WA047: Wid’s Anime Podcast for 1-5-15. Fall 2014 Season Wrap-Up

Wid’s Anime Podcast for 10-23-14. Fall 2014 Season Wrap-Up

Fall 2014 Season Wrap-Up
1. Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Lord Markman and the Vanadis) This 13 episode series is based on a light novel. It was listed as being: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi, Harem. I guess it was. It started of fun. Then it got all serious. There were so many characters that were never explored. The light novel probably has more details. This 13 episode series is very rushed. And ended very quickly. I won’t watch a second season of this title.
2. Amagi Brilliant Park – This 13 episode series was based on a light novel. This was another series with a lot of promise, but failed to deliver. And that last episode was a total waste of my time. The genre was Comedy, Romance, School and Harem. I guess it had all those elements. There are two ongoing light novel, three ongoing mangas. There is a lot of story here, it just didn’t make into the anime. Maybe it should have been 24 episodes. The park did meet its visitor number. Everyone is saved. I knew this was going to be the outcome. I wish it had been more fun getting there.
3. Gugure! Kokkuri-san – The 12 episode series which was based on an ongoing manga. There looks like there are going to be six specials coming soon! I really enjoyed this series. During the last episode we get to see what Kohina might look like when she is grown up. I enjoyed all of the characters in this series. One of the nice things they did with this series is that they did not introduce too many characters. The four main characters were nicely used. Kokkuri was the best character. It makes me very happy that they are planning six special episodes. In the last episode which is a Christmas episode, Kohina wanted a remote controlled cup of noodles. The last episode was very sweet with the spirit of the father having a Christmas dinner with his daughter. After they spend time together, the father is able to move on. It was a sweet and sad episode a little out of character for the show.
4. Wolf Girl and Black Prince – A 12 episode series which is based on an ongoing manga. It is listed as a: Comedy, School, Shoujo. It completely delivered as advertised. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. To my happy surprise, there is an OVA planned for April of 2015. Erika does stand up for herself. By the end of the series we learn what Kyouya’s emotional problems are. It was fun to watch this couple mature just a little.
5. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis – A 12 episode series which was a Fantasy, Action, Adventure genre. The main actors were Favaro, Kaiser, Rita and Amira. There were also a few minor characters such as Bacchus, Hamsa (the duck and cohart of Bacchus), Jeanne d’Arc. Those characters are on the hero or good side. The bad or demon side has the following: Azazel, Beelzebub and Martinet. If you have seen the series I will throw in the character Lavalley. This was one of the most perfect 12 episode series I have seen in a long while. I have to say that there were no fillers, just a really tight story. I looked forward to each episode and am hoping for another season. The way series ends indicates that they hope for another season. The character design, music, story line were all great. If you are looking for a good short (12 episodes) series, this is the one.
6. Terra Formars – This was a 13 episode series that is based on an ongoing manga. It is listed as an Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Seinen genre. The manga was started in 2011 so it is pretty new. There was a two episode OVA that ran last year (August and November of 2014). The problem I had with this series is that it wasted a lot of time on back story. And there was something very disturbing in the design of the cockroaches or should I say humanoid cockroaches. If this series was or is planned for a 24 episode run then I don’t have a problem (too much) with the first 13 episodes. But I don’t see any new about a second season. I have to keep going back to the promise made in the advertising of this series. It just doesn’t live up to what was promised. There is a lot of blood and guts in either censored or uncensored versions. There was a big build up to no pay off. This series really stops just as the story is getting off the ground. And you would need a score card to keep up with all the characters in this series. As it jumps between groups, it is also tell me their back stories. Just when we finish the back stories, I am presented with how the Terraformers are showing how they are evolving. There appears to be leaders, others with special abilities, etc. The one thing you can say about those Terraformers, there is a heck of a lot of them. That for me is the scary aspect of them. They just keep coming, coming. This could have been a good series, even a great one. It won’t have been an Attack on Titan or FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. But it still could have been a fun and exciting series. As with No Game, No Life, the last episode pretty much indicates another season. If there isn’t another season, this was a pretty sloppy excuse for an anime series.
7. Akame ga Kill – This one ended in the 2014 Fall Season so I am covering it here. I have to say in the second half of the series there certainly was a lot of hacking and slashing! Tatsumi and Esdeath were together in the end. Again this is one of those series that starts off all fun and laughs. Then you get to the mid point and things take a serious turn. I have to say there were only two people standing at the end. This series is based off an ongoing manga series. So I have to assume that the last episodes are somewhat original with the series still on going. What would this do to someone reading the manga? Everything starts off the same then somewhere in the middle it jumps ahead, then finally goes its own way. It was still a good story, but not one of the best ever. I enjoyed our time together. I just don’t need another season. It would have to be a prequel or start off with an entirely new bunch of characters. Who would really be just retreads of this group.
8. Argevellon – This was an original story from Xebec. It began interestingly enough. But it kind of let me down a little by the end of the series. Tokimune and Jamie kind of end up together. The character that was in a way the center of series was Samonji, at least for me. He was the most interesting character. Tokimune was just a young mecha pilot trope or cliché. Tatsuo Sato who is listed at the writer for the series was also involved in the series Lord Marksman and Vanadas. Maybe he can’t work on two things at one time. I thought at one time it was a look at war from the ground level. It turned instead into a silly story about U-links and fighting unmanned wars. All of the characters in this series really didn’t have a purpose.

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