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Berserk 2, Boruto and Atom The Beginning

First on my plate is “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”. In spite of myself, I am enjoying this series just I liked the first season of “Naruto”. But where is this series going? I don’t think I will read the manga. The only reason I read “Naruto” manga was because it was in Shonen Jump magazine when it was still available at the newsstands. I hope that Boruto’s creators move forward from where Naruto started. I don’t want to see a retelling of the Naruto story. Kishimoto Masashi, the creator of Naruto, is only supervising the manga. I wonder what his involvement in the anime series is. Whom I am going to miss in this series is Kakashi Hatake. But he is part of the past. Who am I going to be introduced to that will just as much fun to watch at Kakashi? So are the creators going to hold close to what made “Naruto” such a major success? Or are they going to branch out and make Boruto his own person. As it is of the Shonen genre, there are going to be certain battle patterns that have to be adhered to. I hope they can hold it down to an episode or two. The thing I find most pleasurable is seeing the characters from “Naruto” grown up and facing adult problems and joys. It is kind of a homecoming for me.

Atom The Beginning

I am only two episodes into this series and I can’t get enough. I love the lightness of the character designs. A106’s design and coloring is one the best I have ever seen. It is a joy to look at. With only (yes, sadly) 12 episodes, I am hopeful there is a second season in the works. Working old style with a more modern look, the concept design is pretty cutting edge. Its cutting edge because it’s so retro. “Atom The Beginning” doesn’t seem to be working too hard to be clever with their concept and character designs. With the introduction of the villain, here’s hoping they don’t screw it up. Maybe I should read the manga to see where it is going.  As it is a Production I.G., believe that “Atom The Beginning is good hands.

Berserk 2

We are into the season’s fourth episode. It has given me a little Griffith fix. But Griffith has taken a back seat for now. The four episode introduced great characters with a very interesting set design. Witch Flora with her apprentice Schierke and her elf Ivalera, the series has taken a side path I hope hangs around for a while. But with it only being 12 episodes, they probably only get an episode or two. “Berserk 2” continues to entertain. But will Guts ever have a happy day or is he destined to always be miserable. I have given up on Casca every getting her sanity back. She is the definition of damaged goods. Lady Farnese is maturing (growing up) a little. And what is the deal with Serpico? What are the bases of his devotion to Farnese? With only 12 episodes I don’t think I am going to find out this season.


I am on board with these three series. I will see them through till the end of their runs.

04-19-17 – What I Am Watching This Spring 2017 Season

Of course I am watching “Attack on Titan” Season 2. With there only being 12 episodes this season, how are they ever going to get through this title. Even with it being almost two years since last we saw the group, it seems like no time has passed. I jumped right back into it. This is a really enjoyable series. I am also reading the manga. It is a great series either way. Though the live action movies were not very good. It is hard to match the animated action in this series.

Another Returning Series

Another returning series for this season is “Berserk”. This time we are getting to see the new version of  Griffith. Griffith is such an interesting character. He is much deeper than Guts. I could write an entire column on Griffith. I will at some time during this season. I want to see how he is written this season. Griffith can not be the same person (?) he was before. He has been reborn! But I am not going to go into my thoughts about him at this time. I want to save that. As with the last season, the artwork is pretty rough.

Now for what is new this season

In no particular order, I am watching “Clockwork Planet”, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”, “Seikaisuru Kado”, “Tsuki ga Kirei”, “Atom The Beginning”, and “Warau Salesman New”. I definitely found more to watch this season. The only one that is a bit disappointing in its predictability is “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation”. What I really enjoyed about the Naruto series was that he grows up. He wasn’t kept in a time warp ala “The Simpsons”. He started out young and grew to manhood. I generally do not go for the Shonen genre. But this one caught my interest. The enjoyable part of this series is seeing all my favorites from Naruto all grown up and moving on with their lives (getting married and having families). The weakest of the group may be “Tsuki ga Kirei”. It is a sweet little series. Don’t know if it can go the distance. “Seikaisuru Kado” may be a very strong contender this season. So far I am looking forward to each episode, so far. This delight for me this season has been “Warau Salesman New”. I love the old style art direction. The opening sequence is to die for. And not to leave “Atom The Beginning” out of the discussion. I have only seen one episode. I liked what I saw. I appreciate the nod to the original material by Osamu Tezuka in the art direction. I think I have picked a nice group for the Spring 2017 viewing season. There isn’t one of them that I am considering dropping at this time. I also have a small group of films I want to see. And as always after I have seen them I will write about them. Till next time, I still love my anime.

April 17, 2017 – Thoughts and Discussion on Masamume-kun no Revenge, Kuzu no Honkai and March comes in like a lion

Once again I am considering a different path for this web site. Instead of writing reviews of what I have seen, I have decided to just write what is on my mind, what I observe, what I have been watching and what I am looking forward to or afraid is coming at me. I hope that this new direction encourages me to write everyday. So lets get this thing started.

For the Winter Anime Season I watched “Kuzu no Honkai” and Masamume-kun no Revenge”. Not much won’t you say. These two series could not be more different. “Kuzu no Honkai” was a very adult series. It tried to into interesting area. But I think ultimately failed. “Masamume-kun no Revenge” was a more teen-friendly series. It got off to a very promising start. Then fizzled. It also tried to work in some fan service, then gave up on that idea. “Kuzu no Honkai” with its adult themes did not give me complete ideas that were available in the manga. The character resolutions seen in the manga are forgotten about in the anime of the manga series. “Masamume-kun no Revenge” didn’t have this same problem. I don’t know where the characters went after the end of the anime series. Did relationships started in the series continue to develop after the end of the series? And do I care? “Kuzu no Honkai” has more of a problem with this. Our female lead walks into the sunset felling she is going forward with her life. Completely forgetting how much she loved her teacher. Our male lead seemed to have a harder time giving up on his beloved teacher. Did he really love her or just enjoy the free sex? Sex with no strings. And she gave up on her swinger lifestyle with no hesitation.

Finishing up the Summer viewing

I also finished up “3-gatsu no lion” (March comes in like a lion). I really enjoyed this series. I was unsure where it was going to go. I enjoy a good gaming anime series. This one centers on Shogi. This series is from the mind that gave us “Honey and Clover”. A series I did not really enjoy. So why did I enjoy this one? In a word, Shogi. The Shogi game play made this anime series work. It had a satisfying conclusion. The manga that it is based on is still running. The anime series ended at a good jumping off point for picking up the manga. There is a problem though. It is not licensed in the U.S. I am surprised. “Honey and Clover” is. There is a two part live-action film coming soon. Maybe I’ll try watching it online. If I have a problem with the series it would be the lead character. I tire of lead characters that a depressed all the time. Though he does learn to pick up his head by the end of the series. Will he go on to become a grand Shogi champion? Do I care? Not really.
And thus ends the sermon for today!

Summer Roundup or What I Watched This Summer (2016)

91 Days: Twelve episodes of why did I watch this. When I finally got to the end, I asked myself: WHY? Why did I bother watching? Why did Hiro Kaburagi bother to create this series? I love the logo for this series. But I need more than just a logo. The music was okay, the visuals were okay, but the story was just not there. I don’t care that it has a revenge plot-line. It just was not executed (you decide if the pun was intended) very well. When I got to the end, I had the feeling I had just watched a rehash of “Cowboy Bebop”. It was obvious that Angelo Lagusa was not going to make out alive at the end of the series. In “Cowboy Bebop” Spike’s death comes as a complete surprise. Of course Bebop had 26 episodes to flesh out the characters. “91 Days” did not have that luxury. But still if you know how the series is going to end, give it better character development.

Amaama to Inazuma: Twelve episodes of foodie bliss! The major problem with this series is that it gave me the munchies! Everyone was cute, friendly and maybe someone I would like to know. Though I have to admit they made the preparation of the food look easier than it probably is. Father and daughter come across as believable. If I read the manga I should get more Yusuke Yagi. I wish he had been used more in the series. He works at a restaurant. He could have been a real help to Kohei Insuzuka, the father. Yusuke knows the family history about the death of the mother. Why didn’t he step in and show dad some cooking techniques? It was a missed opportunity. There could have been some nice interaction between Tsumugi and Yusuke like we see in “Yotsuba & !” with Yotsuba not really liking Yanda. Amaama to Inazuma has a similar vibe to “Yotsuba & !”

Berserk 2016: I have already said just about everything I want to say about this series. I know it is coming back next year. The projected date for the next season is the Spring of 2017. I am hoping for better art when it comes back. And maybe it will feature Griffith next season.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu: Wow! I LOVE THIS SERIES. I hope they come back for a third season. While I didn’t think the writers could improve on the first season. I want to shout it from the rooftops that they did. In the beginning of the season it felt as if the writers were just rehashing last season. When it got to the half way point, the writers were unleashed to write some wonderful new monsters. I prefer to call the monsters just troubled souls who are cured in a shower of love. I don’t know how popular this series is in Japan. I have my fingers crossed that there is a third season. If you plan to check out this series, see the first season before the second season. I don’t have a favorite in this group of love heroes.

Fukigen na Mononokean: I do enjoy a youkai-based series. This one had some comedy and a whole bunch of supernatural. The English title for the series is the Morose Mononokean. Abeno, the title character, kind of starts out appearing to be morose. But I would say that he is grumpy rather morose. This series has me looking into the manga it is based on. The studio is Pierrot Plus which is a subsidiary of studio Pierrot. The character designs have a very familiar. Hence this is why I liked the look of the series. The character designs reminded me of “Fushigi Yuugi”. This is a series that I hope gets a second season. A very enjoyable series. And I want a Fuzzy (aka hairball)!

Orange: This was another series that I really enjoyed this summer. I guess I am a sucker for slice-of-life high school drama. The series brings up some interesting question and does try to solve them in an intellectually honest way. While I am happy that they were able to save Kakeru Naruse, what happens to Suwa and Naho’s relationship? They have a child after all. Kakeru is a nice enough boy, but he is no Suwa. Of all the characters, Suwa Hiroto is my favorite. He is such a stand-up guy. Naho should marry him even if the group is able to save Kakeru. The series did take come twists and turns in the story which was appreciated. It is not just a straight up save the boy from suicide. Now I read that there is a sequel coming – “Orange: Mirai”. I also have the live action movie in my viewing queue. That queue is getting really long. I would recommend checking it out. Each episode always managed to lift my spirit.

Berserk Episodes 5 through 8 The Insanity Continues

Berserk 2016
First, let me say that I have been sick for a few weeks. So I did a binge of Berserk episodes 5 through 8. Perhaps because of my illness, I saw Berserk in a different view. In the beginning I felt Guts was off to a good start. But with episodes 5 through 8 I get the feeling of being bogged down. As fast as Guts runs, he does not get really far (story-wise). What actually made my eye twitch was the bad animation. Consequently, there is a problem. Do I want good animation or good story telling? If the animation was just bad all the way through, then there better be a great story. Sometime I can forgive a sub-par story if the animators give me pretty, pretty pictures to look at. I have to admit it is harder the other way around. With it being subtitled, I cannot look away and listen. I have to watch. I want both, I guess. Good animation with lovely pictures to dazzle the senses.
But I digress. In episode 7 Guts sees his beloved Casca. He doesn’t actually talk to her or interact with her in anyway. But he does see her. In an action-based series like Berserk, seeing your love interest is a home run. I had not illusions that Guts would get more than this. His mission is to kill the God Hand’s Apostles to find and kill Griffith in a quest for vengeance. Therefore meeting up with Casca is not all that important. I mean it is important to Guts as he is about to save her from Goat rape. But in the over all telling of the story, it is minor accomplishment. The story spends a lot of time in St. Albion. St. Albion is an atrocious place to live. It is home to the refugees of the Midland’s disasters. Into the middle of the refugee camp Bishop Mozgus with his merry band of misfits rides who we met in episode 4. He is setting up shop in the Tower of Conviction, the building that dominates the area.
By the 8th episode Isidro tries to get Nina and Casca to safety. Guts has a meet up with Serpico. Serpico believes that if only he can kills Guts, his mistress or master if you prefer, will stop having those lewd dreams that problem her. By the end of the episode we find that Isidro has not successfully gotten Nina and Casca to safety. They are captured and taken to the Tower of Conviction. End of episode shows Guts, Luca and Isidro heading off to the tower on a rescue mission.

In these four episodes we at least get a little humor thanks to Isidro and Puck. I don’t know why I am watching this series. Having taken a look at the totality of this title in manga form, there is no way 12 to 24 episodes will get us further down the road. I will probably continue to watch it to the end of its current season of 12 episodes. But I will not write about it. There really isn’t much to say. The animation looks like something from a cheap video game. And if I don’t see Griffith again I will feel cheated!

Love Is In The Air For Another Season – Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love! Season 2

Episode 1 – Love, Once More!
With episode one we blast off to another delightful season with our boys of the Cute Binan High School Earth Defense Club! The first season of this series was a laugh riot. In the second season, the boys are powered up. Whereas their outfits are a little grander than the first season, I really don’t see any difference in their abilities. The pink wombat and the dead teacher, those two delightful sidekicks, are also back. Our boys, who are not second years, have a new pair of villains this season. Second year twins Akihiko Beppu and Haruhiko Beppu better known as VEPPer are cast as villains with their mascot is a green flying squirrel named Dadacha. The first episode kind of starts where season one left off. The three student council member leave for Europe to study aboard. Before Atsushi and Kinshiro can say a tearful goodbye our boys have to take on a new monster: Hourglass Monster. With the new season, the writers are once again coming up so very amusing monster. As with the last season, each monster is working through an emotional problem that only love can fix. Did I mention that the episode starts out like last season? Our boys are discussing a topic at Kurotamayu, the Hakone bathhouse. The beauty of the series is our heroes casual attitude towards their abilities. New this season is that you can hear their kiss on the bracelet when they transform! Nice touch!
Episode 2 – Love is a Mayfly
Love may be a Mayfly but I haven’t a clue what a Mayfly is. The monster this week is a Tofu Monster. Akihiko and Haruhiko win the school beauty contest wherein overweight, beauty-obsessed student Tsukurou Osou becomes their acolyte. Hence our monster of the week: Tofu Monster. What tofu has to do with beauty I won’t know. But love wins out again. Where the twins are concerned, the character designer gave them beauty mirror image outfits. Like in the previous season, the twins or Galaxy Vepper’s mission is to destroy the Earth Defense Club.
Episode 3 –  Brotherly Love
Yumoto offers the Earth Defense Club to read to a group children. Other than Yumoto, the rest of the gang is not really on board. To get them on his side, Yumoto tells how his brother Gora read to him when he was a little tike. However, there is someone waiting in the wings who believes he would do a better job, Tagaru Katari the only member of the Speaking Poets Society. Yumoto suggests that the reading could be jazzed up with the Earth Defense Club members playing the six statues of Jizo (with the Wombat plays the sixth one!). Tagaru is a perfect target for the Veppers. Hence we get Mr. Mic (monster). This one plays out rather quickly. The Veppers are no wheres as good as the Earth Conquest Club was. The Veppers are rather amateurish.
Episode 4 – The Synchronicity of Love
I found this one to be rather amusing. I love the way the Japanese draw Italians. While the previous episode was titled “Brotherly Love” should this one have been titled “Brotherly Love 2”? Twins brothers who do not get along. The older brother actually does not understand why his younger twin has a problem with him. They are twin after all, where’s the difference. In two words: chest hair. The younger sibling feels inferior to his older brother’s massive amount of chest hair. Drum roll please, let me introduce to you a heart-shaped Chest Hair monster. With some brotherly love left over from the previous episode, this one is quickly and neatly trimmed for its alloted time.
With four episodes under its belt, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love Love looks to be as much fun as the previous season.

Berserk 2016 Episodes 1 through 4

Episode 1 – The Branded Swordsman
If you have seen the Golden Arc movies than you will be right at home with this first episode of Berserk 2016. First let me say that I am not a “huge” Berserk fan. The movies were interesting and somewhat fun even if the the last one was a bit strange or should I say went off the rails. This new television series looks like it takes up where the last movie left off. And this series is not for the little ones! My daughter (11 years old) would not enjoy this one. But I am getting off track. I am not a big Berserk fan though when Guts makes his first appearance I had an inner sigh of “Yes, its great to be back home.” What is it about older series that we enjoy seeing again in an updated version. I was the same way with Lupin when it came back for 26 episodes. This time Guts has a elf Puck to keep him company. Or is Puck a stand in for us the views. The first episode just jumps back into the action as if we were never apart. It is set up for 24 episodes. How much of the graphic novel will do or how deep will it go, only time will tell.  I wonder if all the episodes have been completed? The music is by Shiro Sagisu who has a very nice resume. I have seen quite a bit of his stuff. He handled the music in one of my favorite anime series “His and Her Circumstances”. Plus it should come as no surprise that he worked on “Evangelion” and Berserk: Golden Age Arc”. The primary voice cast from the Golden Arc movies are reprising their roles in this series.
Episode 2 – The Holy Iron Chain Knights
Well the violence doesn’t really let up in the second episode. And of course we have the required flashbacks to the last movie in the Golden Age Arc. I have to say that after the second episode I am all in for the whole season. I still wonder how far this series will take us in the manga which is still running. The character design is a little bit different from the Golden Age Arc movies. I think this is a good thing. There is no way I could watch the original series. I don’t care for the 90s artwork. With the early episodes the main characters are going to set up. I don’t expect this series to really get going for a few more episodes. Or until everyone shows up! Then the story will start moving forward. The only fear I have with this series is the typical fight, fight, looks like hero is going to lose, then he wins. But as long as the artwork, character designs and music is good, I will continue.
Episode 3 –  Night of Miracles
First thing I have to make note of is the sound affects for Gut’s sword. It sounds like someone is banging pots together. It doesn’t really sound convincing to me. Though the fight scenes were really exciting, that sound affect definitely threw me off. I would rather not get ahead of myself – but Griffith shows up next week. And really have we not been watching and waiting for him to show himself. Does this mean that the show if finally going to take off. Are all our actors in place? In all honesty I don’t think this series is going to answer or resolve any question? Or will it even advance the story of Guts all that much. As the manga is still on going I doubt it. I will watch and see how far along the time line it takes us. As far as this episode goes, not much happens really. Farnese do Vandimion does learn a little about herself in this episode and she doesn’t like it.
Episode 4 – Epiphany
There’s a lot of talking in the first half of the episode. Guts has to rehash why he is here and maybe were he went wrong. He gets some help from Godo. As this is a series for the more adult out there, Godo’s lecture to Guts is pretty harsh. And upon hearing Godo’s evidence as to were Guts screwed up, I agree with Godo’s summation. Is it going to change Guts’ chosen path? No. If it did, we won’t have a story and the series would be over in four episodes! Introduced in this episode besides Godo are Casca, Erika and Rickert. Don’t know if we’ll ever see these characters again. It was a nice respite from all the violence we get in the second half of the episode were we meet up with Farnese and Serpico. They are guarding the Bishop Mozgus, the Inquisitor for the Holy See. While the troop is heading for St. Albion, Farnese is having flashbacks to episode 3 where she gets in touch with her darker side. Over all everyone is having tons of fun in this episode once we meet up the Bishop. He has his henchmen to do the punishing in typical Beserk sytle. It was a hard time to be alive. If demons didn’t get you, taxes or war did! Again, I enjoy the overall storytelling. The music is reminiscent of Berserk the movie. There is a certain level of familiarity and comfort with the plot line. Will Guts get his revenge? Does he still want his revenge? And will the story really kick off when Griffith shows up again? And I don’t mean just in the opening credits. You know we are all waiting for his return to scene. Am I watching to see his return? The problem with Griffith is that he is such a dominant character. He is drawn or written with all the focus on him. The spotlight shines only on Griffith. Even in the movies, with Griffith stage front, Guts always takes a back seat. Guts shrinks from view. For these 24 episodes will Guts be able to hold his own? Guess I’m going to have to watch and find out.

The Empire of Corpses (Shisha no Teikoku) Review

The Empire of Corpses (Shisha no Teikoku) 2015 Wit Studio

This film is about 2 hours long. From Wit Studio best known for “Attack on Titan”. The time frame is 1879 with locations for the action in London, India, Japan, San Francisco and finally back to London.

Here is a brief look at the plot for this film. Victor Frankenstein was successful in re-animating a corpse. With his technology, the world is using corpses for manual labor and in the military. The film starts with John Watson uploading information in to a corpse. He hopes to find the “soul”. Is he successful? I never found out. He names the corpse Friday. And here begins a conceit that I don’t really care for in this film. But more about that later. Let us return to the plot. Watson with Friday is sent on a quest for the Victor’s Notes – the lost notes of Victor Frankenstein (here after to be known as the “Notes”). Along the way he meets exploding corpses (or should we call them zombies), violent zombies and nearly indestructible zombies. Watson along with (his man) Friday, Burnaby, Hadaly Lilith and Nikolai, they travel the world where they find the “Notes”, then lose the “Notes”. They, minus Nikolai, end up in London to take on the One (or First) and “M”. It is at this point the film looses it train of thought. The One has the “Notes” but loses control of them to “M”. Meanwhile the brain of Victor(?) is about to send out sound pulses to cause the zombies to kill the living. What is our hero John Watson to do? Of course he is going to save the day. What at what cost you might ask. And then there is the side story of the relationship between John Watson and (his man) Friday. As a zombie, Friday is also controlled by the sound pulse. By the end of the film all is put right. Though I have to admit it unclear if the “Notes” are truly destroyed.

Now on to what I got out of this film. My first problem with the film is that the poster for the film did not match the artwork in the film. The artwork is serviceable but not what I expect from a Wit Studio production. I will say that the action is fast paced. While I know John Watson’s quest was for the “Notes”, I must have missed the why? I understand John Watson had an intellectual curiosity about the “Notes” as a seeker of the human soul. The problem with this film is that it did not create a world for me. Or at least create a world I could understand. With “Shaun of the Dead” I understood how the zombie could be used in society. This is because it established how the zombie moved and was motivated. In this film I see them moving around doing manual labor. But are they doing a good job? They seem pretty slow and jerky. How do they interact with live people? This is what I mean by building a world that I could understand. On to the next problem, Friday, who was he? Later in the film it is revealed that he was a friend and colleague of John Watson. They must have been really good friends! He allowed himself to be killed and then re-animated. Though he did come back as one hell of a secretary. I have not read the book this film is based on. Maybe the book fills in the background information that the film has left out. Sadly the film has not made me want to seek out the novel. Another problem I have with the film is the naming of the characters. This was a lazy trick for the film to do. It is also a lazy gimmick for a novel to use. I want a film to challenge me. This device was not very clever as far as I am concerned. Unless of course you don’t know who these people are. I was entertained with the first name, John Watson. And then amused with the re-animated corpse was named Friday. It was down here from there with the naming of the characters. And then we get to the ending sequence. I think I know what was happening, but it all comes at a rush. It is almost like the director wanted to get it all over with. It was after all a two hours film. And that is pretty long for an animated film. The “Notes” are treated like a football. First the One has then, then “M” has then and maybe they were passed to John Watson. I think that is what happened. Then there is the brain of Victor controlling the zombies (?). Oh and I forgot, the One wants his promised bride! Why not! Let’s throw in the kitchen sink shall we! Lets see. John Watson wants to understand the “SOUL”, so he needs the “NOTES”. The One wants his promised bride, so he wants the “NOTES”. “M” wants to rebuild a better world without war and violence, so he wants the “NOTES”. Why is this always a goal in these films? With this film there is a new spin on the Zombie mythos: that music makes them go crazzzzy. This film mashes steampunk, zombies and punch cards! At the end of the day, my major problem with “Empire of Corpses” is that it just too long. It could have done with serious editing. I like a long anime film, just not this one. I would not watch this film again. There was nothing in there that made me what to see it again. Not the story (plot), art direction or voice acting. Not even when John Watson stand mouth agape when he see the Nautilus rise up. As I watched I said of course we get the Nautilus and Thomas Edison. The Nautilus is a creation of Jules Verne, but what the heck lets throw Thomas Edison into the mix. Edison in a fictional version is the creator of Hadaly. As I said before, this device I find very tedious. I am sure there are people out there who enjoyed this film. I am not one of them. There were times when I felt like Friday, just staring dumbly or blankly. Am I looking forward to the two film in the trilogy (Harmony and Genocidal Organ)? Of course I am.

2016 Summer Anime Season First Posting

Well I have chosen the items I want to watch this summer anime season. So far I have seen the first episodes of the following series:

91 Days
Active Raid Season 2
amaama to inazuma
Fukigen na Mononokean
Love Live! Sunshine!!

So far I only have one that I am not to sure of. That would be TSUKIUTA. THE ANIMATION. I don’t know if I will find boy idol bands that interesting. There are 12 plus characters to keep track of! I do love the CGI of their musical performances. I am looking forward to ACTIVE RAID Season 2. I really enjoyed the first season. As for BERSERK, I am writing that one up separately as long as the series is interesting. If it becomes boring, I will lump it into a group reviews. Orange looks fun. Fukigen na Mononokean will be written up a separate review. My plan for this summer season is to write up at least the first three episodes separately. I will see if they can keep up my interest. If any one of these series drops the ball, I will stop watching. Life is too short to watch badly conceived anime!
The shows that really stand out for me so far are:
91 Days
amaazma to inazuma
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love!
Fukigen na Mononokean
I didn’t include Food Wars Season 2 or Berserk 2016 because they are either reboots or second seasons. The strange thing about Love Live! Sunshine!! is that I sort of liked the last season. When I watched the first episode of this show it was like meeting up with old friends. But I don’t think it will get a separate review of the episodes. So far I am going to do separate reviews for:
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love!
Fukigen na Mononokean
The other thing I have noticed this summer season is that all the character designs look the same. It is almost like the characters are moving from show to show. Hollywood is having the same problems with its animation character designs. They all look the same! Somewhere, somehow all the studio heads got together and picked a look they think will sell. Now everything looks the same, acts the same and sounds the same. I don’t mind it in my anime. For some reason it really grates on me in my Western animation. I expect more from Hollywood and with the amount of time they have to get a project done unlike anime. And thus ends my rant for today.

This Summer’s Anime

Today’s topic is this year’s Summer Anime season. I have to say that I am under impressed. This season I am wanting “Durarara!! x2 Ten”, “Gangsta”, “Non Non Biyori”, “Sore ga Seiyuu!”. And of course “Lupin III – L’Awenture Italiana” when it becomes available. The two carry over from last season I am watching are “Arslan Senki” and “Shokugeki no Souma”.
“Sore ga Seiyuu!!” has turned out to be a lot of fun to watch. If you don’t know the premise is a humorous observations of the voice actor industry. I like the three female leads. The pleasant surprise is during the ending credit music with the girls singing a bit of a popular anime closing music (such as Evangelion and Sailor Moon). That is a very fun gift for a long time fan. The ladies have various degrees of confidence in their work. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.
“Gangsta” is a Manglobe production. The director for the series Shukou Murase has worked on other anime that I have enjoyed. This series is for an older audience as the lead characters are older (in their late twenties/early thirties). It is based on a manga. I am not going to say that you should watch this one if you want something a little edgier. Heavy gun play or katana play do not an edgier series make, in my opinion. I do like the art style/design. With it listed at only 12 episodes, I willing to give my very valuable time. I am into it for six episodes and it still hasn’t graped me yet. So you might ask, why I am still watching? I am every hopeful!
No so much with “Durarara!! x2 Ten”. I really like the characters! I even bought myself a wall scroll! This series is just to hard for me to follow! It is kind of like a group of friends with really intense personalities/problems that you like being around. This series does not make it easy to like. When the second season ended in March of this year with the announcement that there would be another season, I was happy! Now I wonder why I was happy. And now a I have a third part to look forward to, coming in Winter of 2016. Maybe what I need to do is binge this title. I should really immerse myself in the characters’ storylines.
“Non Non Biyori” for its second season is as delightful as its first season. I won’t call it a redo of the first season because the characters do move forward at school. This is a wonderful show to watch if you want a little quiet time. The country life that is painted is so wonderful to look at, though I know if I went there it wouldn’t be like that at all. I hope it gets another season.
As for “Arslan Senki (TV)”, it looks like there is going to be an end to the story. For this series there hasn’t been any real filler episodes. There were some characters I wished had been explored more. But over all I am satisfied that I made it through to the end (which is coming up in about four episodes!). This series has a definite middle eastern feel to it. As for Falangles, here is a character is the magical or should I say improbable wardrobe. How is it possible for her wrap top in place? I would like to know what kind of body hugging fabric she employs!
And finally, “Shokugeki no Souma”. I have really enjoyed this series. I has been much more fun that the other foodie anime I have watched. Once again I am getting to the end of the series and I don’t think it is going to wrap up. How can it? The manga is still on going. Will there be a second season? I hope so. I have enjoy what I have seen. Would I read the manga? I don’t think so. Okay, maybe I’ll try a couple of volumes to see if I like the flavor of the story.
In a month or so we start the Fall Anime Season for 2015. I am really looking forward to this season. I have seen some titles that really interest me. Here’s hoping I’m right!