WA022: Catching Up On Anime and Other Lame Excuses

Anime industry news for the week and even more good stuff is coming to the podcast. Plus reviews of episodes seen this week.

Catching up on anime and more good stuff is coming to the podcast.

Now that Wid is getting over her cold. We burned the midnight oil and managed to get caught up on our anime shows. We announce some changes to the podcast starting next week that we think will add a lot more interesting content for our listeners. Let us know what you think of the changes by posting a comment. Also, if you have a particular series or topic you would like us to cover, let us know.

Anime News For The Week Of 2-17-14

1. Akira live action movie news: The current director attached to the film is Jaume Collet-Serra. He was recently interviewed by ComingSoon.net (Link Here) about his involvement in the film. At first the interview looks like it is going to be one those typical things, he loved the anime, read the manga, etc. But wait, not so fast. He then goes on to say that the Japanese never have strong characters. That the characters are used as a way to move the philosophy forward. This is not going to make fans of the movie happy or fans of Japanese culture too pleased either. I don’t know if the project should even go forward. Hollywood has not idea how to handle these types of properties.

2. From Animenewsnetwork.com comes an interesting poll done by Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web asking about 500 fans between the ages of 10 to 50 what their favorite anime is this season. And the winner is: Hozuki no Reitetsu at 33%. And by the way, Sakura Trick is not listed in the top 9. They did not do a top 10. Others include Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions, Engaged to the Unidentified and at number 9 World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Hozuki is one of my favorites this season. So we agree!

3. Vertical licenses Ajin, Witchcraft Works and Garden of Words manga. All three are to be released this fall, 2014. This announcement came at Vertical’s panel at Katsucon on Saturday, February 15. The most exciting for me is that Witch Craft Works and Garden of Words is coming over here. And Vertical always does such a nice job with their licensed mangas. Random House listed last month that Vertical will release the first volume of Ryu Mizunagi’s Witch Craft Works manga on September 30. And no release date for the Garden of Words manga. I am looking forward to both of them. This news is via Animenewsnetwork.com

Anime Season Reviews for the week of 2-17-14

Wid gives us this week’s review of episodes she is watching from the 2014 anime winter season including:

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The Animation. Ep. 5
Recently My Sister is Unusual. Ep. 6
Pupa. Ep. 5
Sakura Trick. Ep. 5
Wake Up, Girls! Ep. 5
Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time. Ep. 7
Space Dandy. Ep. 7
Hamatora. Ep. 5
Nobunaga the Fool. Ep. 5
Nobunagun. Ep. 5
The Pilot’s Love Song. Ep. 5
Witch Craft Works. Ep. 5
World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Ep. 5
Golden Time. Ep. 17
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Ep. 5
Strange+. Ep. 5
Seitokai Yakuindomo. Episodes 5 and 6
Kill la Kill. Ep. 17
Hozuki no Reitetsu. Ep. 5

And now the details…

Tonari no Seki-kun. Episode 7: “Note Passing”

This time Seki sets up a post office so that students can send notes to other students in class or those outside of class. It is a very elaborate system Seki has. It is not as simple as giving his a note to be delivered to some student. No, just like the postal system here and in Japan, the letter has to be a certain size and I would image weight. Then you have any number of options for how fast it is delivered. And if it is an out going note, i.e. to another classroom, he has a delivery person for that. This is one of their funniest yet. And to add insult to injury, as Rumi can not get Seki to accept her note (telling him he should pay attention in class), she is discovered putting the note in his locker at school by another student who assumes it is a love letter. That is how that nasty rumor started!

Hamatora. Episode 5: “Sweat, Muscle and Me”

This episode involves the group going to a hot spring. Hajime wins a trip to a said hot spring. She takes along Koneko and Honey. Nice and Mursaki are requested by their new client to track down one of her boyfriends. It turns out he works at said hot spring. His Minimum Holder ability to use his sweat to attract males and appear very desirable. By the way his sweat has not affect on females. The point of this exercise to get his favorite idol back to into the public arena. The boyfriend has a crush on the washed up idol and wants to make him popular again after the scandal from the previous year. It’s all about love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It was an enjoyable episode. I got to see the girls do something for a change.

Nobunaga the Fool. Episode 5: “The Tower”

Major action in this episode with Nobunaga father, Nobuhide is killed. And a new character from the Western Star is introduced. Although we have seen him in previous episodes, we get to see him in action. This would be Gaius Julius Caesar. And he has his eye on Nobunaga’s sister, Ichihime. Plus the Oda clan is attacked by Takeda Shingen of the Takeda clan. We saw them fight in a previous episode. The change this time was the arrival of Caesar. This series is so beautiful. I love the action with its over the top battle scenes. It’s political intrigues. And of course the art work. Again I can stress enough that if you like this series, please read “Taiko: An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan”

Nobunagun. Episode 5: “The Second Platoon”

Shio is assigned to join the DOGOO’s Second Platoon. The members of the Second Platoon are Newton, Gandhi, Jack the Ripper and now Shio or Nobunaga. Newton is a female and has a habit of French kissing upon greeting someone. The artwork and animation for this is quite funny. It is pretty upsetting for Shio at first until she is told that this is how Newton greets everyone. Shio does get a pang of jealousy when she see Newton kissing Jack. She may have feeling for him. Though she also has feeling for Asao. On the plot line front, Francois Vidocq discovers that the aliens are sending out updates on what they learn from the different attacks on them. So with the next alien attack, he wants some alien brains. Or rather the spores they send out when attacked and/or killed. As a side note, Francois Vidocq is considered in history as the first private detective and the father of modern criminology. I like the series with it’s touches of humor and action.

The Pilot’s Love Song. Episode 5: “The Girl Who Calls the Wind”

In this episode we get background on Claire or Nina Viento. We find out that she has magical powers to call forth the wind, Hence we had the Wind Revolution. After the revolution, she appeared to lose her powers. Since she was of no further use, the government decides to hide her away. Luis de Alarcon offers her the chance to join the Cadoques High, Aerial Division. She does, meet up with Kal-el and love is in the air! Just like Nobunagu the Fool, this series has all the elements that I enjoy in a good story. And we haven’t met all of the player yet. We still have to find out about Ignacio Axis. Plus we are flying the Edge of the Sky to the Holy (not Hot) Spring. And everyone is saying that this group will not make it back alive.

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. Episode 5: “The Illusive.. Siesta Labyrinth”

When a Hobby Group Representative Meeting is held to determine if and which hobby groups should be allowed to keep their rooms, Rikka’s presentation of what the ‘Far Eastern Magic Napping Society in Summer’ does is not well received. So they point to the fact they are a napping hobby group. We then get to learn the long and glorious history of the art and challenging nature of napping. This was a fun episode and made me want to come back for another episode.

Witch Craft Works. Episode 5: ”Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Stone Hands”

Ayaka asks Takamiya’s mother if he can come live with her. With this question we get background on both of their mothers. An agreement was made between the two that their children would marry. Takamiya’s sister doesn’t like the idea. So off they go to Ayaka mansion. There they meet or are attacked by Medusa. Ayaka takes on Medusa but is turned to stone. Thereupon Takamiya swallows the candy that was given to him in an earlier episode. This draws out the White Pricess, Evermillion. She uses her power to defeat Medusa and level the Mansion and a large part of the school. This causes Ayaka mother to call out for a Tower witch-hunt. Evermillion tells Takamiya that love’s kiss will restore Ayaka. It appears a kiss on the cheek is enough. This is a fun series.

Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation. Episode 5: “New World”

Now we are getting life lessons from Ms Sonico. An editor for a local magazine spends a day with her. And she, the editor, learns that she needs to grab life and live it. Who knew Sonico was such a great philosopher. Maybe we need a book “The Way of Sonico”. Also take a look at our web site for my link to Right Stuf for Super Sonico merchandise. They have two items, a PVC figure at $107 and if that is too expensive for you a Picture Book with posters for only $30. And remember if you go through our website and purchase either or both of these items we get a little help with paying for our website.

Recently My Sister is Unusual. Episode 6: “Oh! A Ghost!”

I don’t understand the title of this episode other than the fact that Yuya the older brother can sometimes see Hiyori. This episode Mitsuki is very feverish from having Yuya see her chastity belt at the swimming pool. The whole thing of having to conceal the belt and seduce her step-brother is just too much for her. Her health is really taking a beating. And Yuya thinks she is into some weird cosplay thing with the chastity belt and all. With this episode, we are half way through the series. Even with the controversy over the subject matter, this is still a very sweet series. It seems to have eased up on the sex. And we are building characters. Plus Yuya is not taking advantage of the situation, much to his credit.

Hozuki no Reitetsu. Episode 5: “The Instrumental Duo of the Mighty Rivals / Mental Sports Day”

In Part A, Hozuki faces off with his identically opposite foe, Hakutaku, as they go attend to small items of business with Hell’s gatekeepers who, incidentally, are also perfectly attuned with each other. In Part B, It’s Sports Day in Hell, and everyone is welcome to join in, though attendance is mandatory. Hozuki puts his devious mind to the test creating all sorts of challenges that are specially designed to whip the softer minions into shape.

Kill la Kill. Episode 17: “Tell Me Why”

With only seven episodes to go we gotta wrap this one up. I will be sad to leave these guys behind. After 24 episodes, you build up a relationship. But on to this week’s episode, we learn that Senketsu is made from Ryuko’s DNA. Thus only she can wear him. Back at the Honnouji Academy preparations are being made for the Cultural and Sports Grand Festival. And the special guest is Satsuki’s mother Ragyo who is know for her sense of style and rainbows. But something else is afoot! Ragyo is taking over the school and using the students to feed the Life Fibers including Mako’s family and Guts the dog! Meanwhile Ryuko and the gang are rushing to the school. Satsuki makes a cryptic remark about Ryuko coming to the school as planned. Ragyo reveals her plans and Satsuki attacks her. Satsuki is rebelling against her mother and the Life Fibers. I don’t want to sound full of myself, but I had an idea that this is where she was heading. The clues were there.

Seitokai Yakuindomo. Episodes 5 and 6

As typical for this series, there are rude comments and bleeped words. This series seems to have settled down. I am really enjoying the humor. The class president doesn’t beat up on the male vice president like she did in the earlier episodes. In a way, this series has a gentle humor to it. I can’t explain why. I happily look forward to each episode. The male characters in the series seem to be standing on their only two feet these days. I realize that can all change by the next episode. There wasn’t anything that stood out in these two episodes.

Pupa. Episode 5

The series is building now. We are finding out how this all happened. Slowly but surely we are going to get through this series. In this episode his baby sister is born with the virus inside her. Mother tries to kill the baby, but it doesn’t work. And baby likes to eat dead things! I am sticking with this one.

Strange+. Episode 5: “Mistress”

This is an odd 4 minute series. It’s over so fast, that I really can not remember what it’s about. I think we are starting a story arc. But they really have not explained or introduced the characters. They are trapped and something is going to happen. Maybe that something is going to happen next episode or maybe not. I don’t know.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot. Episode 5

In this episode, we find out what powers Roboko and her relationship with Natasha. Roboko eats udo (raw not cooked) as her power source. When Asuta goes to harvest some, he find that the udo is dying. So we have a road trip to the mother root to find the root of the problem. And what better way to past the time than have back story. This time it is about Natasha and how her parents abandoned her. They left her in a cave that led to an ancient Udagowa Civilization. Everything is fixed and we are on the next conquest. The series is okay. It hasn’t hooked me yet.

Golden Time. Episode 17: “Return to Yesterday”

This episode seemed to be a bridge to the next episode when Banri and Linda go back home for their high school reunion. Interestingly Yana does not know of Linda and Banri’s connection to each other. Not much to say about this episode. We are getting to the end. There are only 7 episodes left.

Wake Up, Girls! Episode 5: “Heaven or Hell”

The girls have to go head to head with the I-1 Club. The I-1 Club is opening their Sendai Theater with an opening concert. And the I-1 Club does not hold back on promoting the opening. Of course their fans show up in massive numbers, while the Wake Up! Girls only get about 10 people for their show. And boy did they screw up their performance. They feel bad, so their manager takes them to see the I-1 Club girls perform. They get to see how it’s really done with lots of hard practice. The I-1 Club girls have a real grind in practicing for their performances. Again if you want to see how idol groups are put together and their work ethic, it’s a good series to watch.

Sakura Trick. Episode 5: “Let’s Have Tea with Big Sis / The Witch, The Apple, and The Big Sister”

Not as much kissing in this episode. Also no character development and only so-so artwork. And did I mention there’s no plot either. Sure they are getting ready for their last Cultural Festival as the school will be closing in a few years. Older sis is panicking over being kissed by Haruka during rehearsal. But I have to believe that Haruka’s lips are made of gold and older sis should not worry about it and just give in the pleasure those lips can bring. On a side note, it should be obvious to everyone how predator Haruka is. Why you ask? From the start, Yuu did not want to kiss Haruka. But Haruka would not take no for an answer. I guess in Japan “No” doesn’t mean no. Haruka beat down her defenses and now Yuu can’t get enough of the French kissing. Everyone tells me how innocent this series is. That theirs is an innocent love. French Kissing is innocent? That seems pretty serious to me. But I understand that the males out their love them some girl on girl action. Well this is the series for you.

Space Dandy. Episode 7: “A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby”

I could state the obvious, but I won’t. I will judge this episode on its merits (or lack there of). We have a space in space and Dandy ends up centuries in the future as a Buddha. End of Story. All that happens in between is of no consequence. It’s a pretty average story with average aliens. I don’t know where we are going with this story, but will there come a point when I don’t care. This series is not a standout in anyway. Even Yoko Kanno’s music is not enough. I like the opening and closing, but the stuff in between is pretty forgettable.

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