Love Is In The Air For Another Season – Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love! Season 2

Episode 1 – Love, Once More!
With episode one we blast off to another delightful season with our boys of the Cute Binan High School Earth Defense Club! The first season of this series was a laugh riot. In the second season, the boys are powered up. Whereas their outfits are a little grander than the first season, I really don’t see any difference in their abilities. The pink wombat and the dead teacher, those two delightful sidekicks, are also back. Our boys, who are not second years, have a new pair of villains this season. Second year twins Akihiko Beppu and Haruhiko Beppu better known as VEPPer are cast as villains with their mascot is a green flying squirrel named Dadacha. The first episode kind of starts where season one left off. The three student council member leave for Europe to study aboard. Before Atsushi and Kinshiro can say a tearful goodbye our boys have to take on a new monster: Hourglass Monster. With the new season, the writers are once again coming up so very amusing monster. As with the last season, each monster is working through an emotional problem that only love can fix. Did I mention that the episode starts out like last season? Our boys are discussing a topic at Kurotamayu, the Hakone bathhouse. The beauty of the series is our heroes casual attitude towards their abilities. New this season is that you can hear their kiss on the bracelet when they transform! Nice touch!
Episode 2 – Love is a Mayfly
Love may be a Mayfly but I haven’t a clue what a Mayfly is. The monster this week is a Tofu Monster. Akihiko and Haruhiko win the school beauty contest wherein overweight, beauty-obsessed student Tsukurou Osou becomes their acolyte. Hence our monster of the week: Tofu Monster. What tofu has to do with beauty I won’t know. But love wins out again. Where the twins are concerned, the character designer gave them beauty mirror image outfits. Like in the previous season, the twins or Galaxy Vepper’s mission is to destroy the Earth Defense Club.
Episode 3 –  Brotherly Love
Yumoto offers the Earth Defense Club to read to a group children. Other than Yumoto, the rest of the gang is not really on board. To get them on his side, Yumoto tells how his brother Gora read to him when he was a little tike. However, there is someone waiting in the wings who believes he would do a better job, Tagaru Katari the only member of the Speaking Poets Society. Yumoto suggests that the reading could be jazzed up with the Earth Defense Club members playing the six statues of Jizo (with the Wombat plays the sixth one!). Tagaru is a perfect target for the Veppers. Hence we get Mr. Mic (monster). This one plays out rather quickly. The Veppers are no wheres as good as the Earth Conquest Club was. The Veppers are rather amateurish.
Episode 4 – The Synchronicity of Love
I found this one to be rather amusing. I love the way the Japanese draw Italians. While the previous episode was titled “Brotherly Love” should this one have been titled “Brotherly Love 2”? Twins brothers who do not get along. The older brother actually does not understand why his younger twin has a problem with him. They are twin after all, where’s the difference. In two words: chest hair. The younger sibling feels inferior to his older brother’s massive amount of chest hair. Drum roll please, let me introduce to you a heart-shaped Chest Hair monster. With some brotherly love left over from the previous episode, this one is quickly and neatly trimmed for its alloted time.
With four episodes under its belt, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love Love looks to be as much fun as the previous season.