Anime episode video reviews for 8-11-14

Wid gives us this week’s reviews for episodes she is watching from the 2014 Anime season including:

Re: Hamatora
Ao Haru Ride
Akame ga Kill
Nobunaga Concerto
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo ESP
Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen)
Terror in Tokyo (Terror in Resonance)
Space Dandy (season 2)
Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?
Majimoji Rurumo
Black Butler: Book of Circus

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Re: Hamatora. Episode 5: “Buddy’s Wishes”

There seems to be a problem that the Minimum Holders are having. This time when Nice tries to confront Art his Minimum force leaves him unable to fight. Art then escapes with Freemium to their club to discuss an alliance with them. Art plans to become their leader and help them reach the freedom they seek. In compensation he requires their help. In another part of town, Gasquet contacts Ratio and Birthday who also are starting to suffer side effects. Three is also suffering side effects in that he is losing control of his body in beast form. Gasquet tries to gather information about Saikyo during which he learns about an incident from three years ago involving Minimum Holders who lost their powers. One of the side effects is that they did not care about losing their Minimum Holder ability. We get to see some of the Freenium and Art attack a prison for an unknown reason. The Freeniums are confronted by Gasquet. They kill him with Art looking on. Nice and Murasaki get there too late to save him. Nice swears he will stop Art. So Nice has finally gotten mad enough to do something about Art. What does it take for Nice to finally understand that Art has to be stopped? And why are the Minimum Holders having problems with their abilities? Will the Freeniums have the same problems? We are going further down the rabbit hole with this one. I can’t wait for the next episode!
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Re: Hamatora. Episode 6: “Advent”

In this episode we get the full explanation of Art’s Minimum Holder ability. And maybe, just maybe the reason for the season. Murasaki is used by Art and the Freemums to execute their plan. After Murasaki confronts Art and we get the explanation of how Art’s Minimum Holder ability works and is activated, Murasaki shoots Art in the head. He believes that this is will kill Art. After all part of Art’s master plan is to kill Nice. It is then that the leader of the Freemums activates Art’s ability, by stabbing him in the heart. That is where it lies. While all of this happening, one of the Freemums is broadcasting the event. After being stabbed, Art regenerates. He is revealed to the public as a messiah-like figure. Later at the Nowhere Café a bag is left at the front door. It contains Murasaki’s body. Are they really going to let him die? If they don’t, I’m going to have a real problem with this series. Finally we know what Art is up to or do we? We are half way through this second season. I predict that Art is going to have one good episode and then it is going to be down hill from there. Even knowing that, I am still going to watch. I have to see how it happens!
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Sabagebu! Episode 5: “Ascension!? Silent Survival / The Unkillable Twin Tail / Crusade – Raganarok of Angels and Demons”

Where do I begin with this episode? First we have Miou becoming a Buddha after she takes the girls to a Zen Shrine. It turns out that it is run by a con man who cons Miou out of a million yen. The monk not only promised enlightenment but weight loss too! Miou upon become a Buddha disbanded the Survival Game Club much to the members shock and awe. The previous day while they were all trying to meditate Miou was the only one who was successful. She was offered to become the shrine leader because of her abilities and for a million yen. The next day she disbands the club much to the members awe and shock! When Miou finds out that the monk was a con man, the club was back on. On another day we find Urara in the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor of the school. I don’t know what she left in the toilet but she broke the handle. To escape the embarrassment of what she had done and left behind, she climbs out the window to find herself on a very tiny ledge. She is gets down by herself after downing two helicopters. You have to see the episode to understand that sentence. Finally we see Momoka having an attack of conscience. We get to see a great battle between the heavenly and devilish sides of her conscience. This was one of the best episodes so far! And because the Survival Club is still together Mr. Voiceover will be back next week. Yeah!
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Sabagebu! Episode 6: “Revenge of Yayoi Isurugi, Student Council President! / Disgustingly Immoral Battle”

The episode starts off with the various school club representatives giving their club reports. Everything is going fine until Miou presents her idea for the Survival Game Club’s mascot. At this Yayoi the student council president is fed up with Miou making a fool out of her. To get her revenge on Miou, Yayoi decided to destroy the Survival Game club. She will do this by swaying over its members to her side. But remember she is up against Miou, so she meets with very little success. She then decides to join the cafeteria crew. Her plan is to constantly serve her food she doesn’t like. The problem with this is that it leads to some dubious rumors. But whenever Yayoi needs help, Miou is right there for her. Thus everyone is talking about their relationship. In the next part of the episode Sakura, their teacher advisor, brings in an executive chair to the clubroom. There won’t be problem with this except that the girls have just finished watching a yakuza movie. And as they are teenage girls with very active imaginations, they play out their parts in a yakuza style movie to see who gets to sit in the chair. Of course Momoka wins. I think I like this series best when they are having their pretend shootouts. This is one of those series that I can’t wait to see each week.
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Ao Haru Ride. Episode 5

The week the group has a team challenge. They have to follow a map to various stations, answer the questions posed, get a stamp and move on to solve the puzzle. It is a team building exercise. Futaba is trying to lead the team by getting them to follow the map. But Aya keeps dragging the group in different directions. While they do get all the stamps and clues they need to solve the puzzle, when they do they find they don’t know where they are in relation to the map. So they set off not knowing where they are going. Aya wants to wait for the teachers to find them. Kou thinks it is better to try and find the road to get their bearings. At one point they have to cross a small stream. Everyone makes it across except for Yuri who is too afraid to cross. Kou goes back to help her across. You know where this is headed. Yup – Yuri is going to develop a crush on Kou. Meanwhile after the crossing Futaba hurts her ankle. Kou has to carry her. Comments were made about her weight! Kou wants to be close but he is waiting to see what kind of person Futaba is. He better not wait too long or someone else will come along and turn Futaba’s head and heart. This is the kind of series I need after a long day in the real world.
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Akame ga Kill! Episode 5: “Kill the Dream”

This episode covers Sheele’s back ground. She isn’t good at anything other than killing. She is one cold eyed killer. But she does have her softer side. And all of that is fun. But the real heart of this episode is the new villain or opponent that was introduced this week. One of the baddest Generals is called back to the capital – Esdeath. She looks like someone you won’t want to meet in a dark alley on a moonless night. She looks like Japanese answer to Elisa from Frozen! Only she is really mean and sadistic. This series is starting to heat up. It looks like it is willing to go for the shock value. But this has to be used correctly. I don’t want shocking behavior just because the writers can animate it. It has to have a reason; it has to be integral to the story. I hope this series does not disappoint. We are almost a quarter though. I wonder if I should be reading the manga for this series. It is to land upon our shores in January of 2015. Should I be making a note of this or by the time it gets her will I be tired of this series?
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Nobunaga Concerto. Episode 4

This episode covers the Battle of Okhazama. It is a famous Oda Nobunaga victory. It was at this battle that Imagawa Yoshimoto. This victory established Oda Nobunaga as one of the front running warlords in the Sengoku period. Saburo’s history book doesn’t help him much. After the battle Saburo is amazed that he was making real history. This series is amazing to watch. What would you do if you were part of making history? This is the heart of this series. It doesn’t play fast and loose with the facts. How is that Saburo made the right decisions on the fateful day? Before the battle he tells his small number of troops to seek out the General or Imagawa Yoshimoto and kill him. He understands that with the leader gone, the rest of the army will melt away. Saburo used three villagers has his eyes and ears on the enemies movements. Everyone thinks that Saburo or Nobunaga is going to wait for a siege at his castle. He never said that. All of his generals assumed that was the plan. And the spy for the Imagawa clan delivers that information to his superiors. Imagawa thinks he is going to a siege. Saburo has planned a surprise attack. What I found interesting about this episode is that Saburo is willing to go into battle. Is he becoming the real Nobunaga? He has really impressed his generals. They now realize that they have been underestimating him. He also rewards those who he most value like the villagers who got his intel for him. Each week this series gets more interesting. This series is really for people who enjoy history or in this case Japanese history. Sign me up!
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Glasslip. Episode 6: “Punch”

So many things are coming together in this series. The only one happy in this series is Hiro that is only because he doesn’t know how sick Sachi really is. Toko has had a vision of her in the hospital. It doesn’t look good. But then her vision is out of context as most visions are. Kakeru and Yukinari confront each other about Yukinari’s feelings for Toko. We are loving the soap opera. In a way not much happened in this episode or in this series. But this is one summer in their lives and loves. At the end of the episode Kakeru challenges Yukinari to a race for the hand of Toko. I didn’t hear Toko say she was okay with this caveman attitude. I guess males haven’t changed over the centuries very much.
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Tokyo Ghoul. Episode 6: “Cloudburst”

This series is fantastic. The ending of this episode so manipulated my emotions. The Doves are not nice. Or should I say they have a job to do and they do it with gusto. I like the mother and daughter ghouls. They appeared to not feed on humans. But they still are ghouls. Do we have to eradicate everyone who is different from us? There are very hard choices to be made in this series. But first lets finish the last episode’s battle between Toka and Shu. After Toka takes a bite out of Kaneki, Toka comes to full strength. She then kicks the stuffings out of Shu. Then we turn our attention to Hinami and her mother. But first we see what happened to her father who made ‘tools’ for Jason. We finally get to see and meet Jason. The Dove team of Mado and Amon who to try to take down Jason. He slips away so they kill Hinami’s father. At the end of the episode we see Hinami and her mother who take a day out among the humans to buy a book for her father’s birthday. They are cornered by the Dove team of Mado and Amon. Hinami escapes when her mother sacrifices herself so Hinami can get away. It was a very sad end to an episode. I really want to see where this series is going to take me.
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Tokyo ESP. Episode 5: “Meeting, Phantom and Girl”

This episode is full on Professor. He of course wants to reorder the world in his own image. Right now he just wants an ESP zone for all the espers. And from him we learn that Penny is a collector. He doesn’t quite know how the collectors work, but he thinks that they keep the espers in check. The golden fish come from an artifact that he found some time ago. He believes it unlocks a person latent esp abilities. This series looks like a straight up actioner. I like this series. I think the Professor is a bit young for the job. I will say he does know how to make an entrance – on a floating tanker. We also meet Kobushi or the Black Fist’s younger sister Kuroi. Kuroi has teamed up the Professor. Kobushi has teamed up the White Girl’s team. As I said before this is X-Men vs Magneto in manga form. I don’t have a problem with this formula just as long as they keep it interesting.
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Aldnoah.Zero. Episode 6: “Steel Step Suite”

The war has resumed. All available hands are commandeered into the military. The ship with Inaho and company arrives at the ruins of Tanegashima. This is where another enemy awaits them. Here is where lieutenant Marito has to relive that last attack that happened there 15 years ago. It is his own Casa Grande event. (see Airplane! for that reference). The Martian Knight they encounter is Femieanne. She pilots a Kataphract named Hellas. It can shoot its six arms as missiles. They aren’t just your ordinary missiles. They are really bad ass. This time Inaho doesn’t save the day. Our hero this week is Slaine who has escaped from the Martian ship. We also get a little back ground on the Aldnoah technology. Only people genetically linked to the emperor have knowledge of the Aldnoah technology. Our princess is the granddaughter of the emperor. Need I say more! I am so enjoying and loving this series.
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Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen). Episode 6: “Run, Jamie!”

When Tokimune wakes up he finds himself sealed in the Argevollen’s cockpit. Back at the home base, Jamie realizes that the system is protecting its pilot before shutting down. And of course only a manual reboot get the Argevollen back into the fight. Now we get to the scene in the episode that I really hate. Jamie is afraid; Jamie doesn’t want to move forward; Jamie doesn’t want to do this. Oh come on, people’s lives are on the line. I hate when a character acts this way. Just get on with the mission. She does eventually get there and reboot the machine. And the Argevollen does its job very well. The more interesting part of the episode was Samonji. He and his team realize that the 3rd Cavalry intentionally refused to fire off their flares. This turned the 8th Independent Unit (Samonji and his men) into a decoy by default. So he returns the favor by firing another flare that illuminates the 3rd Cavalry’s position. This is what I am talking about. He has a friend in Shizuma who is a colonel in the army. They go way back and Shizuma will always look out for Samonji. This is the part of the story I want more of. This was one of the better episodes.
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Terror in Tokyo. Episode 5: “Hide and Seek”

This episode starts with Lisa waking up in Nine and Twelve’s apartment. And what is the first thing she does is touch cell phones for no good reason. Why do you touch things that do not belong to you? This is just a plot device to do some exposition. The boys are planning to blow up a passenger train. Upon returning home they find out that Lisa has been up to something or should I say burning something. She tries to make dinner for the boys so that they have a reason to keep her around. Nine doesn’t buy it or eat it. Neither does Twelve. Later the boys send out their usual video with a puzzle. It isn’t a hard one. So why don’t the police defuse the bomb. If they don’t, a lot of people are going to die. The boys don’t want that. At the beginning of the episode we see someone land from an American airliner. This would Five. She knows the boys and how they think. The cellphone reception has gone out all over the area. This prevents the boys from stopping the bomb if they wanted to. It is at the end of the episode that Five reveals herself to the boys. Shibazaki wants to know what is going on. His commander can’t give him any answers. All the police know is that the higher ranking officials have prevented the police from removing the bomb. Now I am onboard with this series. It is finally getting interesting. We finally see a weakness in our two brilliant boys.
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Locodol. Episode 6: “We Tried Gathering Cute and Loose Characters”

Well the Mascot Athletics Festival is on. Uogokoro gives a very good effort in the games. She has to take on mascots from other providences. Meanwhile Nanako and Yukari have to adlib their filmed segment that promotes Nagarekawa. They do it the best way they know how, by being their selves. The girls then give their support to Yui as Uogokoro as she makes her way through each event. She does manage to make it to the finals. Despite almost injuring herself during the sumo match against the fundoshi wearing Tamahosshi, Yui is praised for her accomplishments in the festival. She placed fourth overall and won a special spirit award. I have to say that this episode redeemed itself.
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Barakamon. Episode 6

Handa’s friend from Tokyo finally shows up. The one is Takao Kanzaki who is Handa’s agent and long time childhood friend. The other is Kosuke Kansaki, the kid who beat Handa out at the last calligraphy contest. Everyone thinks that Handa has gotten flabby while on the island, both in his physical appearance and in his calligraphy. Handa disagrees. There are long dialogues on how he feels that while his calligraphy was good. It was textbook good. There is no inspiration in his work. That is what he is trying to find while at the island. Each week we see a little more personal growth in Handa. If he can relax enough, maybe his calligraphy will reflect this. So far there has not been a weak episode. Each one has been a little jewel of entertainment. I will be reading this manga when I can get my hands on it.
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Space Dandy. Season 2, Episode 6: “Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby”

This episode confused me. I wasn’t sure where it was going. Is this the first time an anime has had a laugh track? Someone has been calling for a Honey episode. Well we kind of got one. We learned that she is part Cloudian. Meanwhile Scarlet bemoans the fact that she can’t meet any nice gentle guys. So Scarlet and co-worker Pine-Pine goes to an all you can eat mixer on the planet “C’est La Vie”. There Scarlet meets a Cloudian named Gentle. Meanwhile Honey has been kidnapped by Dr. Gel. He knows she is a good friend of Dandy. He is going to use her to get his paws on Dandy. It works, kind of. At the end of the episode, Gentle and his sister reunite. Honey is his half-sister. But in escaping from Dr. Gel Gentle’s cloud dissipates. With no cloud, a Cloudian is worthless. I don’t know what to make of this episode. It was kind of okay. Nothing strange happened. How odd. After having so many strange and ‘it doesn’t make any sense’ episode, we get a tame one and I don’t care for it either. They get me used to wild stuff, the strange, the tame ones are boring. I am not saying it wasn’t well written. It was just kind of boring.
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Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro. Episode 16

This episode, a week late, has Matsutaro going a tour via train with the other sumo wrestler from the other stables. After the season is over, the various Tokyo stables take a tour of the other provinces like Osaka so the fans can see the wrestlers. Matsutaro just sees it as work. He is also for junior wrestlers getting some of the perks that the senior wrestlers get. He doesn’t think it is fair that the juniors are treated like slaves. But in reality the now senior wrestlers has to do the same things as they moved up the rankings. And boy can Matsutaro eat. After three bento boxes, he is still hunger. He tries to eat in the restaurant car and put it on the owner’s tab. But the staff has been told that the junior wrestlers have to pay up front. Matsutaro is very mad. So he goes through the senior wrestlers’ stuff to see if anyone brought food. He finds a gold mine. Or so he thinks! When the seniors find out what he has done, they confront him. Except by now Matsutaro is sick from something he eat. And he gasses the senior wrestlers before they can beat him up. Then he has to trot off to the W.C. Something has really disagreed with him. When the seniors try to find Raijin, he is not on the train. They think that Matsutaro had a fight with him and throw him from the train. Matsutaro is almost arrested when Raijin shows up. It is great to have Matsutaro back. This was a great episode. I am hoping for a 24 to 26 episode run.
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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Episodes 5 and 6

In the 5th episode we meet his editor Ken Miyamae. Sakura thinks that Nozaki’s editor doesn’t like him. I think that his editor just wants Nozaki to do his best. One of the problems Nozaki has in writing a romance manga is that he knows nothing about romance or how a teenage girl thinks. We also meet Nozaki’s neighbor Yukari Miyako who is a manga writer too. Her editor is Nozaki’s former editor. So that Nozaki can relate to a teenage girl, Nozaki pretends to be a teenage girl for a day. I think Nozaki got some insights into the heart of a teenage girl. It was a very cute and funny episode. The next episode revolves around a former basketball team mate of Nozaki, Wakamatsu. It seems that Waka is being tortured by Seo during basketball practice. So much so that he can not sleep. But upon hearing Lorelei singing, he immediately falls asleep. He falls in love with the voice not realizing that is actually Seo. Later he decides to challenge Seo to a duel as is done in mangas. Really I don’t remember reading that in the mangas I read. But what really happens is more of a confession. Another great episode that wasn’t really about Nozaki or Sakura. The finishing touch to the episode was Sakura, Waka and Hori having to fill in for Nozaki while he is sick. The three have not idea what they are doing. The manuscript was due then next day. Nozaki upon seeing their work, asks for an extension.
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Invaders of the Rokujyoma!? Episode 5: “Precious Charms”

This episode concludes the previous episode. Sanae is captured by the Blues Brothers who sell ghosts to collectors. She is a high value capture because of her solidity. The ghost who works with the Blues Brothers tells her that her human doesn’t want her back. Sanae is very blue. Of course when the gang finds out has happened to her go out to save her. She is saved by a ‘Safe Family’ charm. The gang is back together. But why was his landlady there? I don’t remember her being invited along on the hot spring holiday. I guess she was. And she can see Sanae? The series is okay. If I had to stop watching it, I wouldn’t be bothered. I guess I am saying that unless the writers get back to the story line, I may not continue with this one. This series has the Harem, the Comedy, the Supernatural, the School and the Romance, the writers just aren’t using these elements in an enjoyable way. Something is missing here.
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Majimoji Rurumo. Episode 5: “My First Errand”

Rurumo is given a job to deliver a package to Shibaki who is visiting his grandmother for the weekend. This girl or demoted witch has no sense of direction and can not read a map. Lucky for her Chiro is with her. But this doesn’t really help her much. This series is such a joy. I have said it before and I will say it again, I like everyone in this series. Shibaki is not the creep he thinks he is. I thought Chiro would transform into human form for this episode. But she didn’t. And because of what has happened to Rurumo, Shibaki can not use a magic ticket. Rurumo saves her self so that she could deliver the package and complete her job. I think Rurumo is developing a crush on Shibaki. Shibaki may be getting sweet on her. And Inoue is into cosplay. She is found out by Rurumo. She fears that Rurumo will tell everyone at school and her secret will be found out. Rurumo could care less. I hope there are plans for a second season.
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Black Butler: Book of Circus. Episode 5: “His Butler, Takes Flight”

Ciel and Sebastian are on the hunt for clues. They intend on looking for clues in the first-string members’ tents while they are performing. But just as they are going to start looking, Sebastian and William are summoned to replace the trapeze artists. There is a problem. William refuses to cooperate with Sebastian. Sebastian is forced to improvise. He then hurried returns to Ciel before he is caught by Beast in her tent. She has return to her tent to change her damaged costume. Ciel finds photos of the first stringers with an older man in front of a sign for a workshop or is it an orphanage. Ciel also finds a letter detailing information on Ciel Phantomhive. Do they intend on kidnapping him. By the end of the episode we learn about Snake and his ability to communicate with his snakes. While snakes usually eat rats, in this episode they rat out Ciel and Sebastian. Interestingly enough Joker thinks that the two are working for Scotland Yard. They really work for the Queen. While Ciel is recovering from an Asthma attack, he sends Sebastian to find out the herald on the ring in the photo. If you know anything about English history, heralds are or were very important. They are a form of a coat of arms. They are regulated and granted to individuals by the English kings of arms of the College of Arms. Finding out who the herald was granted to will lead Ciel and Sebastian to the person in the photo. This episode gave a little information or history on Heraldry. This series is one of my comfort foods.
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