04-19-17 – What I Am Watching This Spring 2017 Season

Of course I am watching “Attack on Titan” Season 2. With there only being 12 episodes this season, how are they ever going to get through this title. Even with it being almost two years since last we saw the group, it seems like no time has passed. I jumped right back into it. This is a really enjoyable series. I am also reading the manga. It is a great series either way. Though the live action movies were not very good. It is hard to match the animated action in this series.

Another Returning Series

Another returning series for this season is “Berserk”. This time we are getting to see the new version of  Griffith. Griffith is such an interesting character. He is much deeper than Guts. I could write an entire column on Griffith. I will at some time during this season. I want to see how he is written this season. Griffith can not be the same person (?) he was before. He has been reborn! But I am not going to go into my thoughts about him at this time. I want to save that. As with the last season, the artwork is pretty rough.

Now for what is new this season

In no particular order, I am watching “Clockwork Planet”, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”, “Seikaisuru Kado”, “Tsuki ga Kirei”, “Atom The Beginning”, and “Warau Salesman New”. I definitely found more to watch this season. The only one that is a bit disappointing in its predictability is “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”. What I really enjoyed about the Naruto series was that he grows up. He wasn’t kept in a time warp ala “The Simpsons”. He started out young and grew to manhood. I generally do not go for the Shonen genre. But this one caught my interest. The enjoyable part of this series is seeing all my favorites from Naruto all grown up and moving on with their lives (getting married and having families). The weakest of the group may be “Tsuki ga Kirei”. It is a sweet little series. Don’t know if it can go the distance. “Seikaisuru Kado” may be a very strong contender this season. So far I am looking forward to each episode, so far. This delight for me this season has been “Warau Salesman New”. I love the old style art direction. The opening sequence is to die for. And not to leave “Atom The Beginning” out of the discussion. I have only seen one episode. I liked what I saw. I appreciate the nod to the original material by Osamu Tezuka in the art direction. I think I have picked a nice group for the Spring 2017 viewing season. There isn’t one of them that I am considering dropping at this time. I also have a small group of films I want to see. And as always after I have seen them I will write about them. Till next time, I still love my anime.