Anime episode video reviews for 8-25-14

Wid gives us this week’s reviews for episodes she is watching from the 2014 Anime season including:

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro
RE: Hamataro
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Invaders of the Rokujyoma
Ao Haru Ride
Nobunaga Concerto
Akame ga Kill
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo ESP
Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen)
Terror in Tokyo (Terror in Resonance)
Black Butler: Book of Circus
Space Dandy (season 2)
Majimoji Rurumo

And now the details …

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro. Episode 17: “Osaka Rampage”

From the title of this episode you would naturally conclude that the rampage is caused by Matsutaro. But you would be wrong. This time it is Tanaka who causes the rampage. The Sumo Train makes a stop in Osaka. Matsutaro has never been to Osaka. Osaka is known for its food. And Matsutaro fully explores what Osaka has to offer. As always this was a fun episode. The wrestlers are staying at a local temple surrounded by a cemetery. This doesn’t bother Matsutaro at all. Can’t say the same for Tanaka. He is afraid of his own shadow I do believe. The rampage in Osaka happens towards the end of the episode after Tanaka hits his head. He crashes into the temple where the wrestlers are staying. In the morning he doesn’t remember a think. I like that this series has moved from the ring. It is trying to show the sumo lifestyle and what the wrestlers do outside of the ring. I am still hope full for a 25 to 26 episode series. But if that is the case, we only have at most 9 more episodes. And what about Minami? Have the writers completely forgotten her?
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Barakamon. Episode 7: “A High-Grade Fish”

As is usual with this series we are presented with another fun and relaxed episode. This series could go on and on and I would not have a problem with that. Handa has come to terms with living on the island. He is now getting benefit from his time there. And what better way to reflect this than to have a friend his manager and the kid who beat him out of first place pay a visit. This episode is the conclusion to last week’s episode. This week as it is the last day of their visit, the gang takes them fishing. After seeing this episode I would love to spend time on Fukue Island. From this episode we see that Handa has matured somewhat in relation to his calligraphy and his father. This is such an easy series to love. Naru is much like Yotsuba in that she isn’t annoying. In fact she is a lot like Yotsuba except that she is a year or two older. I also like that the older teens understand where they live and that one day they will leave the island to see the great big world out there.
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RE: Hamataro. Episode 7: “Emergency Room 24 Hours”

Happily Murasaki is still alive. He is pretty beat up but alive. With as serious as the last few episodes have been, this was a some what lighthearted episode. Nowhere Café’s Master calls for an ambulance to get Murasaki to the hospital. While Murasaki looks like he is going to recover, he has lost his Minimum ability. Murasaki takes the news better than we could have hoped. Everyone comes to visit except for Nice. But by the end of the episode Nice finally shows up. I enjoyed the episode but I have to confess that I was disappointed that Murasaki lived and wasn’t in that bad of shape. The way they described his injuries he should have looked worse. It is shown in flashback of Murasaki capture by the Freemums that they didn’t kill him because he is a friend of Art. I am happy that Murasaki didn’t die. I like this character. But it was presented in the previous episode that he was dead. This is what I call a cheat. Oh well what are you going to do.
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Episode 7: “The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun”

Once again we get a very funny episode. Sakura upon hearing that Nozaki has turned in his manuscript early doesn’t have to work after school. She is a little (big!) disappointed that they won’t be spending the evening together. He stops and asks her if she is free for the evening. Sakura has her hopes up that this is a date. I think we all know Nozaki by this time. It’s not a date as it is a research evening. He wants to see the real world that his manga characters live in. He needs to take pictures for reference. He tries to get Sakura into a sailor suit. She won’t. So he will. Of course it doesn’t fit. But boy is that an image that is fried into my brain. Sakura knows how to turn off the work. Nozaki is too much of a professional. He is always trying to improve his storytelling, his artwork. He wants to make it more real. And as he knows nothing about relationships, he is always befuddled by the world and the people in it where relationships are concerned. I love this series and I definitely want to read the manga!
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Invaders of the Rokujyoma. Episode 7: “My Knight!”

This episode wraps up the last week’s episode about the Blue Knight, the play, and the mysterious space-time quake. The space-time quake turns out to be Theiamillis or Tulip’s sister Clan. They fight all time. So this story arc is over. Now what? I can’t figure out where this series wants to go. It will be over in 5 episodes. I don’t think it ever lived up to the premise offered. Everyone likes everyone else and Hercules is still alive. You remember Hercules the Beetle.
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Ao Haru Ride. Episode 7

What is Futaba going to do? She wants to fall in love with Kou. But she also knows that Yui has a crush on Kou. She remembers back to elementary school and the same thing happening with her close friend at the time. Her friend thought Futaba was going after the boy she liked. Futaba was asking him questions about Kou who was his friend. It was just a misunderstanding. But her friend was very cruel to her and turned their classmates against Futaba. Now Futaba is in the same situation with Yui and Kou. She sees Yui as a precious friend. What should she do? Should she be true to herself or to Yui? And what about Kou, who does he like? You know Kou is part of the equation to. I hope this gets a second season. Futaba could go after Kou for nothing. He could be interested in someone else (like that bloody likely). This is a manga I would read with relish!
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Nobunaga Concerto. Episode 6: “Mitsuhide Akechi”

The real Nobunaga reappears. Saburo believes that he can now leave the conquest of Japan to the real Nobunaga. But the real Nobunaga knows that he is not really health-wise up to the task. So he will be a retainer to Nobunaga. Later in the episode when Saburo has entered Kyoto and wants to put his sister’s new husband on the seat of the Shogun. He finds that he can’t just do it. He must petition the court. Here the real Nobunaga has a part to play. He knows the courtly rules of behavior. He is to make the petition. This series is so beautiful and wonderfully done. I think they are going to try to wrap this one up quickly. Which is a shame. I am really enjoying this one. There is not a listing of how many episodes planned. I am hoping for 24 to 26. It really deserves it.
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Akame ga Kill! Episode 7: “Kill the Three: Part 1”

Esdeath is tasked by the emperor to hunt down Night Raid in exchange for a suitor. It appears that Esdeath wants a husband. Women go figure. It draw out Night Raid Esdeath has a group of skilled fighters and Imperial Arms users who are killing politicians who opposed the prime minister’s rule. They leave flyers behind claiming to be Night Raid. Tatsumi, Leone and Bulat take on the Three on an ocean liner. This series is moving along. But what will happen after they take out the Three? Are they going to take out Esdeath? I enjoy these arcs, but what is going to happen to the characters and the series when this arc is done?
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Glasslip. Episode 8: “Snow”

Toko’s visions are coming fast and furious now. I don’t know if I like this part of the series. I prefer the simple relationship aspect of the series. The visions don’t really add anything to the series. The most important action this episode was Hiro’s reaction to Sachi’s dislike of Kakeru or David. He has stopped visiting her at the hospital. And he is not returning her calls. Considering how much he likes her, he doesn’t like this side of her. This is the only redeeming aspects of this show. There are only 5 more episodes. I don’t think there are any plans to wrap this series up. It is only meant to be want happens during the summer. And there it should end.
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Tokyo ESP. Episode 7: “Girls in the Rain”

Rinka learn to fight in this episode. Master Yoda uses Ayuma who is an esper with the power of Precognition. But he can only see about two seconds into the future. He is a student of Master Yoda. In the beginning of the episode, he really cleans Rinka’s clock. By the middle of the episode, Rinka has learned how to fight him and maybe Minami. Azuma is still held captive by the Minami and the Professor. And Murasaki learns how to use her power which is the ability to see an object’s past by touching it and to gain the ability to use it as the object’s past was used. In this case Nunchucks. I think they were owned by Bruce Lee. Good episode. I don’t know if a second season is planned. They kind of have to with such a deep story line. It is a pretty good actioner.
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Tokyo Ghoul. Episode 8

One of the best series of the season. And this was one of the better episodes and that is saying something! As all of the episodes have been really good that is saying a lot. Hinami goes off to find the source of that smell. It smells like her mother. And it is. Mado has left her a present. It is a bag with something of her mother in it. Touka realizes that Hinami has left the café. She goes out to find her with the help of Kaneki. Hinami and Touka confront Mado after being lured into his trap. Meanwhile Kaneki confronts Amon. Kaneki tries to reason with Amon. But Amon has something in his past that will not let him listen. I know the speeches by Kaneki were overwrought. But that is what makes this series so good. It is not afraid to say this stuff. There are so many parallels to what is happening in the world right now or in the past. In this episode Mado is finally dispatched but not by whom you might think. Hinami does the deed. Touka was in no shape to pull off that trick. Hinami just wanted the shouting to stop. She also learns that she does have family if not her mother or father. Touka shaken to see that Mado was married as he had a ring on his finger. Amon has his world view shaken by Kaneki when Kaneki won’t eat him though he really really wants to. All in all is was a very good episode. Have we changed anyone’s mind? Only time will tell.
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Aldnoah.Zero. Episode 8: “Then and Now / A Day When We Saw a Bird”

What I want to know is how did Slaine get recaptured by the Martian? He did and is being tortured for the information he may or may not have. It was a good episode if a little short on action. In fact there was no action set pieces at all. But I did learn the rat I thought was a rat turned out not to be a rat. But he got killed for his not being a rat, I think. The way the episode end it appears that Count Cruhteo is killed by Count Saazbaum who takes the beaten Slaine captive. At the start of the episode we see how the flying ship got its Aldnoah activated. Captain Magbaredge now knows who one of her passengers is – the Martian Princess. And still with Inaho being all stoic. He is there to save himself and the people around him. He is such a good character. I don’t know if I would like him in another series, but I do like how dispassionate he is. So far nothing has shaken him. And the plot is getting thicker, just the way I like it.
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Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen). Episode 8: “Rematch”

Samonji is the one I am really interested in with this series. His military instincts are alert. His contact in Bellhals Quasimodo tells him the reason his supplies were late. It was due to an Ingelmian sympathizer using the same ship to transfer some unnamed heavy equipment. What is really happening is that Ingelmian is planning a surprise attack from the coast of Bellhals. Samonji mobilizes his troops to intercept the surprise attack. The Argevollen stops a few large trucks from getting into the city. But a trio of Ingelmian Trail Kreiger break cover and start attacking the mechs piloted by Tokimune, Silfy and Lorenz. During the battle Richthofen takes on the Argevollen. This time he plans to win. But Tokimune has a different idea. For the first time he really fights back. He almost wins the battle when one of Richthofen’s men gets between the two allowing Richthofen to escape. With the element of surprise gone, the Ingelmian commanders call off their attack. This series is finally coming into its own. And my patience with this series has been rewarded!
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Terror in Tokyo. Episode 7: “Deuce”

It looks like we have gotten to the end of one part of the story arc. Five was bested at her own game. She did try to use Lisa against the boys and the boys used Shibazaki to save Lisa. Did Shibazaki really think the boys would give themselves up? It was a nice tight episode. I like the pacing of the show now. But on the down side we have only 4 more episodes. Can they really wrap this up in so few episodes? What is the goal of this one? How far does Watanabe plan to go with these characters? With the introduction of Five, does he plan to go into their back ground? Watanabe doesn’t usually promise more than he can deliver. Will this be the first time? With Nine, Twelve, Five and Shibazaki we are kind of back to square one or we have a stand off. Nine, Twelve and Lisa got away. Five met up with Nine and somewhat renewed acquaintances. And Shibazaki knows more than he knew at the beginning of the episode. Now where do we go?
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Locodol. Episode 8: “We Tried Gathering the Courage to Call”

This episode was a filler. It was a centered on Mirai and how shy she is. But with the encouragement of other girls she finds the courage to do her best during her first full on performance. This series has been sliding down hill for awhile. There really isn’t much to say about this episode. And that would be because not much happened.
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Black Butler: Book of Circus. Episode 7: “His Butler, Careful Tending”

We finally get to see Baron Kelvin. He is mad as a hatter! He was also involved in the torture of Ciel after Ciel’s parents were killed and just before he met Sebastian years before. What surprised me is how fast they are ending this series. A lot was cut from the manga. They have just gotten to heart of the matter. The evening starts of with Ciel and Sebastian arriving at the Baron’s mansion. There they are served a dinner while the Joker performs a gruesome show where the brainwashed (missing) children are brutally killed. The baron enjoys it very much. But this is just a prelude to the real reason for the evening – to kill Ciel as he should have been killed so long ago. I really question this series. To see children killed without remorse, who thinks up stuff like this. This was not one of my favorite story arcs in the series. They have 3 more episodes to go to wrap this one up.
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Space Dandy. Season 2, Episode 8: “A World with No Sadness, Baby”

This week we have Shinichiro Watanabe back in the scripting chair, though this episode is directed by Yasuhiro Nakura. Don’t really know what to say about this one. I do wonder what was going on in Watanabe world to come up with such a metaphysical episode. What struck me almost immediately was that Dandy’s voice should have been changed. With Watanabe giving the people coming up with episodes free license, why not change up his voice. They are not afraid to change his look as they did in this episode. At times I felt like I was watching a Peter Max creation. But you can’t have weird for weird’s sake. In its own way it was very much a downer episode. Again what is going on in Watanabe’s world right now and is this the time and space to put it all on the fans of his work. I know I am a lone voice in the wilderness about this series. All the “smart” people like this series. But if you are having a bad day, do I have to hear about it? Do I have to be part of it? But it looks like next week is back to the same old same old.
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Majimoji Rurumo. Episode 7: “The Legendary Swimsuit”

This is the episode that Shibaki and all of us have been waiting for. And it does not disappoint. Shibaki is back to his pervy ways. I don’t know how much the girls are upset with him. Shibaki and his gang of followers are having fun. But they all want to see Rurumo in a swimsuit. She doesn’t have one nor did she buy one when the family when shopping. While everyone is having summer fun at the beach, Senior who is president of the UFO club is hunting for the Legendary Swimsuit. This swimsuit is said to be cursed. To help Shibaki, Chiro finds a swimsuit for Rurumo. You know of course that it is the cursed Legendary Swimsuit. The swimsuit makes the wearer’s character turn 180 degrees. But before Chiro finds the swimsuit, she transforms into a human with the Legendary Clam Shell bikini. She is immediately chased by Shibaki’s gang of pervs. After donning the suit, Rurumo gets romantic towards Shibaki. Shibaki’s better side comes to the fore and he refuses Rurumo’s kiss and gets the suit off of her. It was a great and funny episode. This was the best of the beach episodes of any of the series I have been watching lately.
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