This Summer’s Anime

Today’s topic is this year’s Summer Anime season. I have to say that I am under impressed. This season I am wanting “Durarara!! x2 Ten”, “Gangsta”, “Non Non Biyori”, “Sore ga Seiyuu!”. And of course “Lupin III – L’Awenture Italiana” when it becomes available. The two carry over from last season I am watching are “Arslan Senki” and “Shokugeki no Souma”.
“Sore ga Seiyuu!!” has turned out to be a lot of fun to watch. If you don’t know the premise is a humorous observations of the voice actor industry. I like the three female leads. The pleasant surprise is during the ending credit music with the girls singing a bit of a popular anime closing music (such as Evangelion and Sailor Moon). That is a very fun gift for a long time fan. The ladies have various degrees of confidence in their work. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.
“Gangsta” is a Manglobe production. The director for the series Shukou Murase has worked on other anime that I have enjoyed. This series is for an older audience as the lead characters are older (in their late twenties/early thirties). It is based on a manga. I am not going to say that you should watch this one if you want something a little edgier. Heavy gun play or katana play do not an edgier series make, in my opinion. I do like the art style/design. With it listed at only 12 episodes, I willing to give my very valuable time. I am into it for six episodes and it still hasn’t graped me yet. So you might ask, why I am still watching? I am every hopeful!
No so much with “Durarara!! x2 Ten”. I really like the characters! I even bought myself a wall scroll! This series is just to hard for me to follow! It is kind of like a group of friends with really intense personalities/problems that you like being around. This series does not make it easy to like. When the second season ended in March of this year with the announcement that there would be another season, I was happy! Now I wonder why I was happy. And now a I have a third part to look forward to, coming in Winter of 2016. Maybe what I need to do is binge this title. I should really immerse myself in the characters’ storylines.
“Non Non Biyori” for its second season is as delightful as its first season. I won’t call it a redo of the first season because the characters do move forward at school. This is a wonderful show to watch if you want a little quiet time. The country life that is painted is so wonderful to look at, though I know if I went there it wouldn’t be like that at all. I hope it gets another season.
As for “Arslan Senki (TV)”, it looks like there is going to be an end to the story. For this series there hasn’t been any real filler episodes. There were some characters I wished had been explored more. But over all I am satisfied that I made it through to the end (which is coming up in about four episodes!). This series has a definite middle eastern feel to it. As for Falangles, here is a character is the magical or should I say improbable wardrobe. How is it possible for her wrap top in place? I would like to know what kind of body hugging fabric she employs!
And finally, “Shokugeki no Souma”. I have really enjoyed this series. I has been much more fun that the other foodie anime I have watched. Once again I am getting to the end of the series and I don’t think it is going to wrap up. How can it? The manga is still on going. Will there be a second season? I hope so. I have enjoy what I have seen. Would I read the manga? I don’t think so. Okay, maybe I’ll try a couple of volumes to see if I like the flavor of the story.
In a month or so we start the Fall Anime Season for 2015. I am really looking forward to this season. I have seen some titles that really interest me. Here’s hoping I’m right!