WA040: Shedding Tears over ending series

Anime news for the week of 6-23-14 and shedding tears over ending series. Also episode reviews for the week.

Anime News For The Week Of 6-23-14

1. Again with the Titan news. Well the “Attack on Titan” Part 2 Collector’s Edition Goodies have been revealed. Here is the link for the “Attack on Titan” Part 1This was released June 3, 2014. There is also higher priced item with more goodies at this link

Part 2 is being released on September 23, 2014. You can find it here
and here. It really depends on how many goodies you want. Me, I just want a Levi in cleaning gear for me. What is really of interest to me is the price difference between RightStuf and Amazon. Amazon doesn’t give you the consumer any breaks. And from reading the message at their web site, Amazon isn’t selling it themselves. They are selling it through 3rd parties. I would recommend that if you are really interested in having the Titans merchandise, just go to RightStuf.

2. It looks everything is getting ready for the 2014 Summer Anime Season. We have our list of what is on its way. We will be taking a really hard look at the list next week. But this week in the news all I am seeing is promos for what to come. I haven’t look at any of them yet. I want to be surprised! In a couple of week Space Dandy and Sailor Moon will both reappear. The other one I am really looking forward to is Watanabe’s new one “Terror in Resonance”. It has already been licensed by Funimation. He has reteamed with Yoko Kanno. I hope she does a better job with this soundtrack than the one she did for “Blacker than Black”. I didn’t really care for that soundtrack. Is there going to be a little competition between his two babies – Space Dandy and Terror in Resonance”? Which will the fans want more of? Dandy will be a total of 25 episodes, while Terror is only scheduled for 11. And as a side note or should I say a programming note, this season we have decided to stay current with the episodes. We will no longer be a week behind.

Anime episode overview for new shows seen this week

Brynhildr in the Darkness. Episode 10: “Proof of Life”

Nanami didn’t last long in this series. She just about makes friends and her thing on the back of her neck pops off reducing her to goo. And Kyouta’s uncle shows up. Does everyone know where Kyouta and the girls live? Sometimes he is at home, while during most of the episodes he is spending his time at the observatory. Meanwhile at the research lab, the big gun has been called out counter to the management team’s wishes. And now I see that there is an OVA planned for September, 2014. Will the OVA wrap everything up or be a re-telling of the story? I know we are getting ready for the typical big battle that usually comes at the end of a series.

One Week Friends. Episode 10: “Friends and Friends”

What is Yuki to do? Can he really get back to where he was with Kaori before Hajime showed up at school? And let’s talk about Hajime. He’s a real piece of work isn’t he. He comes off a tough but really he is just hurt because of Kaori. I do like that Yuki confronts him and wants to know what the deal is between him and Kaori. Yuki does finally tell Hajime what Kaori’s problem is. Hajime doesn’t believe until he sees her the next Monday. For Kaori, she seems to really like Yuki. They appear to have a real relationship. As for Shogo and Saki, who knows? I am still pulling for them. This series is going to have a happy ending. Will Kaori suddenly start firing on all cylinders or will she again start making progress on stabilizing her memories? I think Yuki is in and Hajime is old news!

Black Bullet. Episode 10: “Tokyo Area Defensive Battle”

There isn’t really any battling going on in this episode. The Cursed Children Rentaro and Kisara have been tutoring get bombed out. All of the souls are lost. Rentaro gives the government official their names. He isn’t interested. Rentaro tries to shield Enju from it. But she finds out. Rentaro goes on a rant about the stratification of their society. But really, I think this situation is represented around the world. Is Rentaro just now aware of it? And he does try to tell Kisara how he feels about her. The episode ends with Monolith 32 falling down and the belief that a Gastrea invasion is imminent. This series tried to play the political card but was never really up for it. I liked it best when it had a lot of action.

If Her Flag Breaks. Episode 10

I think we may be in for a major pity party with its guest of honor Souta. Will he make the sacrifice foretold in the fairytale? Nanami’s younger sister is now going to the same school and living at the Quest Dorm. We have a school festival that starts off with a beauty contest. Nanami wins when she tells Souta how she feels about him. And what is with the homeroom teacher and her lungs hanging out. I don’t know if the wet t-shirt contest during the beauty contest was necessary. His squirting them with water was slightly amusing if you hadn’t seen it before. With only 13 episodes, this series has to start moving along here. And how many ways can we dress up Megumu like a girl? Let me count the ways!

Chaika, The Coffin Princess. Episode 10: “Fortress in the Sky”

We are zooming in on the end of the first season. This week we go to Laputa, Castle in…I mean the Fortress in the Sky. The little boy who lives there is not very nice. He maybe an orphan but it is by his choice. Chaika wants in to gather the relic. Toru wants to check things out first. They do go inside thanks to Fredrika in dragon form. Soooooo while Toru, Akari and Chaika are wondering around, the Gillette Corps has their own people walking around, Vivi and Zuita. Akari is captured. She is put under a mind controlled spell and ordered to fight Toru. Chaika is captured by Layla. And the capital has ordered an assault on the Floating Fortress. Now what! We also know that the only way to kill a dragon is put spear in the head. So when she is speared while fighting the soldiers in the fortress, we know she isn’t dead. I love this series. I can’t wait to see what happens next. And we have another season to go!

Dai Shogun Great Revolution. Episode 10

Keiichiro has to confront the demon within. And Kiriko is taken on a boat trip with guy we meet a couple of episodes ago. This episode we get back story on Ryoma and the Susanoo and the demon within. Kiriko seems to have lightened up. She sees a globe for the first time and what the world really looks like. Can Keiichiro really claim the country for himself in only two episodes? Or does he want to? And the Shinsengumi show up again. We lose one of the three. And Maika throws up rainbows! By the end of the episode Keiichiro defeats the Susanoo demon. Are off to Edo! No, wait we are being attacked by the foreigner! They are bombarding Nagasaki. Now what! I would like this series more if Ryoma was in it more. I love his robe! Where could I find one like that!

Is the Order a Rabbit? Episode 10: “The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known As the Chimame Corps”

Cocoa stays over with Chiya to study for exams. She also helps out at the Ama Usa An as well. Meanwhile Megu and Maya come over to help out at the Rabbit House. Chino starts to feel a little Cocoa-sick in that she misses Cocoa. After work Chino and the girls head over to the pool where they have a water gun fight. Meanwhile Sharo comes over to help Cocoa and Chiya with their studies. They have a sleep over. Chino thanks Cocoa for helping her talk to her friends. Cocoa has helped her be a little more outgoing. Enjoyable episode.

Mushi-Shi. Episode 9: “Valley of the Welling Tide”

Ginko is found unconscious in a cave on a snowy mountain. He is helped by locals who somehow manage to grow their fields despite the weather. This is mainly because of the husband who has unabated stamina. Ginko explains to his father that he thinks it is mushi problem. The father doesn’t what to hear about it. When his son collapses from fatigue, the father comes clean. The son/husband is controlled a mushi. The story the father tells is quite beautiful. His wife was taken over by a milk mushi which she breast fed to her/their son. This mushi is parasite that feeds on the young and weak. You really should see this episode, all the episodes. The son/husband accepts the mushi living inside him because he wants a better life for his family. Another great story. And I love great story telling.

Blade and Soul. Episode 11: “Punishment”

Karen, Roana and gun girl go off to find Alka. I don’t know why. Jin Veral is brought back a couple of times. The animation is pretty bad in this episode. It is very inconsistent. I had such high hopes for this series. The end credit is still my favorite part of the episodes. I don’t know where this series is going. I will be glad when this series is over.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure. Episodes 10 and 11: “Showdown” and “The Resolve of Yama Juugo”

Well another one beats the dust. Well there are still buried treasures out there to be found. We still don’t know who killed Nanana and apparently she doesn’t know either. I hate it when a series I really have come to enjoy ends. It doesn’t look like the series is over just yet. I am would not be surprised if in the next few week A-1 Pictures send out a press release announcing a second season. This is Sony Music Entertainment after all. The latest treasure found isn’t talked about much. The real point of these two episodes is set us up for another season. Juugo and Nanana talk about what she really wants. Juugo needs to know. Nanana won’t tell him. She wants him to decide. Juugo confesses that life would a little less fun and interesting if she was gone. Nanana confesses that she doesn’t know what would happen to her if she discovers who killed her. What she really wants is to find her killer and kill them. But more importantly, she doesn’t want to leave because she has enjoyed watching the island change over the years. The series ends with the gears of the next treasure starting to move and Yumi saying that she doesn’t want to die! Therefore I conclude that a second season is in the works. And A-1 Pictures is not stranger to second season!
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Love Live! School Idol Project. Second Season, Episodes 10 and 11: “Muse” and “That Which We Decided”

Two episodes, one that is happy and one that is sad. On the happy side of the ledger, the girls beat out A-Rise in the local competition that they trudged through the snow to get to. The leader of A-Rise couldn’t understand why A-Rise lost. They have the talent and the work ethic. Why did they lose? They don’t have the heart that Muse has. But the girls have to come up with a catchphrase for their listing on the Love Live website. What do they come up with – “The Story We All Realize”. I don’t quite understand what it means, but they seem happy with it. So now we are on to the finals big competition. But first we have an emotional hurdle to get over. Can you guess what that is? As we have been told since the beginning, three of the girls are going to be graduating this year. And hurray for me I can remember their names! Eli, Nozomi and Nico. I guess the series is finally getting to me. Will Muse continue or retire? Can it continue with only six members or will it take in new members? It is not uncommon for people to move through bands, coming and going. But what will Muse do? After a lot of tears, the six remaining members decide that after the competition, Muse will retire. Tears and Hugs all around.
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No Game No Life. Episodes 10 and 11: “Blue Rose” and “Killing Giant”

Again there are not words to adequately describe what goes on in these two episodes. In episode 10, Sora explains what is going to happen when they play the game and what everyone’s part is. Sora is going to use Steph, Jibril, Zell and the elf Fel. We don’t know what their part in the game play is until we get to the game. And then finally the gang goes to challenge the Warbeasts with the destiny of all Imanity at stake. The rules of the game are explained, agreed to and let the game begin. But just before the game starts, the ambassador is seen talking to someone. They shall be revealed later(?) I think. At the end of the episode it is revealed where the game is to be played – Tokyo! For Sora and Shiro the traumas of their past come to the surface. It is very funny scene. At the beginning of the next episode, they are told that it is only a computer simulation of Tokyo. It is only a game! It is after they figure out the game, they realize that the game is rigged to the point that winning is almost impossible. All hope is lost until Shiro and Sora figure out the game. The game they have to play is a Love Sim Game. Before they start they game, Sora asks Izuna, the Warbeast ambassador if she has ever played a game just for fun. Has she ever enjoyed the game play? When she realizes that she has been trick into a trap by the siblings, she finds she is enjoying the game for the first time in her life. She finally decides to go all out against them. The last image we have of her is in a demon mode! Word on the street is that is unlikely that Madhouse will do a second season. As they have only used half of the published media, Madhouse could do a second season. We can only hope! I am going to find the light novels and read them no matter what!
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Kamigami no Asobi. Episodes 11 and 12: “Chains of Fate” and “Eternal Separation”

Episode 11 is a continuation of episode 10 where Balder collapsed after the play. While going to visit Balder in the infirmary, Apollo and Yui overhear Loki talking to Thor saying that they are going to make sure to kill Balder. As Balder is the God of Light, he is also the God of Destruction. The episode ends with Balder realizing that Loki wants to kill him. Balder accepts that he is dangerous while Loki loses his nerve to kill Balder. Balder decides to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff where they are having their scene. The episode ends with a view of Balder falling off the cliff. And then we come to the episode that had me crying the whole episode. Balder does not kill himself before he became the God of Destruction. And a might hunky god he is. He is not himself. He begins to destroy the garden. Zeus’ plan to make Balder the God of Light full time doesn’t seem to be working. Everyone comes together to save the garden and Balder. As the God of Destruction, he is going to destroy everything and everyone. And in coming together, we get to see them all as the gods they are. Why did they wait till now to show us all this hunky goodness. Of course they same the day with the help of Yui’s sword which has their hearts. Now the really sad part comes, Yui is sent back home. She and I don’t want to go. She is sad and I am crying. I don’t want this series to be over! The final scene shows the boys on earth at the shrine in normal clothes and asking to be taught again! I certainly hope for a second season. I wish I could play the game!
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