Anime news for 11-26-14

Anime news for 11-26-14.

Anime releases for November 16 – 22. First is “I couldn’t become a hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job” is out on Blu-Ray for a mere $60 or for $50 on DVD. It is the complete series. Now for some big Studio Ghibli news. “The Wind Rises”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Princess Mononke” are all out on DVD/Blu-Ray combos for a mere $37, or for $30 for just the straight up DVD.

Continuing the Blu-Ray Studio Ghibli releases, Walmart has listed release dates for Pom Poko, Porco Rosso and Tales of Earthsea. The release date is Feubruary 3rd, 2015. If you pre-order you can save $4. Pre-order price for each is $33 or $37 on release day. Walmart hasn’t been carrying anime like they used to. Though back in the day, only certain Walmarts would carry anime and then only the really big names like Naruto or Bleach.

There is even more Studio Ghibli news! GKids is releasing via digital download on December 9 the documentary on Studio Ghibli “The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness”. I don’t know the price of the download. If you want the hardcopy, they are releasing the DVD on January 27th, 2015 for $30.

And finally the most earth-shattering news I have come across. In fact it has kept me up at night! THERE IS NO LEVI IN THE LIVE ACTION “ATTACK ON TITAN”. I have looked at the imdb list and there is not Levi listed. Is he going to be a surprise guest? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

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