Anime News For The Week Of 2-24-14

Anime News For The Week Of 2-24-14

1. Attack on Titan merchandise. There is a lot of if coming available. A short list is: a Levi sleeping mask (approx. $120!), a Survey Corps cap (approx. $35), a parka with all the various corps insignias (approx. $52.50), Colossus titan boxers (approx. $25), a mug (approx. $9) and a scissor strap case (approx. $31.50). And if you are in to wine, they are coming out with Attack on Titan signature plum wines. The Survey Corp has a set of three bottles with an Erwin label (20 proof), Hanji label (14 proof) and Levi (14 proof). I don’t believe these are going to be exported.

2. Death Notes news! We are on a countdown to the 10th anniversary of the series. In March of this year we will be marking the 10th anniversary of this great series. I loved it when it came out. I bought the series, the manga, the live action movies and the light novels that published here. I can’t believe it’s been ten years. Light Yagami, was he a hero, a villain or just a teen who did not understand the world. Perhaps in honor of the 10th anniversary I’ll watch the series again, then the live action movies. I still can’t believe that L was killed. I did not see that coming! Then we had all that controversy with the death notebooks, here and around the world. The writer Tsugumi Ohba only has one other manga series to his name, Bakuman which is pretty popular. I won’t get into the rumors surrounding Tsugumi Ohba and who he really is. I’ll just state that he is a good writer.

3. Space Dandy ratings numbers. Viewership was down this week by 6% compared to being up about 7% last week. This series seems to be jumping around. Though looking at its ranking at Adult Swim (1st place through 152nd place) has been steadily climbing over the week. It started at 64th its first week out. Now it’s at 40th. Though it’s 2nd week it was as high as 39th. The following week it was as low as 58th. For the last three weeks, it has moved from 44th to 43rd and last week to 40th week. Is the American audience not taking to our Dandy? It doesn’t have the action of a Bleach or Naruto Shippuden. Or even a continuing story line or arc. This is a hard series to love. Is Watanabe possibly making it hard to follow? What is his grand plan? Is there no plan at all?

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