Berserk 2, Boruto and Atom The Beginning

First on my plate is “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”. In spite of myself, I am enjoying this series just I liked the first season of “Naruto”. But where is this series going? I don’t think I will read the manga. The only reason I read “Naruto” manga was because it was in Shonen Jump magazine when it was still available at the newsstands. I hope that Boruto’s creators move forward from where Naruto started. I don’t want to see a retelling of the Naruto story. Kishimoto Masashi, the creator of Naruto, is only supervising the manga. I wonder what his involvement in the anime series is. Whom I am going to miss in this series is Kakashi Hatake. But he is part of the past. Who am I going to be introduced to that will just as much fun to watch at Kakashi? So are the creators going to hold close to what made “Naruto” such a major success? Or are they going to branch out and make Boruto his own person. As it is of the Shonen genre, there are going to be certain battle patterns that have to be adhered to. I hope they can hold it down to an episode or two. The thing I find most pleasurable is seeing the characters from “Naruto” grown up and facing adult problems and joys. It is kind of a homecoming for me.

Atom The Beginning

I am only two episodes into this series and I can’t get enough. I love the lightness of the character designs. A106’s design and coloring is one the best I have ever seen. It is a joy to look at. With only (yes, sadly) 12 episodes, I am hopeful there is a second season in the works. Working old style with a more modern look, the concept design is pretty cutting edge. Its cutting edge because it’s so retro. “Atom The Beginning” doesn’t seem to be working too hard to be clever with their concept and character designs. With the introduction of the villain, here’s hoping they don’t screw it up. Maybe I should read the manga to see where it is going.  As it is a Production I.G., believe that “Atom The Beginning is good hands.

Berserk 2

We are into the season’s fourth episode. It has given me a little Griffith fix. But Griffith has taken a back seat for now. The four episode introduced great characters with a very interesting set design. Witch Flora with her apprentice Schierke and her elf Ivalera, the series has taken a side path I hope hangs around for a while. But with it only being 12 episodes, they probably only get an episode or two. “Berserk 2” continues to entertain. But will Guts ever have a happy day or is he destined to always be miserable. I have given up on Casca every getting her sanity back. She is the definition of damaged goods. Lady Farnese is maturing (growing up) a little. And what is the deal with Serpico? What are the bases of his devotion to Farnese? With only 12 episodes I don’t think I am going to find out this season.


I am on board with these three series. I will see them through till the end of their runs.