Anime news for 10-22-14

Anime news for 10-22-14.

1. Studio Ghibli’s Princess Kaguya has opened in 3 theaters in the U.S. with a gross of $51,700. The film is to open in more theaters across the North America over the next few weeks. If you go to the facebook page for The Princess Kaguya, you will to see all the other theaters scheduled to show it and when. I have taken a look and Colorado is not on the list. I guess I’ll just have to buy it when GKids releases it on DVD. I don’t think the runs in the theaters will be for more than one week. So if it comes to a theater near you, I would advise running as fast as you can to see it. It looks wonderful!

2. Toonami ran a teaser for Dragon Ball Z Kai to be premiered on Toonami November 8. It will be replacing Bleach. I seem to remember that Disney XD took a run at this series too. So while it is a premiere for Toonami. We have seen this series before. So if you have to see everything Dragon Ball, have fun.

3. Space Dandy comes to an end, again! The manga of “I, Space Dandy” manga has come to an end. It is based on the anime series with new stories. There are a total of two volumes. Sounds a lot like what happened to Cowboy Bebop. Will it come over here? Would I read it if it did? Would I care? While the animated series could change up the art and story each week, can a manga?

4. Is the Macross franchise producing a new series to be called Macross Delta? News has it that the project will be scouting for a new singing voice. Auditions will begin on December 1st. The last time we saw anything from the Macross franchise was Macross Frontier in 2007. Am I excited by this news? Or has it’s time come and passed on into history?

5. And finally, as I am a fan of the series, Crunchyroll has added the live-action Nobunaga Concerto TV series to their line-up. The first episode is over an hour long! Can it live up to the manga and the animated versions? I will have to watch and find out. At first blush, I feel the actors are wrong for the roles they play. But I will watch and report back.

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