kal-el do when he finds out? And what will Claire/Nina do when she finds out who Kal-el really is? Next I think we well find out who Ignacio Axis is. He is Ariel’s co-pilot. When Kal-el and Claire are feared lost at sea, Ignacio tries to take a plane to find them. He is told NO! The Knights (whoever they are) are on a search mission to find the two. The romance between the two stuck on the plane in the water is very sweet. Again this story is very big and very intimate in its nature.

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Episode 4: ” Queen Maker”

Shinka decides to run for student council president. Sounds innocent enough unless you have something in your past you wish to forget. I don’t know if Shinka wants to forget her Chunibyo, but she wants to move on just as Yuta does. But with the younger girls, they both keep being pulled in that direction. This was an interesting episode for me. It made the older (by a year) kids seem more human, more real. As I get to know the characters better, the better I like the series.

Witch Craft Works. Episodes 2, 3, and 4

I am not going to list the episode titles for the three episodes I watched this week. It’s enough to say that I really like this series. We have the Tower witches versus the Workshop witches. Our hero is tied to the Workshop witches. In these three episodes I got a lot of information. That the cape that Ayaka wears makes Takamiya lite to carry, that Takamiya’s younger sister is a workshop witch. And finally that the Tower witches were taught by Medusa who shall be revealed in the fifth episode. There is fun, serious and action in this series. I am really enjoying it.

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation. Episode 4: ” Daydream”

I don’t know why I watch this thing. In this episode we find how she got into rock music. Like I care. Watching this episode was really painful. Thank goodness there are only 12 episodes.

Recently My Sister is Unusual. Episode 4: ” Heartcatch Hiyori-san”

For this series this was a very tender episode. Hiyori decides to show Mitsuki how to be a good younger sister. This confuses Yuya no end. His step-sister seems to have a dual personality. He is starting to think that she is bipolar. And Mitsuki has to watch from the outside as she (Hiyori) and her step-brother have an enjoyable afternoon kind of being normal to each other. And another disturbing thing happens, Mitsuki cannot return to her body at will. Hiyori is blocking her. With the evening thunder storm and the knowledge that Mitsuki cannot return to her body, Hiyori decides to try and have sex with Yuya. It doesn’t happen. Yuya may be starting to have feeling for his step-sister. But he doesn’t want to happen this way. Hiyori leaves Mitsuki’s body with Yuya there. It appears that Mitsuki has died. Then Mitsuki returns to her body. Everyone has a lot to think about. Interesting turn of events.

Hozuki no Reitetsu. Episode 4: “Pretty boys need love too” and “Kajika Hell”

This episode was not a good as past ones. I guess you have to have an average one every on and then. One of the problems is the dialog is so fast and sometimes there is no subtitle for what is being said. I think with this one the jokes were just too obvious. I think the writers can do better than this or maybe they were having an off week. It won’t stop me from watching the series because I know what they are capable of. I mean look at all the filler episodes of Bleach, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden I’ve sat through!

Kill la Kill. Episode 16: “The Girl Can’t Help It”

Lots of background information on the origins of the Life Fiber. Did you know it was a parasitic extraterrestrial life form? And that Senketsu was designed by Kyuko’s father to fight the Life Fibers? Well it’s all true. That’s why we have the Nudist Beach, to fight the Satsuki’s family the Kiryuins. I think loyalties are going to be tested in the next 10 episodes. Yup, we have ten more and then we’re done. By the way, Kyuko stands up for Senketsu saying it’s not right for him (?) to fight his own kind. There is a whole lot of information in this episode. I probably should watch it again.

Samurai Flamenco. Episode 15: “Imitation Justice”

Well we don’t have to worry about the From Beyond Flamenco. After telling Masayoshi a lot of things that he doesn’t understand, the From Beyond Flamenco kills himself. After that all the Flamenger are rounded up except for Masayoshi. It appears the From Beyond has infiltrated the Japanese government. The Flamengers are blamed for all the chaos in Tokyo. Again this series takes a strange turn. At episode 15, we are about done. We can only hope. I don’t know what to make of this series.

Pupa. Episode 4: “Squirm”

It appears that older brother is infected with the Pupa virus. Consequently he can feed his younger sister’s appetite. And regenerate himself as needs be. Plus this is all a government experiment. This is one happy family.

Strange+. Episode 4: “Trap”

In four minutes, the little nurse is found and this story arc is over? I’m still not getting this series. The dialog is so fast it’s hard to follow. Or maybe I don’t need to follow. And like I have said before, at 4 minutes if I giggle once then maybe it’s worth it.

Engaged to the Unidentified. Episode 4: “She’s Just a Pervert”

Kobeni after learning what happened with Hakuya when they were small develops a fever, as is typical in anime and manga. So as to not miss out of the action and to take center stage, Benio spills her guts to Mashiro. She tells Mashire that is supposed to be her that went with Hakuya to play in the mountain that day. She feels guilty. Big deal, get over yourself girl! More importantly, Kobeni has a hard time facing Hakuya. She finally faces up to him and tells him that she owes him thanks for saving her. Notice she says thanks and not her life. And the room lights up with his smile. Kobeni is really taken by his smile. I agree it’s a nice smile. This is another one that I look forward to each week.

Golden Time. Episode 16: “Wake-up Call”

Episode starts out with post-accident action. The police are called to report the accident. The only one hurt is Chinami with a cut lip. Koko is beside herself with blame and humiliation. And to add to fun, when her father arrives at the police station he gives her one hard slap across the face. The others are shocked by this. Long story short, when Banri visits Koko at her house there is a lot of truth telling (and dad gets to hear most of it, and all he wanted was some ramen!). Koko explains to Banri that while he ran away from painful memories from his past how does she know if he won’t one day leave her and forget her. It was a pretty powerful episode as soap operas go. With it being a 26 episode series, we have ten to go to wrap this soaper up!

Wake Up, Girls! Episode 4: “Scandal”

Another episode, another group member. This time it’s about Mayu Shimada who used to be in a famous idol group I-1 club but left because of a scandal. She decided to return to the idol system with Wake Up! Girls. The members of the old idol group find out in this episode that she is back in the business. We get a small glimpse of what the idol world is. Since I’m not into the Japanese idol scene, I don’t know who true it is. Again I never learn all the girls names or their back stories.

Sakura Trick. Episode 4: “A Sour Operation? / Is This a Test of Courage?”

Once again Yuu blows hot and cold. Sometimes she wants Haruka’s kisses and sometimes she doesn’t. And the way the animation is drawn, these girls are frenching. Not that I have a problem with that, or maybe I do. These girls are just a tease for the otaku out there. One can only imagine what will be on the DVDs. Not much happens in these episodes, just more situations for the girls to get imitate. I don’t know why I watch this one.

Space Dandy. Episode 6: “The Battle of Undies and Vests”

Another forgettable episode. I guess the kicker is at the end when Dandy gets to surf space. Interesting he can surf space without a space suit along with Meow. I don’t know where Watanabe is taking this series. The story for this episode is from Michio Mihara. He has been involved in some really interesting stuff, this just isn’t one of them. The story is just too ordinary, conventional. I am enjoying the art more and more. And Meow is still my favorite character.

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