2014-2015 Winter Anime Season Wrap Up Part 1

We’re back! I took some time off, but during that time I never stopped watching the Winter 2015 Anime season. I have to say that I was sorry to see some of the titles come to an end. Among my favorites from last season were “The Seven Deadly Sins” (I am currently reading the manga!), Aldnoah.Zero 2, Junketsu no Maria, Akatsuki no Yona, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bounei, Kantai Collection: Kan Colle, Gundam Reconguista, Koufuku Grafiti, Tokyo Ghoul VA, Bonjou Koiaji Patisserie, Garo, Death Parade, Durarara!! v2. There were also a lot of titles that I tried to start and lost interest. And others that I really wasn’t interested in.

Which ones did I really look forward to? That would be Death Parade, Koufuku Grafiti, Kantai Collection: Kan Colle, Junketsu no Maria and Kamisama Hajimemashita. I liked these titles because they never disappointed me. And not matter what was going on, I made sure I saw the episode every week and was disappointed when an episode was late.
There were a few that I finished because I had invested so much of my time and I was mildly interested in how the title finished up. Aldnoah Zero 2, Tokyo Ghoul VA and Durarara!! v2 fell into this category.
Rolling Girls, Yoru no Yatterman and Absolute Duo were titles that I started, hung around for a few episodes and didn’t feel the need to come back to it. In the case of Yoru no Yatterman I lasted 8 episodes of a 12 episode series. I almost made it to the end. But there was something that didn’t grab me. Those titles that I just listed did not give me a reason to tune in every week. With Rolling Girls and Yoru no Yatterman, I really like the character designs and where the stories were going. Just not enough I guess.
Aldnoah Zero 2 kept me going until the very end. Would it have ended differently if they had a few more episodes? I don’t know. Over all it was a satisfying. Everyone survived till the end. I don’t have a problem with that. I liked all the main characters. It was unfortunate that some of the minor characters were not fleshed out. This was a title that did not lose sight of the end game. Unlike some other titles from the 2014 Winter Anime season, it had a beginning, middle and end. If there were another season to see the main characters grown up, I won’t be unhappy. With this title being an A-1 title, the production values were a pleasure to watch. The only unfortunate aspect of the title is that none of the main characters are allowed to die. Don’t get me wrong. I would have been very unhappy to see Inaho Kaizuka, Slaine Troyard or Asseylum Vers Allusia killed off. The Vers Empire took the brunt of the deaths in the title. Was Inaho Kaizuka too smart, too clever? Not in my opinion. I like a character can figure it all out, is not clouded with emotion. Slaine Troyard was the same way. In the second season, Asseylum Vers Allusia didn’t have much to do. If you haven’t seen this title, I don’t want to spoil the end for you. Inaho and Slaine were characters who knew what they wanted. They were very clear eyed to what they wanted to happen.

Tomorrow I’ll write about Tokyo Ghoul’s second season and Durarara!! season 2. And maybe Rolling Girls with a little Yoru no Yatterman thrown in. I hope you enjoy my ruminations.