2014-2015 Winter Anime Season Wrap Up Part 2

First let me tackle Tokyo Ghoul the second season. I really loved the first season. I know there were people out there saying that it wasn’t as good as the manga. But I haven’t read the manga so I was going in as a newbie to the title. And that first season kicked ass. The second season not so much. The second season seemed to loose the fire the first season had. I got the impression the creative team behind it didn’t know what they wanted to say in the second season. Did the anime stray from the manga story line? The first season was so clear in what it wanted to say and where it wanted to go. What happened to the Rize Kamishiro and Ken Kaneki story line. Without her there is no story. It seems that the creative promised more than it could deliver in twelve episodes. The world of Tokyo Ghoul is much bigger than the 24 episodes we got. What we got was the Owl’s back story. Really, where did that come from. Kaneki has some part in the second season but not as much as I would have hoped. Plus he is still so wimpy. I guess you can make a guy a half ghoul and much stronger but at his core he is still a wimp. This is one of the titles this season that I kind of lost interest in. There was a point when it got really confusing. I lost track of who was who. There were too many characters that were never fleshed (pardon the pun) out. Sure the girls got their episode to explain who they were/are. But that is the last we see of them. I did like the opening and closing animation. With the problems listed up above I gradually lost interest in what was going to happen next. The second season was just one long fight scene. No one moved forward. Okay, Touka opened a new coffee shop and seemed to move on. But we still have a Tokyo with a lot of ghouls running around. If there were a third season, would I watch? Probably. I guess hope springs eternal. My hope being that the creative team got it right this time.

Now what to say about Durarara!! v2? This is a series I really want to like. The problem I have with it is that there is so much cross talking and fast talking. It is hard to keep up with what is being said. I wish there was more Celty in this season. I don’t think this season moved the narrative forward. And at the end of this season it was announced that there will another season this July, 2015. Am I ready for another season of confusion. I love the art work and character designs for this series. The big problem is the character interaction. See my comments about Tokyo Ghoul season 2, too many character that I don’t understand their relationship with the other characters. Boy that was a long sentence to say that I needed a score card to keep track of everyone. Sometimes the writers try to be too clever and just end up confusing the viewer. Though it is probably easier to understand if you speak Japanese. Then you just follow along and enjoy the ride. But for me, the series at times wore me out!.I remember my joy when the new season started. It was like seeing old friends again. Then as the episodes went along I remembered why I stopped hanging out with them. I love the Celty/Shinra Kishitani relationship. I would watch a side story of just their day to day life. Shizuo Heiwajima is another favorite that was ignored this second season. And Izaya Orihara the man you might love to hate. Then final episode ends with Izaya in some kind of trouble. Am I looking forward to the third season of Durarara!!? Of course I am. I hope the creative team puts forth a better story. Perhaps the second season will be the forgotten step child of the title. Maybe season two is a perfect set up for the third season. When it is all done then when you binge watch the title the whole thing will make sense. Did I like season 2? Yes, but that is a qualified yes.

Tomorrow I’ll write about Rolling Girls with a little Yoru no Yatterman thrown in. Again, I hope you enjoy my ruminations.