April 17, 2017 – Thoughts and Discussion on Masamume-kun no Revenge, Kuzu no Honkai and March comes in like a lion

Once again I am considering a different path for this web site. Instead of writing reviews of what I have seen, I have decided to just write what is on my mind, what I observe, what I have been watching and what I am looking forward to or afraid is coming at me. I hope that this new direction encourages me to write everyday. So lets get this thing started.

For the Winter Anime Season I watched “Kuzu no Honkai” and Masamume-kun no Revenge”. Not much won’t you say. These two series could not be more different. “Kuzu no Honkai” was a very adult series. It tried to into interesting area. But I think ultimately failed. “Masamume-kun no Revenge” was a more teen-friendly series. It got off to a very promising start. Then fizzled. It also tried to work in some fan service, then gave up on that idea. “Kuzu no Honkai” with its adult themes did not give me complete ideas that were available in the manga. The character resolutions seen in the manga are forgotten about in the anime of the manga series. “Masamume-kun no Revenge” didn’t have this same problem. I don’t know where the characters went after the end of the anime series. Did relationships started in the series continue to develop after the end of the series? And do I care? “Kuzu no Honkai” has more of a problem with this. Our female lead walks into the sunset felling she is going forward with her life. Completely forgetting how much she loved her teacher. Our male lead seemed to have a harder time giving up on his beloved teacher. Did he really love her or just enjoy the free sex? Sex with no strings. And she gave up on her swinger lifestyle with no hesitation.

Finishing up the Summer viewing

I also finished up “3-gatsu no lion” (March comes in like a lion). I really enjoyed this series. I was unsure where it was going to go. I enjoy a good gaming anime series. This one centers on Shogi. This series is from the mind that gave us “Honey and Clover”. A series I did not really enjoy. So why did I enjoy this one? In a word, Shogi. The Shogi game play made this anime series work. It had a satisfying conclusion. The manga that it is based on is still running. The anime series ended at a good jumping off point for picking up the manga. There is a problem though. It is not licensed in the U.S. I am surprised. “Honey and Clover” is. There is a two part live-action film coming soon. Maybe I’ll try watching it online. If I have a problem with the series it would be the lead character. I tire of lead characters that a depressed all the time. Though he does learn to pick up his head by the end of the series. Will he go on to become a grand Shogi champion? Do I care? Not really.
And thus ends the sermon for today!