Anime episode video reviews for 8-18-14

Wid gives us this week’s reviews for episodes she is watching from the 2014 Anime season including:

Ao Haru Ride
Nobunaga Concerto
Akame ga Kill
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo ESP
Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen)
Terror in Tokyo (Terror in Resonance)
Sailor Moon, Crystal
Black Butler: Book of Circus
Space Dandy (season 2)
Majimoji Rurumo

And now the details …

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Ao Haru Ride. Episode 6

What is Futaba going to do? She is starting to fall for Kou, all over again. But she feels guilty. Her friend Yuri is developing a crush on him too. And where does Kou stand in all of this? This is a fun soap opera. And when is Murao going to make a move on Kou’s brother Tanaka? He is a teacher at the school so such a relationship is forbidden. We have so many relationships in the beginning stage. Unfortunately this series is only 12 episodes, thus they have half way through. This series definitely rates a second season. Right now Futaba is ready to fall in love with Kou. I still don’t know where Kou stands. I could say that it is pretty obvious that Kou has feelings for her. If they wrap this up in 12 episodes I am going to be really unhappy. I think that would be too easy.
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Nobunaga Concerto. Episode 5

This series is wonderful. As I know the history of Nobunaga, this series is very enjoyable for me. Toukichirou Kinoshita will eventually become the man we know as Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In this series he has sworn vengeance against Nobunaga. He swears that Nobunaga’s younger sister Oichi will bow before him. In real life Oichi’s child Yodo would become Hideyoshi’s mistress. We have seen this character a lot in anime. And he is always drawn to have a monkey demeanor. Even in this series he is drawn this way. And during his life people commented on the fact that he looked like monkey. Will our Saburo (Nobunaga) win him to his side? There is a problem with this series. Saburo is very comfortable with all the people and family around him. When were they introduced to him? I’ll give them this. We have to move the story along. At the end of the episode Kinoshita or Hideyoshi has found Nobunaga’s Japanese history book. He burns it. Now Saburo has to make history without any help. But he seems to be doing okay on his own. I love the story. I love the art.
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Akame ga Kill! Episode 6: “Kill the Absolute Justice”

The episode starts off with Leone and Tatsumi taking on a gang of drug smugglers. They kill the gang member there as revenge for what they are doing to young women there. They keep the girls drugged so that they can be used for prostitution. Leone is outraged. Tatsumi isn’t too happy either. He wonders how the other two Night Raid members are doing. The other team doing justice is Sheele and Mine. Unfortunately they meet up with Seryu and her Imperial Arms Coro. Coro is an organic Imperial Arm. This makes him harder to kill. It doesn’t go well for them at all. And I’ll say it right here, Seryu is certifiable! And the modification she did to herself, is that even possible. Of course it is, this is anime. This is the first time we see a Night Raid team get beat. And it is a sad episode too. Sheele is killed by Seryu who shoots her and then Coro bites her in half. During the fight Seryu called for backup from the Imperial Guards. They arrive and surround Mine. As her last act, Sheele causes a bright light to blind everyone so Mine can get away. The last scene of the episode shows the Night Raiders mourning the loss of Sheele. Tatsumi is screaming about vengeance. Nadejda tells him to be quiet. That everyone knows the risks of their business. But Mine is the one who really cold-heartedly swears vengeance on Seryu and Coro. The preview for next week show the Three Beasts are in town. This is the beginning of a many part arc. It says it is Part I. And by the way, I am sad but happy that Sheele is allowed to die and that she is not going to be brought back. I was emotionally invested in her death. I don’t want my tears shed in vain.
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Glasslip. Episode 7: “Bicycle”

This episode and I think going forward is going to bring in the sight that both Toko and “David” have. As I have said before, I think that this is a mistake. This week Sachi finally goes to the hospital for those tests that Toko foresaw. Hiro visits her every day and is introduced as her boyfriend. Sachi’s mother seems pretty cool with this. But Sachi doesn’t like David or Kakeru. She thinks that he is breaking up that old gang of hers. What she doesn’t understand is that this is the normal course in life. As you get older, you meet people and pair up and off. Is this going to be that summer where her friends start pairing up and moving away from the group thing? This only other thing that was confusing was seeing Momo, Hiro’s older sister leave one of the rooms at the hospital in tears. This will probably be address in a future episode. I think this series is stalling a bit. It is only 13 episodes so I only have 6 more to go. I will not be sad to see it over. I just hope there is some kind of resolution at the end.
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Tokyo ESP. Episode 6: “Each Girl, Each Desire”

The episode starts off with the tanker falling next to Tokyo Tower, of course. Many people are killed and many more are seriously injured. We are introduced to a new character, Master Yoda. He is a martial arts master who trained Rinka’s father while he was on the Tokyo Police Force. He is constantly dressed in a panda suit. He is also an ESPer himself. He has the power of clairvoyance. He tries to confront Rinka. He keeps telling her that she has to commit to the job of saving people or just step aside. Rinka has always been one to avoid confrontation. With the battle to come with the Professor and his team, she can not longer stand by. Boy is this ever the X-Men. I don’t mind because it is a good action piece. But as it is an X-Men knock-off, there are going to be slow episodes. As it is only 12 episode and we are now at episode 6 or half way, what are the writers planning for this series. There is not way they can wrap it up in six more episodes. The bigger question is whether this series should get a second season. I am not sure it should. I haven’t seen enough in the six so far to make me want more.
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Tokyo Ghoul. Episode 7: “Captivity”

Hinami’s mother is killed by Mado. When Touka learns of this, she attacks the member of the ghoul investigation and kills Kusaba, but is wounded by Mado. When Touka returns to the café, Kaneki tries to take care of her wounds and tells her that he care about her. He also tells her that he wants to fight the ghoul investigators with her and is given his mask. He admits to her that he is not a killer like Touka is but he will do what he can. She lashes out that he is just a human. And he comes back that he has some ghoul in him too. It was an interesting exchange. Also we see that the doves are just people too. The writers really play up the fact that Kusaba is just almost a salary man with all the hopes and dreams as any other person. And then Touka kills him in cold blood. She kills like Mado but not like Mado. He appears to enjoy it. I hope we get more back story on him. As for Amon, he is very dedicated to the clause. But does he know why? Is there something in his past that leads him on this holy crusade? This is a manga I will have to read because they can not wrap it up in the next 5 episodes. Unless they want to give me a second season. They have the material. I say go for it!
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Aldnoah.Zero. Episode 7: “The Boys of Earth”

Wow! I am so loving this series. The battle scenes are really good in my humble opinion. This week Slaine and Inaho team up to take down the Halles. They don’t succeed. But the crew of the ship do find a Martian battle cruiser. This has the fire power to take down the Halles. It is also guided by the princess as she has access to the Aldnoah technology. But more interesting is the teaming up of Slaine and Inaho. Inaho doesn’t know that Slaine is a human like himself. What is this knowledge going to do to everyone? The princess already knows. But the people on the ship do not. And what about her transformation into the princess and piloting the ship to bring down one from her side? Or are the Martins her side anymore. This series just keeps getting better and better. Right now I have more questions than answers. Just the way I like it. And did I mention the music is good too.
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Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen). Episode 7: “Bellhals”

The 8th Unit is given an unofficial R&R while they await resupply. They are at the neutral island of Bellhals. I would like to say that this was the beach episode but it really wasn’t. This series is really trying to take itself seriously. Samonji goes to find out about the supply ship and because he needs some sunlight. This episode is better than the previous few. What I get out of this series is how the enlisted solider views war. The relationship between Jamie and Tokimune is okay. I don’t know if they will ever become an item if you know what I mean. For the first time that I can remember Jamie seems like a real person, a real girl. It is almost as if the writers are finally comfortable with her character and writing for her. The person I am really interested in and will have the best dialogue in the series is Samonji. He is a battle hardened solider. He has been there and come back. This episode encouraged me that the series is going to eventually be one that I will remember in a good way.
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Terror in Tokyo. Episode 6

Looks like the boys are finally going to use Lisa. Is she their ‘Joker’? For Shibazaki and other investigators they get the news that the American FBI is taking over the case. They are told that the FBI is here to assist the Japanese investigators. But the Japanese officers know the truth of the matter. They are effectively off the case. We get a little back story on Five. We know she likes to play games, chess in particular. A bomb has been placed at the airport. Nine understands that if they try to disarm it they will be captured. If they let it explode the blame for the explosion and subsequent deaths will be laid at their feet. They decide to use Lisa a person Five and the investigators don’t know about. So as I said previously is Lisa their ‘Joker”? Meanwhile Shibazaki and several officers decide to disobey orders and converge on the airport terminal as well. Oh and by the way, Twelve suffers from Synesthesia. It is a condition that allows him to see colors through sound. To which he tell Lisa that her voice sounds like pale yellow. I don’t know if this has anything to do with plot or is just a sweet interlude.
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Sailor Moon, Crystal. Episode 4: “Masquerade Dance Party”

In this episode Tuxedo Mask lays some lip on Usagi or Sailor Moon. Afterwards Luna asks if he is friend or foe. Tuxedo Mask answers with another riddle – that he is also looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. In this episode we get to see Usagi all dressed up and going to a party. She uses her power to transform into a princess and just walks into the party. She not on the guest list and no one questions her. I guess if you look like you belong no one questions it. We also meet the four horsemen of the… I mean the Four Kings of Heaven. I have the warmest feeling for Jadeite as I have known him the longest. But he is such a klutz. I am really enjoying Usagi and gang. There is just something enjoyable about this series that not every series can claim. It is a reason why she has lasted so long. She always takes care of business even if she isn’t coming up with a game plan. She leaves the mundane thinking to Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mars. Usagi just stumbles into success every week. I guess that is why we love her so.
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Locodol. Episode 7: “We Tried Adding a Lot of Things”

The girls are nervously awaiting the airing of the mascot athletics festival. Due to their various circumstances, each of the girls end up missing Nanako and Yukari’s segment. They make plans to watch it together the next day. Later with Uogokuro’s popularity going through the roof, their manager hires a new member, Mirai, as a substitute Uogakuro actor to lighten Yui’s workload. Mirai acts too weird for me in this episode. I understand that she is very shy outside of the costume. But give me a break. Later Nanako finds that people as far as Tokyo saw their performance. And because of the performance their hometown is seeing an uptick in out of town visitors. They are having an affect on local business. They are full filling their rules as local idols!
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Black Butler: Book of Circus. Episode 6: “His Butler, Liaison”

We once again get Ciel’s background story including the death of his parents. We also see his encounter with Sebastian and the confrontation with Madam Red. Meanwhile William will not let Sebastian wander about without his master Ciel. Beast attemps to convince Joker to leave the Father and start their own circus. Joker says no and leaves to visit the Father. As Sebastian can not leave the circus ground he takes another route to get the information he needs. And that route goes right through Beast’s tent and Beast herself. Our butler seduces her and gets the information he wants. My, my, what a butler he is! This episode was a little slow. As it is only 10 episodes, are they really going to have the time to do a thorough investigation of the Father?
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Space Dandy. Season 2, Episode 7: “Rock n Roll Dandy, Baby”

There was so much that was run of the mill with this episode that I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know if I liked the mixture of art styles. This week I got a little bit of everything and not in a good way. There is something preventing me from just sitting back and enjoying each episode for itself. As I ruminate about this episode I am having a beer and it isn’t making the episode anymore enjoyable. Is this series just supposed to be dumb fun or something deeper? So far this season has been worse than last season. I can only remember one episode that I really really like, the Old Man and the Sea episode. All the other have been very forgettable. I hope I can make it through to end of the season. Don’t think this one lived up to expectations, at least for me.
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Majimoji Rurumo. Episode 6: “Mur Der Incident”

What a wonderful episode while being quite sad at the end. Shibaki has quite a soft spot for kitten. He figures out that having kitten can make you the center of attention with the ladies. What happens is that Shibaki finds a box of three little kittens. His mother won’t allow him to keep them at home. And Rurumo has just finished a murder mystery. Thus the three little kittens are named: Mur, Der and Incident or Murder Incident. While Shibaki has to go to school his leaves the kittens in the care of Chiro as Chiro is a cat. She wants nothing to do with the little ones. So Shibaki has to take them to school to find them homes. In turn this makes him very popular with the ladies. He is of course in heaven. Rurumo is perplexed by Shibaki’s attachment with to the kittens. But one of the kittens, Incident, is not strong. When Shibaki realizes that the kittens may be sick, he rushes them to a vet. But on the way, Incident dies. He tries to use one of the magic tickets. He complains that they do not work. Rurumo walks up to him and tells him that they are working just fine. But you can not bring the dead back. She explains to Shibaki that Incident just wasn’t strong enough to continue living. She tells Shibaki that with the care he gave her she was able to live a couple more days then she would have. It was a very sad and emotional end to an otherwise very funny episode. It was interesting to see a comedy series get so serious all of a sudden. It made me love the series even more. The writers were very courageous to have it go in this direction.
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