WA048: Wid’s Anime Podcast for 1-22-15. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Wid’s Anime Podcast for 1-22-15. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Binan Koko Chikyu Bouei-bu LOVE!
Or Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
Comedy, Magical boy, Slice of life, Action genre. The most interesting part of the genre list is Magical Boy!

The synopsis is as follows: The story centers on the five students in the Boeibu/Defense Club (aka “a club to do nothing”) at the Binan High School. Involving the battle between the two mysterious creatures came from the outer space, they have to fight against Seifukubu/Conquest Club (Student Council), as the successors to the throne “Battle Lovers.” What we really have is two groups of beautiful boys being all magical!

The characters:
The heroes of the piece – The Earth Defense Club.
We start off with a talking pink Wombat with a red heart on his hip. It appears out of nowhere and requests that two of the boys to help save the Earth with the power of love. Now where it really looks like a Wombat is up to you. But it does have a mission or a duty if you will. It has come to list our heroes to protect the earth from some bad aliens and to fill the world with love. To have this happen, he causes a bracelet to appear on each of the boys wrists.
Yumoto Hakone – He is a first year student. His family owns a bathhouse where the first episode starts. He is a kind of carefree Boy Lolita who adores animals, cute things, and food. He transforms into the Sparkling Prince – Battle Lover Scarlet. His color is red and element is light.
En Yufuin – He is a third year student. He moves at his own pace while he majors in sloth. He usually hangs with Kinugawa. He transforms into the Flashing Prince – Battle Lover Cerulean. His color is blue and element is water.
Atsushi Kinugawa – He is also a third year student. He is the only one who wears glasses in the group. He is from a rich family, has good grades and appears very serious. He is a childhood friend of Kusatsu. He transforms into the Piercing Prince – Battle Lover Epinard. His color is green and element is air
Io Naruko – He is a second year student. While he is a high school student, he makes his money on the stock market. His motto is “Life is all about Money!” He is best friends with Ryu. He transforms into the Roaring Prince – Battle Lover Sulfur. His color is yellow and element is earth.
Ryu Zaou – He is second year student. He has a certain popular with the ladies with date requests pouring into his phone. He is best friends with Io. He transforms into the Thrilling Prince – Battle Lover Vesta. His color is pink and element is fire.

Now for the villains of the piece – The Conquest Club
Kinshiro Kusatsu – He is a third year student and the student council president. While he is a childhood friendw with Kinugawa. Rumor has it that their relationship is distant. He transforms into Chevalier Orite – the Gold Knight that glimmers brightly.
Ibushi Arima – He is a third year student. He is the student council vice-president. He transforms into Chevalier Argent – the Silver Knight that is fragrant of the wind.
Akoya Gero – He is a second year student. He has a somewhat angelic appearance. He does not take ribbing well. He also does not like Zaou. He transforms into Chevalier Perlite – the Pearl knight that is in full bloom.
And Thunder – It is a yellowish-green hedgehog looking creature that came from a distant planet who wants to conquer Earth. He ends his sentences with “dar”.

Now that I have kind of set the table. Let us delve into this anime series. It is listed as being a 12 episode series, but I won’t be surprised to see it get a second season. It is an original work with a light novel, manga and video game either available or in the works (the video game due February, 2015). The studio is Diomedea, which has five series this season. Shinji Takamatsu is listed as the director. He has a nice resume with School Rumble: Third Semester and Daily Lives of High School Boys to name a few. Writing honors go to Michiko Yokote. And it is in the writing department that this show really shines. Okay I’ll say it, and you have been waiting long enough for me to say it – This is an all male Sailor Moon anime series. It copies a lot of the tropes of the magical girl genre. Have we ever seen this before? I looked around and I can’t find any. Could this be the first original, truly original story line for a series in a really long time? We have the hysterical transformation scenes. Their wands and their stances after transformation. But this would not be possible with the lovracelets bestowed on them by the pink Wombat. As for the Conquest Club, I don’t see any special transformation for the three. Their transformation is rather simple.
The first episode was a great surprise. I went into it blind. I didn’t read up on it as I usually don’t before I have seen a few episodes of a new series. But you would have to be really blind and tone-deaf not to realize that this is series is having fun with the magical girl genre. They don’t leave any trope behind or untouched. In the first episode the boys are shocked at their transformation. Well Ryu Zaou isn’t, he likes cosplay! To power up their transformation they have to kiss their lovracelets. And then the fun really starts. Just as in any other magical girl series, the boys are semi-nude. They then strike their poses. I have to say that other than Yumoto don’t seem to really be on board. They do fight their villain all in the name of love. But by the second episode the fun really starts. The boys again other than Yumoto don’t get why they have to say their signature lines. But they do any way. Another problem is solved in this episode – doesn’t every one know who they are? Of course they don’t. Their faces have been digitally blurred and their voices altered. We know who is who but the characters in the series don’t except for the Conquest Club. Right now they are just standing back biding their time. They also transform as I said earlier, just not as flashy.
Should I talk about their teacher Mr. Tawarayama? He is controlled by Wombat. Okay by the second episode it is revealed that Mr. Tawarayama is dead. Wombat accidentally killed him. And currently there are microbes in him trying to repair him.
This series is too much fun not to watch. Sadly it is only planned for 12 episodes. In a way this series reminds me of Axis Powers Hetalia because it so much fun. This one is better because it knows what it is doing. The writer and director are having fun with the genre but not in a mean way. The two villains they have battled have been really fun. In particular the second episode one with the boy who was obsessed with even numbers. And of course our boys our Earth Defense Club are uneven in number (5 members). The Conquest Club right now is looking for people with a touch of evil in their hearts or madness. They exploit it as with the uneven breaking of the chopsticks. Oh the visual of this series. There are a lot in knowing winks and nods to the viewers. I guess what I would say about this series is that we are all in on the joke. You can be a newbie to anime and still enjoy this series. As this series takes off I would expect to see some knockoff of the new genre – Magical Boys. But we saw it first time out of the game with Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! How good will the next tries at this genre be? Who knows. But with watching this series you can say that you were there at the birth of a new genre! And as a post script this series does something I really love. The Earth Defense Club members sing the opening song and the Conquest Club sings the closing song.
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