Berserk Episodes 5 through 8 The Insanity Continues

Berserk 2016
First, let me say that I have been sick for a few weeks. So I did a binge of Berserk episodes 5 through 8. Perhaps because of my illness, I saw Berserk in a different view. In the beginning I felt Guts was off to a good start. But with episodes 5 through 8 I get the feeling of being bogged down. As fast as Guts runs, he does not get really far (story-wise). What actually made my eye twitch was the bad animation. Consequently, there is a problem. Do I want good animation or good story telling? If the animation was just bad all the way through, then there better be a great story. Sometime I can forgive a sub-par story if the animators give me pretty, pretty pictures to look at. I have to admit it is harder the other way around. With it being subtitled, I cannot look away and listen. I have to watch. I want both, I guess. Good animation with lovely pictures to dazzle the senses.
But I digress. In episode 7 Guts sees his beloved Casca. He doesn’t actually talk to her or interact with her in anyway. But he does see her. In an action-based series like Berserk, seeing your love interest is a home run. I had not illusions that Guts would get more than this. His mission is to kill the God Hand’s Apostles to find and kill Griffith in a quest for vengeance. Therefore meeting up with Casca is not all that important. I mean it is important to Guts as he is about to save her from Goat rape. But in the over all telling of the story, it is minor accomplishment. The story spends a lot of time in St. Albion. St. Albion is an atrocious place to live. It is home to the refugees of the Midland’s disasters. Into the middle of the refugee camp Bishop Mozgus with his merry band of misfits rides who we met in episode 4. He is setting up shop in the Tower of Conviction, the building that dominates the area.
By the 8th episode Isidro tries to get Nina and Casca to safety. Guts has a meet up with Serpico. Serpico believes that if only he can kills Guts, his mistress or master if you prefer, will stop having those lewd dreams that problem her. By the end of the episode we find that Isidro has not successfully gotten Nina and Casca to safety. They are captured and taken to the Tower of Conviction. End of episode shows Guts, Luca and Isidro heading off to the tower on a rescue mission.

In these four episodes we at least get a little humor thanks to Isidro and Puck. I don’t know why I am watching this series. Having taken a look at the totality of this title in manga form, there is no way 12 to 24 episodes will get us further down the road. I will probably continue to watch it to the end of its current season of 12 episodes. But I will not write about it. There really isn’t much to say. The animation looks like something from a cheap video game. And if I don’t see Griffith again I will feel cheated!