WA039: More Anime News and Yackfest

Anime news for the week of 6-16-14 and yackfest. Also episode reviews for the week.

Anime News For The Week Of 6-16-14

1. It seems that every week we have some “Attack on Titan” news or merchandise. And this week is not different. Just announced a Japanese bandage company, Hakujuji Co. is offering a new 8-bit online game “The Attacking Wound Treatment: Hanne’s Courage”. The premise of the game is to bandage and heal the ailing soldiers under Hanne’s orders. You have to heal the soldiers so they can be ready for an August offensive. If you play the game you can win exclusive Attack on Titan wallpaper and screensavers. If you succeed in the game you can enter a lottery to win one of ten Attack on Titan first aid kits. In July, the lottery prize changes to one of three PlayStation 4s. I recommend checking this out online. The first aid kit is really kickass. If you are interested in playing the game, here is the link and good luck: http://shingeki-hakujuji.com/ (Be sure to use Google Chrome to translate the page it is in Japanese only).

2. Hamatora gets its premiere date and a new promo. The second season is set to premiere on July 7th. It is going to be called Re: Hamataro or Reply Hamatora. The main cast is returning. I am really looking forward to it coming back as they left us at a very bad place. Is Art really going to kill Nice. It certainly looks like he is. Is it really Art or an evil twin? I only have about three weeks to wait for the answer to that question. That show really grabbed me once they really got to story telling and stopped with the character development.

3. GKids takes the Studio Ghibli documentary feature “The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness”. If you haven’t heard about this film, it is a fly on the wall portrait of the Japanese animation studio. I have heard of the film but not seen it. GKids is really buiding a name for its self. According to Variety, the distribution pact build on Studio Ghibli’s close working relationship with GKids which already handles distribution for Studio Ghibli’s library. It handles “From Up on Poppy Hill and “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”. GKids will release “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” in theaters for awards consideration in the fall of 2014. The “Kingdom” film is directed by Mami Sunada which offers a privileged record of the inner workings and dedication that has created a legendary animation studio. Where is Disney in all of these? I though Studio Ghibli had an exclusive deal with Disney. I am looking forward to see this film as it deals mainly with the “The Wind Rises” and “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”. If it is true that GKids is handling Studio Ghibli’s library maybe we can see some of the back log stuff Ghibli has.

4. And as always, I am scouring the web for news on my favorite anime series, movies and manga. As the San Diego Comic-Con is soon upon us, I am expecting exciting news and product announcement. The first I have heard of is the Naurto figures that are making their North American premier at the con. What goods await us? What news that will shock and amaze us it to be announced?

Anime episode overview for new shows seen this week

Brynhildr in the Darkness. Episode 9: “False Memories”

Nanami Tomitsu joins the group of witches who have grouped around Ryouta. He and the girls still believe that they can survive their lot in life. This episode had some fun bits and some really disturbing bits. Basically Nanami prostitutes herself for money so she can eat. Did this episode, this series go down the rabbit hole of kiddy porn? Nanami’s power can only work if the person(s) she wants to see their memories looks at her. She has to see their eyes. To accomplish this she lifts her dress to show her panties. Her handler has to admit that this is affective, disturbing but affective. She alters his memories so that he believes he has to watch a castle all day. The girl just wants to have fun. She wants a day off to be a normal girl in the city. But the girl has no money. Sad face. So she offers her handler, who doesn’t know who she is, to show him her boobs for money. Sounds like prostitution to me. This still isn’t enough money for her. So she makes him another offer. Where did she learn such behavior? At the research lab? What are they doing to this poor girl? I think this series has gotten itself in a bad place. How are the writers going to resolve this series? I don’t see the girls having a way out of their predicament. I know that a series can change on a dime. Next week the group could have made great leaps in solving their problems. I just think that is a cheat. This series has run out of steam. I think it is just going to wind down and stop.

One Week Friends. Episode 9: “Last Day with Friends”

The big news of this week’s episode: Shogo has feelings for Saki since elementary school. He says that he has helped her to give her confidence. But secretly I think he has a thing for her. And why not. Saki is very cute and sweet in her dumb kind of way. I hope before this series is over Shogo makes a move on her. Now let us move on to the reason for this episode. During the first half of the episode, Kaori and Yuki are happy. Everyone is happy. Kaori’s memory is working better. She seems to be making progress. Her mother tells Yuki that Kaori is getting back to how she was before the accident. And then disaster happens. A transfer student is introduced in class, Hajime Kujo. He takes the seat next to her and calls her a traitor for breaking their promise. Kaori collapses. She wakes up in the nurse’s office. Her memories have completely reset once more. She has no memory of Yuki. We can’t start the series all over again, can we? The writers have to get moving now, we only have a couple more episodes left. I know it’s all going to end happily. And Yuki is going to take some short cuts to get Kaori back to remembering him and their friends.

Black Bullet. Episode 9: “The Protectors of the Barrier”

Not much is revealed in this episode. This episode’s main purpose is to get us ready for the big battle with the Gastrea (or Gastrique as I like to call them) or just plain BUGS! Rentaro has gathered his team. To add to the excitement the general public knows that the Gastrea are attacking one of the monoliths. There will be very dark days ahead if the Gastrique win the day. But will they? Will Rentaro ever learn the truth behind the Gastrea attack so many years ago? Will Rentaro ever confess his feelings, dare I call it love, to Kisara? All I know is that there a big battle brewing. I think this episode is the quiet before battle when every thing goes to hell. We also learn that that the elites and politicians are getting the evacuation instruction while the civilians are on their own. I will leave the moral indignation to others. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out and finishes up.

If Her Flag Breaks. Episode 9: “I Hope We Could All Go to the Festival Together Again One Day”

This series really has not direction home. This episode did offer an explanation of the back story to this series. As he is want to do, Basil Exposition had his role to play in the episode. We are told a fairy tale of a land faraway. There are beautiful princesses and heroic knights. And a poor orphan boy who has the power to save the kingdom when sacrifices his life. Gee, who could they be talking about? Could Souta be the one, the chosen one who must give his all to save the kingdom? Is this were this series has been heading? And so we don’t forget the tale, we are told it twice. We are told during the opening credits and again during the episode. Do you think Souta has a clue? Do you think the writers have a clue? I would like to get a look at the light novel that this series is based on. It has to tell a more coherent story than this series. Again, I had such high hopes for If Her Flag Breaks. I guess I have to ask the question – what happens when her flag break? Will we ever find out? Will I even care?

Chaika, The Coffin Princess. Episode 9: “The Value of Memories”

This week we get Toru and Akari’s back story. They were raised in a village named after a Japanese automotive manufacturer – Acura. It is a village of saboteurs. From childhood on Toru and Akari were trained in the arts of the saboteurs. Toru’s mentor doesn’t think Toru has the goods to be a good saboteur. He thinks Toru is too reckless. But I think Toru has proven him wrong. Now I just have to find out how and why Toru can summon the Iron-Blood Transformation, which I think is awesome! The background to this episode is that the group is low on magic fuel. The village they go to is celebrating the Anniversary of the End of the War against the Gaz Empire. The magic shops are closed due to the celebration and that their wares are being used as fireworks in the celebration. Chaika offers to use her memories as a substitute for magic fuel. Toru says no because he feels memories are too important to lose especially the happy ones. They do finally find a shop with magic fuel and the episode comes to a close. Meanwhile the Gillette Corps is pulled away from their celebration to be sent on an emergency mission. I do so love this series. I am very happy that it is scheduled for 24 episodes.

Dai Shogun Great Revolution. Episode 9: “Cherry Blossom Baths Love Stores”

Keiichrio and Kiriko are getting closer if you know what I mean. Now that the curse is broken, Keiichiro can touch and kiss a woman all he wants. And who does he want to snog? Kiriko! Her problem is that Susanoo doesn’t want her. Our sexy villainess Houkouin makes another appearance. And we do get to see just about all of her. I think the art department for this series knows how she likes to make an entrance. It is one of the funniest entrances I have seen in a long time. See it for your self. You won’t be disappointed. On the relationship side of the story, Keiichiro and Kiriko have to confess their feelings for each other. And Keiichiro’s wing man Hyakusuke confesses his love for Chiharu. While she professes to love Keiichiro, secretly she likes very much Kyakusuke. She has to know that Keiichiro is out of her league. And that he is destined for another. Houkouin goads Keiichiro into booting up Susanoo. Keiichiro calls for Kiriko to ride with him. She does. The great Thunder God is revealed. But Houkouin isn’t done yet. She now goads Kiriko. This causes her to lose her temper and the demon in Susanoo takes over. Keiichiro has not control over it. Houkouin is very happy with what she has done. We don’t have very many episodes. Keiichiro doesn’t even know if he wants to rule Japan. Still like the series. This episode was really great fun.

Is the Order a Rabbit? Episode 9: “Aoyama Slump Mountain”

We have kind of Tippy episode. One possibility for Tippy being Chino’s grandfather is that when she was little Cocoa met Chino’s grandfather in the park. She might have cast a spell to grant the grandfather’s wish to become a rabbit. The author Aoyama wants to quit writing because she lost the fountain pen Chino’s grandfather gave her. He read and critiqued her writing. She misses grandfather. Meanwhile Rize is the lead in the school performance of The Phantom of the Opera. She seeks out Chiya for advice on how to become more like a lady. When we eventually see the play, the role has been adapted for Rize. In that there is a lot of gun play. Now that grandfather’s identity has been revealed I don’t really care. The whole point of the series is not the grandfather’s rabbit appearance. This is a comedic slice of life of young girls animation series. I have come to really enjoy this series. I would ask for more Tippy though. And more Anko. I love a rabbit with a crown.

Mushi-Shi. Episode 8: “The Wind Raiser”

The best news about this series is that there are 24 episodes planned. I am so happy with this news. This series is like comfortable old friend who comes by not every week because they may be too busy to. They come by and tell you a wonderful story. Sometimes it is a ghost story, maybe an urban legend kind of story or even a sweet sad story. The week’s story is more of the sad sweet story. While on a boat, Ginko meets a young man who has developed a connection with a flock of bird-type mushi who are able to create wind. And as in good story, Ginko while happy and pleased to see that the young man can call the mushi. He does warn him not to whistle at night for the bird-type mushi. Bad things will happen. So the next night, the young man does. He calls forth a mushi that burrows holes. They come to the ship he is on and burrow hole in the ship. The ship quickly sinks though everyone is saved. But they follow him to his home. His mother becomes very ill from this type of mushi. Ginko is staying at the house of his doctor friend that we have seen in previous episodes. Ginko does remove the mushi from the house, but the young man calls them back again. Ginko doesn’t understand why. Finally Ginko explains to the young man that the bird-type mushi feed on the burrowing mushi. The young man calls forth the bird-type mushi which take care of the burrowing mushi. The young man is never seen again in the village. We see him later out at sea. This was a great episode. They can take all the time they like in putting together these episode when they are as wonderful as this one. The only thing I ask of entertainment is tell me a good story. And Mushi-Shi certainly does.

Blade and Soul. Episode 10: “Sin”

Alka has a hard time dealing with her feelings. And Karen, revenge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Thus ends the lesson for today. I am kind of glad this series is just about over because I am not happy with the end of this week’s episode. It appears Jin Varel is being brought back into the series. I thought she got vanquished to easily. I also think that this is a cheat. If the person is killed, let them stay dead. This episode is about forgiveness. Alka is attacked by wolves and seeks help from Hayate and his wife Hana. It is revealed via flashbacks that Alka killed their daughter. Hana wants to forgive Alka and move on. Hayate is not so forgiving. In trying to shot Alka, he kills his wife instead. He then takes his own life. This series can be very brutal when it wants to. I just haven’t seen very much of this sense the beginning of the series. Now with three episodes left they are being it back to what was fun about the series in the first place. With Jin coming back, Alka, Karen and Roana will have to take her on. I am hoping for a great titanic battle between them all! I have to get something out of this series after giving it so much of my time.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure. Episode 9: “A Study of Ikusaba Hiiyo and Yoshino Saki”

We are coming up on the end of this series. I still want to know what that thing is around Nanana’s neck. It looks like a round light bulb. I think the next two or three episodes are going to finish up the treasure hunt. Maybe the last episode will reveal who killed her. There has been a bit of sadness for Juugo as he thinks about Nanana passing over to the next world. Or more to the point, leaving his life and apartment and how lonely it is going to be. The biggest problem I have with the show is this desire to eat pudding all the time. Most of the pudding she eats looks like a flan. I have a faint hope that this series will get a second season. Juugo has been one of my favorite leading characters this season. I want to see more of him and gang.
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Love Live! School Idol Project. Second Season, Episode 9: “Melody of the Heart”

Once again the girls have a hard time moving forward or moving at all. They have to get to the preliminary finals and there is a really bad snow storm. As seen in an earlier episode, these girls can’t seem to get moving. Six of the girls are at the venue for the competition while three of the girls are back at school handling the welcome ceremonies. It must be the worst snow storm in decades. There was not forecast of foul weather. The girls are all wearing very short skirts with and without stockings. These girls were not prepared for this day. To make matters worse, as if they could be, the trains are not running. To add to their misery, none of their parents can drive to the school to pick them up and drive them to the venue. But these are plucky gals. They will make it there for their fans! Everyone at school is encouraging them to not give up. They can do it! At the height of the storm, blowing as badly as possible, the girls, underdressed as they are, decide to make there on foot! A path is cleared for them. With an hour before the concert, the girls spend an awful lot of time talking about trying to make it to the venue and how wonderful everyone is to help them get there. Oh Brother! It is when the girls get to the venue that we realize that they were only a few blocks from the venue. And they were going to take a train?!? Happy Ending, the girls make it in time to perform a wonderful number and win even more fans. Awwwww!
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No Game No Life. Episode 9: “Sky Walk”

Shiro finally has her episode. There is no way I can give a good description of what happens in this episode. I will just tell you that it was one of the best anime episodes I have every watched. The tension in this episode was immense. I don’t think the writers took any short cuts to get us to the end of the episode. Shiro logically works out what has and what did happen to Sora. Of course it helped that Sora called out to her. But she has to do it on her own as Steph and Jibril do not remember or know who Sora is. I don’t think I am spoiling any thing by saying that when Sora re-appears I felt a great sense of relief. I am also a bit saddened by the fact that there are only three more episodes. I have been scanning the web for news in English or Japanese about the fate of this series. I will be reading the manga when it comes over here. But I want more anime episodes for this series. Come on Madhouse! See your duty and make it so!
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Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro. Episode 10: “Tanaka’s First Win”

This episode ends with Tanaka getting his first win in the sumo ring. His problem is that he is too nervous when he goes into the ring. Matsutaro tries to relax him or to make him less nervous. That doesn’t work out for Tanaka. Matsutaro isn’t really the focus of this episode. Tanaka takes center stage. We see a little of him life back at his village. He was a champion amateur sumo wrestler back home. But he is having trouble in the big city. His father comes to visit him. It isn’t clear who brought him to Tokyo to visit. The impression I got was that the stable owner brought his father to Tokyo. As an aside, when the boys go to the sumo ring they pass by Nanami’s shop. So Matsutaro gets to see her often. I think the series is getting into a very nice rhythm.
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Kamigami no Asobi. Episode 10: “Lovely and Ephemeral”

As sad as last week’s episode was this week’s episode was hysterical. The best part was given to Thor. I guess I should give you a little background. Because they did so well on their mid-terms, Zeus wants them to put on a school play. They decide on Cinderella. All the boys want to play the prince who gets to marry Cinderella (Yui). And Thoth gets a triple wall slam. That would be three in a row. And his narration was priceless. And Thor getting various roles (a tree, a mouse and a horse!). And while we haven’t seen a lot of him(?) Thoh’s side kick Anubis makes an appearance. I laughed my ass off during this episode. It was great that they put a truly funny episode out there after everyone really knows each other. There was one sad moment in this episode. When we all came to the realization that we don’t have very many episodes left, like only two left! I really want this series to continue. As with No Game No Life, I am searching the web for news of second season for this series.
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