Anime episode video reviews for 7-28-14

Wid gives us this week’s reviews for episodes she is watching from the 2014 Anime season including:

Nobunaga Concerto
Tokyo ESP
Rail Wars
Tokyo Ghoul
Akame ga Kill
Ao Haru Ride
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen)
Terror in Tokyo
Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro
Space Dandy
Re: Hamatora
Black Butler: Book of Circus
Majimoji Rurumo
Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

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Nobunaga Concerto. Episode 2

Saburo is going to have to grow into his role as Nobunaga. To the people around him is acting as a fool. Saburo has some of items from his century with him. As to be expected the people he shows them to are confused. The most interesting thing about this series is how seriously the writers are taking Saburo acting as Nobunaga. Saburo knows the period of history he is in. He knows the outcome. But how does he make it happen? As I said before, he knows the broad strokes but not the specifics. This episode he loses his closest advisor. He now knows that the people around him are playing for real. The advisor was killed by an assassin. It is reported as a suicide. He killed himself because he had no faith in Nobunaga. But this is not true. The advisor tells Saburo to go his own path. He believes Saburo is going to conquer Japan. And he is right. Nobunaga did eventually make Japan his own. I have to say again that I love the artwork in this series.

Glasslip. Episode 4: “Steep Road”

More relationship problems. Toko is interested in Kakeru, Yukinari wants to confess to Toko, Yanagi was about to confess to Yukinari and Hiro wants to confess to Sachi. One would need a road map to keep the relationships straight. But I am enjoying it. It is all about teenage angst and relationships. The problem one has in telling the person you care about that you care about them. Ah to be young and dumb. As I have said before about this series, the foresight angle isn’t really needed. I learn more about each of the characters the more interested I am. I curious that the demographic for this series is MALE. And Frank doesn’t care for this series. So how does this work.

Rail Wars! Episode 4: “I Think I Like It”

I don’t know if I like these series anymore. This week they have to guard Noa Kashima. She is a popular idol. She is also the new idol for the JNR or Japanese National Railways. I really liked her character. I wish I could say the same for the other regular characters. I keep waiting for this series to take off. If it doesn’t move on to its main story arc, I may not be at the station for the next episode. This series is turning into a major disappointment.

Tokyo Ghoul. Episode 4: “Supper”

Oh boy has this series gotten good! With the introduction of Shu Tsukiyama the series has gotten really interesting. Shu Tsukiyama is one the most troublesome Ghouls of the 20th Ward. He is so bad that even some ghouls wouldn’t get involved with him. He is known as the “Gourmet” by investigators and is one of the most difficult ghouls to capture. Kaneki is warned to stay away from him. So of course he doesn’t. Shu is a very powerful, cunning, smug and fashion-ward ghoul. He was an acquaintance of Rize. And like both Rize and Kaneki he is an avid reader. This is how Kaneki and Shu first hook-up. It is after Kaneki bleeds a little on a napkin that Shu really becomes interested in him. So interested that we find out that there is very private “Ghoul Restaurant” that has very special items available. And on tonight’s menu is our very own Kaneki because he is half human half ghoul. It hard being so popular. Just as Kaneki is about to sliced and diced and served on a platter, Shu decides that he must have Kaneki all to himself. We also learn that a ghoul and a human can not mate. And we see Toka being about to “get down” a piece of food offered to her by a friend. It’s hard being a ghoul in a human world. This is a well thought out series. I don’t know if I would read the manga. It would depend on how much it varies from the animated series.

Aldnoah.Zero. Episode 4: “Point of No Return – Knights in Pursuit”

In this episode we get a little more information of the Orbital Knights. They are an organization under the control the Vers Empire. And the princess Asseylum Vers Allusia reveals herself to our hero Inaho. I am really coming to appreciate our little Inaho. The boy has a plan. I mean he always has a plan to get them out a tight spot. This is want I like about this series. He doesn’t sit around and whine that there is nothing they can do. He just looks at what is available and uses it. He is very McGiver-ish. He is so unassuming and yet so smart! The Martian or should I say the Orbital Knights have decided to use the “assassinated” of the princess has their chance to conquer Earth. Slaine Troyard who we have seen since the first episode is getting ready to make his move. He is an Earthling living in Mars under the observation of a Mars Knight. He is a close friend of the princess. He is despised by the Mars Knight Count Cruhteo. Actually all the higher ups in the Mars Empire who come in contact with him, despise him. Earthlings are not very well thought off. But I think Inaho and his merry band of pranksters are going to change their minds. I just hope it can keep up the pace it has set for itself.

Akame ga Kill! Episode 3: “Kill Your Cares”

While it was an interesting episode, I am still not sold on this series. There are plenty of back stories to go around. But did I learn anything? I don’t know. Something just has not clicked with this series for me. The problem with this episode was that it was so late in coming. All I could find was a one minute comedy sketch. While it was funny, it wasn’t what I was looking for. Mine and Tatsumi have a day off in town. The real reason for the trip to town was for Mine to do some clothes shopping. Tatsumi is not impressed. But during the trip we get Mine’s back story. At the end of the episode a new villain is introduced. Is our gang finally going to get some real opposition? Is the fighting really going to get started next week and we get to see Night Raid be put on their back foot? Maybe I’ll watch, maybe I won’t.

Tokyo ESP. Episode 3: “Penguin and Girl”

I think I see how the titling for the episodes is. Each episode will have “Girl” in the title. This week’s episode there is an explanation of how a person can get superpowers. There is person in a samurai outfit that can call the glowing golden fish. He says that they come and go as they wish. They also give a person an ability at their (the golden fish’s) decision. That is how we see Murasaki get hers. We won’t find out until next week what it is. We also see a lot more of the mysterious penguin Peggy. It likes fish and can fly. The series took a dark turn this week for our two heroes Rinka and Azuma. There is a yakuza boss that can sell ESP abilities. This is where we meet the mysterious samurai with the fish. We also see him almost captured by the Ghost Busters. This series is getting very intriguing. I now have to watch next week to see what ability Murasaki is. As for Rinka and Azuma, they find that playing the heroes can be brutal at times. To take down the bad guy, sometimes you have to be just a bad yourself.

Ao Haru Ride. Episode 3

I am enjoying this series. Futaba has turned her life around. Kou is hanging around to keep his watch over her. He doesn’t want to get too close. But he is going to. By the third episode they are walking and talking together. Teenage angst – there is nothing like it. What I like about this series is Futaba is willing to get out of her comfort zone. She also knows that if you are unhappy with the way things are you have to change them. So she does. In the third episode they are in their second year of high school. There is a call for a volunteer to be the female representative for the class. With no one putting their hands up, Futaba volunteers. When she calls for a volunteer for the male representative, Kou puts his hand up. There is then a call for a volunteer for the female event rep and so on. Futaba gets a very good group around her. Kou has feelings for her. But he just wants to stand back and see what Futaba does with her new found knowledge about herself and the world around her. She realizes in this episode that she doesn’t really know what the people (Kou) have been going through or have been having to deal with. We also meet Kou’s brother who is a teacher at the school. I love this series. It is so soapy!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Episode 3: “Violence vs. the Prince”

In this episode we are introduced to the Prince. The Prince is Yu Kashima. She is known as the school prince. She is a member of the acting club and is really popular among the girls. But she is a bit dense and acts idiotic so that her senior at acting club Masayuki Horii scolds and even physically beats her. Sakura learns that Horii helps draw the backgrounds for Nozaki’s manga. Yu Kashima is a lot of fun. She is the perfect prince for the school. She really knows how to turn the girls’ heads at school. And she can wiggle out a tight situation like not remember a female classmate’s name. She is a smooth operator. Horii used to be an actor in the drama club but any more. He is too short to play the lead actor. So now he does scenery and is a general manager for the drama club. He also really likes Kashima. He turns to Nozaki to write a screenplay for him. In return he does backgrounds for the manga. They are building a very nice group around Nozaki. As for Nozaki, he seems oblivious to how Sakura feels about him. But who is interested in Sakura? Only time will tell.

Argevollen (Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen). Episode 4

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Terror in Tokyo. Episode 3: “Search & Destroy”

This week we get Shibasaki’s back ground. He is a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who used to be part of the police force’s investigations division. But after a run in with the higher ups he was demoted to the records division. With his detective skills he answers the Sphinx’s next riddle. He then sends out a video message to Sphinx that he knows the answer to the riddle. The police find the bomb. There is more to Shibasaki’s back story than we are getting in this episode. Nine and Twelve also note that the police suspect them of stealing nuclear material. As for Lisa, she has finally left home. Her mother definitely has problems. Will we find out they are or is she just a side character? And how is Lisa going to be used by Nine and Twelve in the future episodes? The excitement of the first two episodes has slowed down.
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Locodol. Episode 4: “We Tried Adding a Manager and Stuff”

As Nanako becomes wary of the presence of a supposed pervert stocking the girls, they get a new manager, Saori Nishifukai. She appears to be quite reliable. In reality, she is quite an obsessive fangirl who secretly runs a fansite about the group. Later Yukari takes Nanako to a roof top amusement park. While they are there they end up performing an impromptu concert for the children. It was a sweet episode just so so. I hope this series picks it up soon. I am kind of losing interest in this series. I think it has kind of flattened out.
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Majimoji Rurumo. Episode 3: “Magical Girl Showdown”

The focus of this week’s episode is a magical girl battle between Rurumo and Tanako. Tanako is also the first female member of the FHK Club. Shibaki is over the moon. He is also under the mistaken belief that she has a crush on him. To proof that she is a magical girl, she proposes a battle between Rurumo and herself. Tanako is no magical girl. She has not powers. But Rurumo doesn’t either. She only has powers if Shibaki gives them to her. But she does make it through the battle. At the end we find that Tanako has a crush on Senior not Shibaki. The other story line is Rurumo working in the cafeteria. It has gotten around school that she is Shibaki’s younger sister. His cute, klutzy younger sister. She is a hit with all the boys. She goes about her job with a really dead-pan expression. She knows she is not good at any of the tasks given her. But she pushes forward always trying to do her best. Shibaki wants to help her. But if he does, he shortens his life. He is really caught in a catch-22 (read the book by Joseph Heller if you want to understand the reference). I am really enjoying this series. And that is because, once again, I like all of the characters including the cat Chiro.
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Black Butler: Book of Circus. Episode 3: “His Butler, Employed”

This episode Sebastian and Ciel have to audition for a place in the Circus. Sebastian doesn’t have any problems with this. There is very little that he can’t do. Why? Because he is one hell of a butler. Ciel on the other hand, without Sebastian’s help with little rocks or pebbles, would not get through any of the circus act he has to try his hand at. Once they are accepted into the trope, they are shown around the circus grounds. There is a private area for the first-string performers. The guard of the area is Snake with his snakes. As with any of these series, in the beginning everything is fun. Everyone is fun to be around. We have yet to learn of about their darker sides. I don’t think I have to encourage anyone to watch this series or to read the manga. It is a very popular series. Sebastian is one of those great anime/manga creations that comes along ever so often. It seems we can not get enough of him and his butler ways.
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Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro. Episode 15

Matsutaro comes back home for a vacation after winning his championship division. In this episode he finds out how much he has changed since being in Tokyo. He also has champions and prize money to give the family. He takes a visit to his old school. Everyone in town is happy to see him and are proud of him. Matsutaro is uncomfortable with all the praise. In the end Matsutaro decides to go back Tokyo after only one day. Everyone Matsutaro likes is in Tokyo. As Thomas Wolfe once wrote in “Look Homeward, Angel” you can’t go home again. It is hard to believe that Matsutaro has grown up and maybe matured. Next week I think Matsutaro is going to start training for the next season. It wasn’t a knee-slapper funny. It was a nice character study of Matsutaro.
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Space Dandy. Season 2, Episode 4: “Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby”

Short answer is that Dandy goes undercover at a high school where popularity is determined by your ability to sing and dance. I’d like to know who handled the music for this episode. I am going to guess that it was Yoko Kanno. I like the episode and was bored by the episode. I also thought that it has a little too much “Grease” in it. Why did Dandy transfer to this high school? To find a very rare alien, though he left the school without finding her. I laughed at Meow as a janitor with a mustache. This episode was either “Grease” or “Glee”. I am siding with the “Grease”. I wonder if Watanabe is getting what he wants out of this series.
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Sabagebu! Episode 4

One of the best episodes we saw this week. First we have Momoko take on a top ranked player at an arcade game. It is a light gun game and he is a fat otaku named Karaage Lemon. If he wins he has an embarrassing punishment for her. She wins by thinking outside the box. Later she ends up gaining a large amount of weight. She goes to extreme lengths in order to lose it. While she was trying to lose the weight, Platy takes up residence with her and her family. Momoka tries to find out the true nature of Platy. This ends up with Momoka having a running gun battle against her mother in the house. I know this sounds kind of flat. You really should be watching this series. This episode hits new heights of comedy. Each one of the parts was funny in and of itself but together it was a great episode. Mom is a pretty good shot. Now we know where Momoka gets her shooting talent.
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Re: Hamatora. Episode 3: “Madness Flower”

What Art is doing is collecting Minimum abilities. When Art confronts a Minimum Holder he is able to steal that person’s ability. By the end of the episode we learn that Art is collecting other Minimum Holders’ abilities to take on Nice. Does everyone have a beef with Nice? Or is Art taking up where Moral left off last season? What did Moral do to Art when he didn’t kill him? There are a lot of questions here. I like that I can finally understand what is going on in this series. My problem with this series is that everything is moving so fast. The villain in this episode was an artist Samura. He is a Minimum Holder whose works of art force its victims to commit murders. He is supposed to be a blind artist. But we find out that he isn’t. The other interesting fact is that when Art removes a Minimum Holder’s ability, they appear to happier and behaving optimistically as if things have improved without their ability. This series is getting interesting.
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Invaders of the Rokujyoma!? Episode 3: “Friends and Promises”

In this episode there is a school marathon for all the school clubs. Kotaro wants to run the marathon with his co-club member Harumi. They are members of the school knitting club. Of course the other girls can’t have Kotaro run this marathon without them. Kiriha who is the descendant of the Earth People is determined to win with the use of her battle drones Karama and Korama. The alien princess Theiamillis is also determined to win the marathon with the help of her underlings and the well placed bombs on the obstacle course. For the magical girl Yurika, she has to shed her magical girl clothing for track clothes. It is in this episode that we see that she really is a magical girl. Plus Harumi and Yurika become friends. It was a very funny and heart warming episode. It is nice that they have gotten out of the apartment. Everyone isn’t playing as nice as they did last episode. As for the marathon, Kotaro kind of wins the marathon with the help of Harumi and Yurika. This is a fun series.
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