WA041: Wrapping up this season

Anime news for the week of 6-30-14 and wrapping up this season. Also episode reviews for the week.

Anime News For The Week Of 6-30-14

1. Just as we were getting ready to say good bye to the girls of Love Live! School Idol project 2nd Season it was announced Sunday, June 29 that production on a completely new film for the franchise has been green-lit. The film is the first part of the franchise’s fifth anniversary project. The second project will be a Muse Fan Meeting tour 2015 or Love Live! In Your Town! Event. I guess we will have to wait to see that the plot of the film is going to be. But I think it is a safe bet that it going to be about our nine girls.

2. Just another reason to wish you lived in Japan. Namco Namjatown, an indoor theme park in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City shopping complex with a history of anime tie-ins is offering up another one. This time it is collaborating with Kamigami no Asobi. Its gyoza restaurant, Namji Gyoza Stadium and dessert café Fukubukuro Dessert Yokochou will be sering the usual variety of creatively presented food that is meant to evoke the anime’s cast of gorgeous gods. You can head over to AnimeNewsNetwork to see what is going to be offered from July 4 to August 31. Oh for a plane ticket! Now if they will just announce a second season I would be more than happy and not so bummed at missing out on these goodies.

3. And to finish up the news, we have been taking a look at what could be on the horizon for us in the 2014 Summer Anime Season. Nothing really jumps out at me. Of course I am looking forward to getting back with my favorites, Hamatora and Sailor Moon. For Hamatora, I have to find out what happens to Nice. And for Sailor Moon, will it is Sailor Moon, do I need to say more. Of course there is Space Dandy and Watanabe’s other series Terror in Tokyo or should I say Resonance. I could go on line and preview Yoko Kanno’s soundtrack for it. But I think I will wait and be pleasantly surprised (I hope). These to me are the big heavy hitters.

Anime episode overview for shows seen this week

Brynhildr in the Darkness. Episodes 12 and 13

This series is over. All things are revealed. We now know why Kotori was so important. Chisato finally grows a heart. And Neko’s powers are released. We did lose some of the witches. And did I mention that Ryota dies? He is killed while trying to save Neko from Mako’s blast. It is also revealed that Neko and Mako are sisters. It appears that the writers threw everything into the last two episodes. Kotori has the humanity reset button inside of her. It is unleashed and she presses her button to kill herself. But she has a secret that was revealed at as she died. She had the soul of Chisato’s dead sister in her. There is a lot of confusing things going on. We ended the series on a happy-sad note. Neko is saved but in saving the world, she lost her memories of Ryota. The last we see of Ryota he is crying his eyes out because of this. What happens after this, we will never know. The series is over and it did tie up some loose ends. I found this series some what enjoyable. It didn’t promise too much. And because of that it did deliver. With the introduction of the Hexenjagd, we have material for another season if they wanted to. Ryota’s uncle figured out the pill formula for the surviving witches. I don’t understand why they are called witches. Also there may be other witches at the research lab. So as I said before, if they want a second season, there is plenty of material for one. Would I watch another season? I would if Ryota isn’t the hero. They would need to introduce a different hero centering on the Hexenjagd group.

One Week Friends. Episode 12

And thus we end another series. One Week Friends concluded this week. Shogo and Saki are back together. More importantly, Kaori and Yuki have made up and a close friends. This series does not need another season. While I enjoyed it a lot, the writers have explored Kaori and Yuki’s relationship to my satisfaction. Ah teenage romance. Yuki could be so dense at times. By the end though I think he realized that there are going to be times when they both cry, laugh and get upset with each other. I don’t think Kaori is going to have memory problems any more. The most important thing in life is to build memories or so we are told in this series. After a hard day at the daily grind, it was such a sweet half hour to come home to. This is a kind of series I personally really enjoy. I hope we have another one this summer anime season!

Black Bullet. Episode 12: “Crisis Point”

Rentaro with the help of Kagetane defeats the Pleiades. Does this end the series or the battle against the Bugs? No. This just gets the Aldebaran really mad. When Rentaro returns to the troops he is told that he is now supreme leader. And he sets down the law. He isn’t taking any shit from anyone! He has Kagetane at his back. Now we are getting set up for the final big battle against the Aldebaran. The problem with this series is that so many terms, bugs and characters are introduced that are never fully explored. This series would have really benefited from a second season. I would definitely watch another season of this series. I really like Rentaro. The big question is what kind of world are they going to have after the Bugs are defeated? With one episode left, will Rentaro defeat the bugs quickly and then the second half of the episode will be Rentaro’s history? I won’t know until next week!

If Her Flag Breaks. Episode 12

Now we know that Nanami is Souta’s sister! This series just keeps getting wilder and weirder with each episode. The problem I have with this series is that it is neither harem, romantic comedy or adventure. It didn’t really have a clue what it wanted to be when it grew up. Now Souta is fighting in the virtual world against the Angel Boats (?). Still don’t which side Masked Girl is on. But the day is saved by the end of the episode by the Premium Ambriel which has the Quest Dorm members. What!?! This show has really lost me. As I said previously, it didn’t really know what it wanted to be. I was hoping for a fun harem show. Didn’t get that. I would have been satisfied with a romantic comedy. Didn’t get that. I don’t know if I would say that I wasted my time with this one. Maybe I have. It just showed such promise in the beginning. Well this week it’s all over. Will we get our happy ending or bittersweet like the fairy tale they were told as children. In a few day I will find out. And the flag aspect of the series was never developed nor explained!

Chaika, The Coffin Princess. Episode 12

We are done for this season. Every one of our heroes is fine. The villains are dead. But what happened to Albertic Gillette? All we have left is his sword! Upon hearing the news Vivi really loses it with consequence of changing her reddish brown hair to white! She is revealed to be another Chaika! I can not wait until October for the second season. This is such a fun and exciting series. Toru really got banged up in the last two episodes. He appears to be fine now. And he does have a couple of months to recuperate until the start of the next season. Though I do have to complain a tiny bit about Fredrika’s surviving the head shot from the monster spider. As I would really hate to see Fredrika’s character gone from the series, I’ll let this one pass. But the writers had better not pull something like that again. As for Chaika, even with the knowledge of what she might be, she is pushing forward on her mission. By the way, Chaika is seen kissing Toru. Sure it was to save him, but she still kisses him. After he is revived he wants to go in for a second kiss when they are interrupted by his sister and the girls of the Gillette Corps. Mayhap we can hope for better things in the next season. I also enjoyed how Akari took out the bad magician – one hit on the head with her battle hammer. Great scene! So it appears we are reset somewhat for the next season. The only real difference is that Toru is not Chaika’s hired gun anymore. I think they are a little closer than that. Great season, Great series, I am looking forward to October for more adventures with Chaika, Toru, Akari and Fredrika.

Dai Shogun Great Revolution. Episode 12

Well we have come to end of another series. Keiichiro makes his way to Edo. He and Kiriko confess their feelings for each other and they conquer the bad guy. No, not really. Everyone is still there. If they wanted a second season everyone is in place. No body died in this series. Keiichiro still gets the you know what kicked out of him. This series never really got off the ground for me. Keiichiro was not an interesting hero. The only thing this series really had going for it was the artwork. In the beginning it drove me nutz. Then I really got to like it. Storywise, I don’t think it really delivered. This was another case of a lot of good ideas that were never fully developed. The one character I would really like to see more of was Ryoma. It was supposed to be an action piece with some harem thrown in but I think it missed the mark. Good try, but came up short.

Is the Order a Rabbit? Episode 12

Still don’t know if the order is a Rabbit. But it was a lovely series. It kind of ends the way it began. They don’t need another season. I think I have seen enough of these girls. Not much happens in this last episode. It is just a day in the life of these girls.

Mushi-Shi. Episode 10

Another great episode and the last one for awhile. The news about this series is that the next episode will be an hour combining episodes 11 and 12, then it will start up again in the fall. In this episode Ginko is trapped on a mountain that has not given up winter yet. Ginko is afraid that the mountain is dying. He searches for the mountain god, a wise old tortoise. The pond it is by is not frozen. The tortoise causes a mushi wind to blow and push Ginko into the pond. He remains there underwater until the Spring comes to the mountain. With him are the other animal that inhabit the mountain. Neither Ginko nor us knows how long he was underwater or in the pond. But when he comes out, spring has sprung. And he is out of mushi cigarettes. With such a quiet beautiful episode, the production team can take as much time as they want and need. I will miss Ginko. The hour long episode is scheduled for August.

Blade and Soul. Episode 13

This was their comedy episode. As the series really ends with the previous episode, the writers, producers and directors most have felt that another episode was in order. And if we have to have another episode, let’s have some fun. Except I didn’t find it particularly funny. We have fish people and cat people and Alka, oh my. Our girls are following a treasure map that promises to take them to a fountain of eternal youth. All during the episode I thought it was going to be an Alka-free episode. But she shows up at the end to spoil the girls fun and belief that they had found the hot spring of eternal youth. The spring was fed water from a Heaven’s Spirits flowers. This series is over and I don’t plan on playing the game it was based on. I think there were some really good ideas and action sequences that were never fully developed or realized. It started off great, then it quickly fell apart.
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Love Live! School Idol Project. Second Season, Episode 12

The girls finally do their performance at the Love Live finals. And as with these girls, they can’t seem to get going. They have a great final practice and then they fall apart when they realize it’s their last practice as Muse. So what is the best way to get over this emotional hurtle, have a sleep over at the school. What!?! Yes, they have a sleep over and magically all their stuff is there waiting for them. Even the school principal shows up. No she is not sleeping over but does give permission for the sleep over. Then it is up to the roof of the school in the freezing cold and our girls not properly dressed for the cold evening air. They marvel at the city that they are going to sing to the next day. All their hopes and dream are with them that night. Then we are off to the finals! The girls look great and sing even better. This time we get to see a lot more of their performance. They really rock the house! They are the last group to perform. It was during this episode that I really got the idea that this is a group of girls representing their schools. Our girls bring it and the audience loves it. As the girls are crying over their last performance they receive calls of “Encore, Encore!” It takes them forever to get back on stage with completely new outfits. Where did they come from? Who cares, it Muse for goodness sake! In a few days the series will be over and more than a few tears will be shed or it is allergy season again.
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No Game No Life. Episode 12

Sora and Shiro appear to be driven into a corner by Izuna’s full power. But just when she thinks she has won and the game is over, she falls into another of their traps and is defeated. Some time later, the siblings are summoned by the leader of the Warbeasts, the “Shrine Priestess” who wants a rematch. The rematch is a flip of a coin that lands on its edge. Do both sides win or lose, Sora asks? They both win. Sora then explains that they are after a challenging Tet for the title of “One True God”. And the Shrine Priestess call forth the Old Deus (Old God). At the end of the episode, Sora and Shiro proclaim let the game really begin. And you are going to try and tell me that there isn’t going to be a second season. Of course there is. All the chess pieces are in place. Sora explains that nothing bad could happen to the people of this world because it is all a game. So he was never really worried. This was a very fun and smartly written series. I have not doubt there will be a second season.
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Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro. Episode 11

Matsutaro gets a bribe from a wrestler from another stable to throw his match against him. Matsutaro bites and it looks bad for him. Tanaka has a bad feeling about the match. Everything looks like Matsutaro is going to lose his first match. Matsutaro’s problem is that he is not getting paid for his wins. He can’t get paid because of his low ranking. So along comes his opponent for his next match. This wrestler wants to win and is willing to have his father who owns a string of famous chain restaurants give Matsutaro a couple of restaurants. Though I have to say the word “might” was used a lot. Matsutaro didn’t hear “might”. Into the ring they meet, the match is about to being. Matsutaro hears Ninima call words of encouragement. There goes the match or the dive. There is not way Matsutaro is going to lose with his honey there. But she wasn’t there. The voice he heard was that of Tanaka. Great episode, though I have to say that some of frames looked a little under done. Are they starting to cut corners with this series? I hope not!
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